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Help For New Zealand Nationals In The Philippines

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Help For New Zealand Nationals In The Philippines
The New Zealand Embassy in Manila provides Help For New Zealand Nationals living in or visiting the Philippines. The website address is as follows: http://www.nzembassy.com/philippines There are for box headings on the opening page. For a full rundown of all services click on the items in the box labelled New Zealander's Overseas. The sub headings are <strong>Safe Travel</strong> Safe Travel is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website designed for New Zealander's who are traveling or living overseas. You will find it here. http://www.nzembassy.com/philippines/new-zealanders-overseas/safe-travel" The information provided includes: * Travel advisories for specific destinations, including the Philippines, with up-to-date information on security risks. http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/destinations/philippines.shtml * News features which take you to a page where recent news items from around the world that can affect travelers are listed. http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/news/index.shtml#dengue * Traveller’s checklist to help you plan your journey. Found here: http://www.safetravel.govt.nz/beforeugo/index.shtml * Registration facility where you can log your travel plans in case you need to be contacted in an emergency https://register.safetravel.govt.nz/kos/kos.aspx At this site you can register as a individual or a group by clicking on that heading Then you will be asked to read through the terms and conditions of use of the facility and ACCEPT or DECLINE. If you decline you will be returned to the page you just came from. In accepting you acknowledge that despite all their best efforts the New Zealand Government (called here the Ministry) may not be able to locate and/or assist you. Accepting will take you to a page where you can provide personal details for yourself and your travelling companions, provide contact locations, numbers and emails for any destination on your itinerary. There is also provision for you to add the name of a person you would like to be informed if you encounter any difficulties. You are then contacted if you are thought to be in an area where there has been a natural disaster, or civil unrest. <strong>Embassy Services For New Zealanders</strong> The New Zealand Embassy is able to provide assistance and guidance to New Zealanders in serious distress in the Philippines (for example, if you have lost your passport, been involved in an accident, been hospitalised, arrested or detained). Consular assistance is available to New Zealand citizens outside New Zealand (whether or not they normally live in New Zealand). New Zealand citizens who also hold citizenship of another country ("dual nationals") may not be entitled to assistance, for example if they have entered the country on their non-New Zealand passport, or if they are in the country of their other nationality. For consular assistance contact us during office hours: 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Phone (+63) 2 891-5358 or email us. For urgent consular assistance after hours (not for visa or immigration inquires) phone (+63) 917 858 9867. The New Zealand Embassy cannot help you obtain a visa for the Philippines or change your current visa status. For that you will need to contact the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. Please note that the Bureau of Immigration may stipulate a dress code for visitors to their offices. Please consult the bureau's website for details. <strong>New Zealand Documents</strong> <strong>Passports and Emergency Travel Documents</strong> Only the Department of Internal Affairs passport offices in London, Sydney or New Zealand can issue a passport. A new online passport renewal service is now available. Please check the following link www.passports.govt.nz for eligibility, timeframes and frequently asked questions. In an emergency, most but not all New Zealand Embassies may be able to issue an Emergency Travel Document. Where postal sevices are irregular, the Embassy can assist with forwarding passport applications to Wellington. There is a separate fee for this service payable in local currency. Please contact the Embassy for further information. Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates New Zealand Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates can be obtained directly from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Department of Internal Affairs website has details of how to obtain the certificates. Births, Deaths and Marriages PO Box 10-526 Wellington 6143 Level 3 109 Featherston Street Wellington 6011 Freephone: 0800 22 52 52 (New Zealand only) Phone: (+64 4) 463 9362 Fax: (+64 4) 382 3515 (for certificate and printout orders) Fax: (+64 4) 382 3613 (for general enquiries) Email: bdm.nz@dia.govt.nz Document Authentication and Apostille Certification Before certain New Zealand documents can be used overseas, Document Authentication or apostille certification may be necessary. It is usually required where overseas officials are not able to determine on sight the authenticity of New Zealand documents. To check the requirements, contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned or their overseas representatives. The process varies depending on the document type and country requirements and can only be done in Wellington by the Authentications Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). An e-apostile is also available. New Zealand Driver Licences Information about New Zealand licences is available at the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) website. Certificate of Particulars If you need to provide written authentication of your New Zealand driving experience (for DriveTest) you can request a Certificate of Particulars. This certificate sets out all details relevant to your New Zealand licence. Information on how to apply can be found here. Obtaining a copy of your criminal record New Zealand Police are often asked for a “Police clearance certificate”, especially by people applying for a job overseas. New Zealand Police do not produce “Clearance Certificates” as such, but you can get a copy of your criminal record from the Ministry of Justice. <strong>Living In Or Visiting The Philippines</strong> is a page that refers you to local consular services.

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