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Annual Reporting

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Annual Reporting
All registered aliens and ACR I-Card holders except Temporary Visitor’s Visa holders or Tourist Visa holders are subject to annual reporting at their nearest Bureau of Immigration Office. All but the following offices now process annual reports. <ol>Taganak Immigration Field Office; Student Visa Office; Puerto Princesa Immigration Field Office; PEZA Immigration Extension Office; Jolo Immigration Field Office; Butuan Immigration District Office; Brooke’s Point Border Crossing Station; Bongao Immigration Field Office; Balabac Immigration Field Office.</ol> Reporting occurs during the first 2 months of each year. Dates vary each year so check on the Bureau of Immigration website. Dates for 2016 can be found <a href="http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/OPERATIONSORDER/DEC2015/OOSBM-15-042%20AR2016%20GUIDELINES.pdf" target="_blank">here</a> <strong>Requirements</strong> <ul> <li>You need to bring you current ACR card</li> <li>Your receipt for last years reporting (if applicable)</li> <li>Passport page of last entry into Philippines</li> <li>Special Power of Attorney (SPA), to your agent or spouse if you are are not attending personally. This is permitted if you are over 65 or under 14, or you have a certificated medical condition. </ul> The current cost is 310php. Annual Reporting is a very important requirement of remaining in the Philippines and failure to report or late reporting can result in fines of 200php per month or 2000php annually or even deportation so please don't treat this as optional. This is not merely a money grab, but provides the Philippines government with important statistical data regarding the demographics, how long and where we stay.

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