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Section 13 Non Quota Immigrant Visa’s- Part One: Probationary Permanent

2 thoughts on “Section 13 Non Quota Immigrant Visa’s- Part One: Probationary Permanent

  1. Tim Boyle

    I am married to a Filipina and living in USA. We are going to retire in the Philippines near Cagayan de Oro. What visa do I apply for initially? Looks like I apply for non-quota immigrant after being in the Philippines for a few months. Thank you for guidance. We are anxious to get the process started

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you are returning together, bring your marriage certificate with you and
      the birth certificate of your wife, you can then claim balikbayan status
      for your first 12 months at no cost. During that time you can start the
      process to claim a section 13a permanent residence visa on the basis of you
      marriage. This is a two part process the first is a probationary visa,
      which lasts 12 months, the second is a permanent residence visa that never
      has to be renewed while you remain married. For the probationary visa you
      purchase an ACR for 12 months at a cost of 50USD. The permanent residence
      visa allows you an ACR for 5 years, at the same cost.
      If your wife relinquished her filipino citizenship, then you can still
      avail of the balikbayan, but your wife will need to reinstate her
      citizenship, before you can apply for a section 13a.
      If you are not returning at the same time as your wife you will need to
      avail yourself of a vistor visa Sec 9a, you get 30 days at the airport on
      arrival and can extend to 59 days very simply, beyond that you can obtain
      1, 2 or 6 month extensions to your visitor visa until you are granted your
      probationary visa

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