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Online News Sources In English1: The Philippines

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We developed online news sources in English1 to meet stated need by numbers of our readers
Sometimes we can become isolated from the world here in the Philippines.

Living in communities that conduct their lives in a different language means it becomes difficult to get the range of opinion about world news that was freely available in our countries of origin.

In fact information we could digest was so freely available that we probably got a little lazy about finding other sources.

However that changed when we came here and many have told me that they wouls appreciate a guide to finding online news sources that can give us a balanced view of what is happening in the world.

The good news is that online news sources in English have never been more readily available, and in today’s world are relied on heavily by large segments of the English speaking population.

They say that old age can often bring about hardening of the arteries; for us isolated from the moderating influence of diversity the issue can become one of hardening of the attitudes.

If you want to combat that in your life, we have gathered and will be constantly enlarging and updating a guide to Online news sources in English that can help you have access to a balanced view of any situation happening anywhere in the world.

Online News Sources in English1 contains News, opinion, critique,and debate. It will rescue you from reliance on the facebook view of the world.


Online News Sources In English1

In this guide we searched for all sources within the Philippines and have a pretty comprehensive list.

However as with all things change is the only constant.

While we will endevour to keep abreast of any changes in the world of online news sources, but please feel free to make a comment if we niss a source or any change in the accuracy of the information.

In guide 2 we will begin to explore the huge number of national, regional and local online news sources available from Australia.

Having just finished those beginning with the letter A I am amazed by the quality and diversity of the content produced by Australians from every corner of the country, and ranging from organisations with staff in the hundreds, to one person publications catering for a few thousand people.

We are excited about the potential of this series of guides and hope it will meet a need in your expat life.

Till next time