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Help for Australian Nationals In The Philippines

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Help for Australian Nationals In The Philippines
Australia has a clear Consular Services Charter which outlines the help for Australian nationals available from embassies and consulates worldwide. It also clearly outlines what services are not provided by them. It is important that you read this document so that you are not disappointed when you are confronted by the truth about the urban myths that abound. From rooms at the embassy, free repatriation, guarantors for debts, and many more. http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/services/consular-services-charter.html The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also offers a free registration service for Australians traveling overseas. You will receive the latest updates for the country you are in in relationship to political unrest, terrorism, and natural disaster. http://smartraveller.gov.au/ The Australian And New Zealand Association provides help of the "social". Here is the description of activities from their "About us page The Australian and New Zealand Association, Manila (ANZA) is governed by an elected Executive Committee, in accordance with the ANZA Regulations and By-Laws. Events Australians and New Zealanders are known the world over for their fun-loving and playful spirit… this is no different in the Philippines. ANZA organises terrific social events in Manila including a themed ‘Grand Ball’ once a year, which is one of the most successful and well attended events in Manila. We also hold wine and cheese evenings with wines from regions like the Barossa and Marlborough and a luncheon and betting day for the Melbourne Cup. An ANZA Membership entitles you to a discounted ticket on all of these fun events. For further detail on the terrific things ANZA is up to in the near future please visit our events page and join us for our next event. Be sure to join up to receive discounts at all of these occasions. Volunteer Aussies and Kiwis are not only known for being partial to a good celebration we are also hard-working and charitable. ANZA provides its members a chance to balance the fun times with the more serious ones. ANZA Members visit numerous charities across Manila regularly to lend a hand with a variety of causes. If you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work visit our charities page to get in touch with people that really need your help. Donate ANZA regularly donates money to a number of charities in the Philippines. With a predominant focus on children and women in need ANZA provides money and support to groups that support the poor and disabled. ANZA also sponsors gifted children seeking further education. Please see our charities page for contacts if you’d like to be a private or corporate financial donor to causes that ANZA supports. To wrap up Don’t sit there wondering what there is to do in this wonderful country - visit our membership page and join ANZA. ANZA is a charitable body that works to help Australians and New Zealanders settle comfortably in the Philippines, and we love other nationalities too. If you have a smile on your face or are willing to lend a hand then ANZA is the club for you. It is a great feeling to have fun while supporting worthwhile causes… so come on… what are you waiting for? Join in the fun! http://www.anzamanila.org/

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