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Social Media – Tips and Tricks

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Social Media - Tips and Tricks
<strong>What Is Social Media</strong> It is any platform designed to enable people to share, network, learn, teach and tell. It ranges from the general sites such as Facebook and Google+ to more specialised sites such as LinkedIn, Foursquare and Tagged. Social Media has huge positive potential in linking people with common goals, interests, lineage and culture together with an immediacy and effectiveness not possible before its advent. This is evidenced by the increasing numbers of Social Media platforms and the huge and continually increasing numbers that are involved, many in more than one platform. <strong>Social Media Issues</strong> However the mass adoption of Social Media, often without thought and preparation on the part of people joining a platform, has brought problems that were never thought of by the instigators or the adoptors. These issues fall under the general headings of a) Privacy. b) Security <strong>Privacy</strong> Most of the issues that occur around privacy are to do with inaccurate or inappropriate information being disseminated about an individual. Your conservative boss see your skinny dipping pictures at a friends party, or discovers you are a member of the greens. Your wife discovers that Mandy from Mansfield is sending you messages about how good last night was, unfortunately you have never met Mandy. Chris who is a bit of a joker, thinks your discomfort is funny. Your wife discusses your intimate business online or your daughter tells all about her new boyfriend. These breaches of privacy are at best annoying, and form the major reasons why a small percentage of the community close their account or never start one because they hear of the plight of others. <strong>Security</strong> At the extreme end of privacy invasion is the rare event called identity theft, where over time cyber criminals can piece together large lumps of information that they then use to obtain more information, eventually obtaining sufficient to assume aspects of your identity ranging from obtaining drivers licence renewals, getting a passport, achieve mortgages or time payments, or even access your bank accounts. In tese cases breaches of privacy have led to security issues, as I said a rare occurance but certainly a traumatic one if it happens to you. The following articles will offer practical, do-able ways of closing any holes in your privacy and security protection, and return your Social Media experience to that which its instigators envisaged and you hoped for.

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