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New Rules For Getting A Student Drivers Permit

The new rules for getting a student drivers permit vary slightly for foreign nationals and Filipino’s. The updated rules address both situations in the one document.


This Order revises the rules and regulations governing the issuance of
Student Driver’s Permit, its qualifications, requirements, procedures and validity
in order to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the laws, rules and
regulations implementing the same.


A. Driver – shall mean any licensed operator of a motor vehicle.
B. Student Driver’s Permit (SP) – is an authority embodied in a form
prescribed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to a person who
desires to learn to operate a motor vehicle when accompanied by a duly
licensed driver, whether a Non-Professional or Professional, possessing
the appropriate restriction code/s for the type of motor vehicle driven.
C. Non-Professional Driver’s License (NPDL) – is an authority embodied
in a form prescribed by the l TO to a person to operate a private motor
D. Professional Driver’s License (PDL) – is an authority embodied in a
form prescribed by the L TO to a person to operate a private or public utility
E. Motor Vehicle (MV) – refers to any vehicle propelled by any power other
than muscular power using the public highways but excepting road rollers,
trolley cars, street-sweepers. sprinklers, lawn mowers, bulldozers,
graders, forklifts, amphibian trucks and cranes if not used on public
highways, vehicles which run only on rails or tracks, and tractors, trailers
and traction engines of all kinds used exclusively for agricultural products.
F. Restriction Code (RC) – is a specification in the driver’s license as to the
type of MV a licensed driver is allowed to operate.
G. Accredited Physician – refers to any practicing doctor of medicine duly
licensed to practice medicine in the Philippines, who examines applicants
for driver’s and conductors’ licenses and issue medical certificates as
proof thereof.
H. Medical Certificate – is a statement from a physician that attests to the
result of a medical examination done on an applicant.


A. Qualifications:
1. Must be at least seventeen (17) years old;
2. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle;
3. Must be able to read and write Filipino, English or the applicable
local dialect; and
4. In addition, for foreigners, the applicant must be eighteen (18)
years old and must have been in the Philippines for at least one (1 )
month with proof that he/she will stay in the country for at least one
(1) year from date of application.
B. Documentary Requirements:
1. Duly accompllshed Application for Driver’s License (ADL), the form is downloadable and can be printed or emailed to you from this location. (look for Application Drivers License);
2. Original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by
National Statistics Office (NSO);
3. If below eighteen (18) years of age, original copy of
parental/guardian’s consent with original and photocopy of one (1)
valid government issued Identification Card containing the
signature of the consenting parent/guardian.
4. Medical Certificate issued· by any licensed practicing physician
stating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to operate a
motor vehicle or otherwise stating his/her impairment; and
5. In addition, for foreigners, original and photocopy of passport with
entry date of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least
one (1) year from date of application, or if born in the Philippines,
present original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated
by the NSO.
C. Procedure:
1. Step1-
The applicant shall submit all the documentary requirements to the
receiving personnel.
Receiving personnel shall check only the completeness of the
documents required and transmit the same to an evaluator.
The evaluator shall evaluate the qualifications of the applicant and,
if qualified, encode the application in the system.
After encoding, the application shall be approved by the Approving
2. Step 2 –
Upon approval, the applicant shall be called for photo and signature
3. Step 3-
The applicant shall be called to pay the required fees to the
4. Step 4 –
The SP Card with the Official Receipt shall be released to the
applicant, who shall be required to write his/her name and affix his/her
signature in the appropriate Release Form.
A reviewer containing all possible questions in the examinations for
issuance of an NPDL, PDL and Conductor’s License shall be given
to the applicant together with the SP Card.


A. An SP shall be valid for one (1) year from date of issuance and may no
longer be revised, modified or renewed. At any time thirty (30) days after
the issuance, but not more than one (1) year therefrom, an SP holder may
apply for the issuance of an NPDL or POL, if qualified under applicable
NPDL or POL rules.
B. An SP holder may only operate a private MV and only if he/she is
accompanied by a duly licensed driver, whether a holder of an NPDL or
POL, with the appropriate RC for the type of MV driven by the SP holder.


The application and issuance of an SP shall be done at any L TO
Licensing Center and District/Extension Office.


Any official or employee who, after due notice and hearing, is found guilty
of committing any of the following acts, either willfully or through negligence, shall
be administratively liable for offense(s) defined under the Civil Service Laws,
rules and regulations:
A. Issuing or causing the issuance of any SP in violation of any of the
provisions of this Order;
B. Reporting or certifying that an applicant met the qualifications;
submitted the documentary requirements; and/or that the applicant
is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle; when any
or all of such statement(s) is not the case;
C. Failure to file and certify any required report;
D. Conspiring and/or assisting in the commission of any of the
foregoing acts; and
E. Violating or preventing, by his act or omission, the enforcement or
implementation of any of the provisions of this Administrative Order.
This is signalling an end to under the counter deals for licenses by LTO staff.


All prior orders, circulars and memoranda as well as any related issuances
or part thereof inconsistent with these provisions are hereby repealed or
amended accordingly.
Don’t take notice of anything written prior to this order it has all been cancelled including language that created opportunities to widen interpretation.


If any provisions of this Administrative Order or the application thereof to
any person or circumstance are held invalid, the remainder of this Order, and the
application of such provision to other persons or circumstances, shall not be
affected thereby.
This is stating that should any part of the Order be judged to be invalid for any reason that does not invalidate the rest of the Order. For example if the age of 17 was challenged in court and ruled to not be valid, the the age would revert to 16 years but the remainder of the Order would still be enforceable


This Order shall take effect fifteen (15) days after publication in two (2)
newspapers of general circulation in the Philippines.


Student Permit Fee 150
Application Fee 100
Computer Fee 67.83
Total 317.83
Always check current prices here


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