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Help For Canadian Nationals In The Philippines

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Help For Canadian Nationals In The Philippines
The Canadian Embassy provides a range of services offering help for Canadian Nationals Living in or traveling to the Philippines. You will find the full range of consular services outlined here: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/philippines/index.aspx?lang=eng&view=d Specifically you can click on the menu item "Living/Travelling in the Philippines" on the left hand side of the page under "For Canadians" Where you will find information on the following Emergency Services Consular Fees Legal and Notarial Information During your stay: Frequently Asked Questions Citizenship Services Adoptions Birth Registration Passport Services Simplified renewal passport application Visa Services Pensions: Canadian Pension Plan or Quebec Pension Plan Voting While Abroad <strong>Returning to Canada</strong> Import Duties and Taxes Medical Matters Pet Imports Vehicle Imports What can I bring to Canada? You can also register as a Canadian Living or Traveling in the Philippines as follows <strong>Your first step to a safe trip abroad</strong> Whether you're planning a short vacation or a long-term stay abroad, sign up with <strong>Registration of Canadians Abroad</strong>. This free, confidential service will keep you connected to Canada in case of an emergency abroad, such as an earthquake or civil unrest, and keep you informed about an emergency at home. It can be carried out Before you go to the Philippines or when you arrive. The duration of your trip can be extended or reduced at any time, so keep those arrangements up to date. To sign up for a Registration of Canadians Abroad account; a) You must be a Canadian citizen b) Have a valid passport c) Provide contact information in the Philippines d) An emergency contact in Canada <strong>Sign up online.</strong> Go to https://www.voyage2.gc.ca/registration_inscription/olrportal-eng.aspx In the bottom left hand corner click where it says sign up for a new account. You will go to a page that tells you the conditions of signing up, which are: The information you provide to the Registration of Canadians Abroad service may be used by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada or a third party, when necessary, to contact, protect and assist you and your co-travellers in case of an emergency. Your information will only be used in accordance with the provisions of Canada's Privacy Act. Unless otherwise notified by you or a family member, Consular Services will consider your trip completed on the return date specified in your registration. You need to click on ACCEPT if you agree or Decline to opt out. You will then be taken to the Registration Page where you need to provide a) Choose your user ID and password. b) Choose and answer a security question. c) Provide a email address. You then submit those details and you will immediately receive this We've just sent a validation message to the e-mail address you provided. To activate your Registration of Canadians Abroad account and register your first trip: Go to your e-mail inbox, or your spam folder if not there. Click on the link in the e-mail we sent you (subject line: "Login information"). Log in to Registration of Canadians Abroad by entering your user ID and password. Activate your account, which requires the provision of a few more details and register your first trip. Or if you prefer you can: <strong>register by mail, fax or in person, at the Embassy nearest to you.</strong><strong>

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