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Bringing Them Home – Applying For A Visa For Your Special Person To Visit or Live In Your Homeland

Wikis > Bringing Them Home - Applying For A Visa For Your Special Person To Visit or Live In Your Homeland

Thinking of applying for a visa for your special person to visit or live in your homeland? The reasons for doing this can be numerous including but not confined to:

  1. Seeing your country and the places that are special to you.
  2. Meeting your special family members and friends.
  3. Introducing your business and important business associates
  4. You want your partner to be able benefit from citizenship of your country.

Each reason you have for taking your special person home needs to be placed alongside the criteria that a applies to the visas that your country issues. This will ensure that you are applying for the correct visa and where more than one could be applicable, the visa with the best fit to your long term goals.
My areas of expertise are visas for Australia, in particular tourist,family and couples visas.
Within this niche there are three visas where the rules are clear to the authorities in Australia, but because of the highly emotional reasons for many applications, those applying see inconsistency at every turn. Over the next few weeks we intend to to provide you with the general process for applying for those visa’s for entry into Australia.

  1. Tourist Visa (Visitor Sub Class 600)
  2. Partner Visa which can be either:

  • Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) or

  • Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100)

Australia has some of the toughest entry laws on the planet, refusal to issue a visa is is without appeal rights by either the petitioner or the petitioned. For those who are granted a visa, it is important to understand that you must adhere to the terms and conditions of entry, otherwise future applications could be refused out of hand. However if you are genuine and your reasons for for applying for a visa mesh with the application the visa was created for then you will visit or live in one of the most multicultural, Asian friendly country’s in the world. I’m not saying it’s perfect, nowhere is, but it is generally a tolerant melting pot of diverse cultures.

If you want hand holding throughout the process we can assist you. Our prices are very reasonable and we have a wealth of experience in assisting others. Please contact us on 09999931758 for more details.

We also have access to self help experts in applying for visas in these area for:

The UK

New Zealand

Eire (Republic of Ireland)

The US (free help available at Mahal Kita). Handholding help through our good friends http://visaservicesfortheusa.com

We also have expats from the following countries willing to assist you without breaking the bank