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Section 13 Non Quota Immigrant Visa’s- Part Two: Permanent

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Nine months after receiving the probationary permanent visa, you need to return to a BI office with the facilities to issue an ACR, it does not have to be the same one at which you applied for the probationary visa.

This signals the beginning of your application for a Section 13 Non Quota Immigrant Visa- Permanent

You will need to make sure you have all the documents on the following checklist, in the numbers required and all duly notorized.

Checklist of Requirements for Amendment of Probationary Non-Quota Immigrant Visa to Permanent Resident Visa Under Section 13(a)

Letter of application by the Filipino spouse, with a statement that all documents submitted were legally obtained from the corresponding government agencies;
Consolidated General Application Form duly accomplished and notarized (BI Form No. RADJR-2012-01);
Photocopy of ACR I-CARD (front and back portion) of applicant;
Official receipt for Annual Report Fee of applicant;
Photocopy of the previous BOC Order granting Temporary Resident’s Visa or Photocopy of passport page showing the Implementation of the Temporary Resident’s Visa;
Original copy of NSO issued Birth Certificate of Filipino spouse;
Original copy of NSO issued Marriage Contract of applicant and Filipino spouse or if the marriage was solemnized abroad, the original copy of the Marriage Contarct authenticated by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate in or nearest the place where the marriage was solemnized, with English translation if written in other foreign language;
Divorce Decree / Annulment Order / Death Certificate, if applicable;
Original copy of NSO issued Birth Certificate of child(ren);
Original copy of Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clerance Certificate;
Photocopy of the applicant’s passport showing its bio-page, admission and authorized stay;
Joint Affidavit (applicant and petitioner) stating therein the authenticity and genuineness of all documents submitted in support of the petition;
Photocopy of Identification document of Filipino spouse like valid passport, company ID, SSS / GSIS ID, PRC ID, Driver’s Lisence, Tin or Voter’s ID/Registration; and
Such other documents that may be required of the petitioner and applicant to submit in support of their application.

Please note the last requirement, normally this is a formality and nothing else is required but it is important to bring, all forms of identification, all financial records, because it may be a long way to go back and get them. My wife was asked for a Barangay clearance from Zamboanga when we were in Davao, and it took family and LBC to get it back to the Bureau for the next morning.
In Davao the interviews can take place the same day as the application, or at longest the next day. Ours was scheduled for the next day, and once again was a formal affair where we were asked questions about the last year both personally and together. We also got questions about plans for the future, including family.

The Schedule of Current Fees can be found at the bottom of the the page you will arrive at when you click

When you pay those fees then you leave the Bureau with the visa stamp in your passport. However you have to return two months later (approx) to pick up your ACR card. Start ringing after 6 weeks and don’t go until they tell you its ready.
Plans have just been announced to post the ACR out to you but I haven’t heard of anyone getting their card by this method yet or seen any reference to the new arrangements on the Bureau’s site.

Congratulations, you are now a permanent resident of the Philippines. You do not have to apply for permanency again.
However every Five years you will need to re-new your ACR, which is done by presenting yourself at the Bureau Office (with ACR Issuing capability) nearest you, completing the ACR renewal form and the bio page and visa implementation pages from your passport and paying the fee, currently 50USD or peso equivalent on the day

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