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Applying for Australian Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Sponsored Family Stream Pt 6

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Applying for Australian Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Sponsored Family Stream Pt 6
<strong>The Form 1418 to be Completed By The Applicant</strong> This form is filled in conjunction with and application for Australian Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Sponsored Family Stream If you go <a href="http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1418.pdf">here</a> you will access a copy of the form and follow as we go through it. Please attach a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself. Please use a pen, and write neatly in English using BLOCK LETTERS Tick where applicable <a href="http://lifephilippines.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/tick1.jpg"><img src="http://lifephilippines.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/tick1.jpg" alt="tick1" width="180" height="175" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-396" /></a> Remember Australia writes its dates Day/ month/ Year <strong>not</strong> Month/ Day/ Year Q1. When Do You Wish to visit Australia and for how long? (please put a departure date at least six weeks away and preferably a couple of months.) Q2. How long do you wish to stay in Australia? Your return date can be 3, 6 or 12 months, 3 and 6 months seem to be more successful, the date of your return flight, will influence this positively if you know it. There is also a note to say you may not get what you ask for, please do not assume the length of your visa, check the letter you receive for full details of the visa granted, if any. Q3. Give the following biometric details exactly as they appear on your passport. Family name is your last name and the Philippine middle name should be included in your given names. Q4. Birth details as per your birth certificate. Q5. Tick your current marital status. Not yet married you could choose de facto, never married, or engaged, married if that is the case or if previously married either separated or divorced depending on your legal situation. Q6. If you have been known or lived under another name or names give full details and reasons, Which can be to do with being married, change of name by deed poll, adoption or the regular use of an alias, where you have biometric details recorded under that name. Q7. Do You Hold a current visa. This is usually answered no for this visa. You need to be aware that your current visa could be cancelled if you are issued a visitor visa. Q8. The APEC business travel card is a card to enable short tern visits to APEC countries for opening new markets and or opportunities within markets. Usually answered no by our demographic. Q9. If you are a citizen of any other country in addition to the Philippines. List those countries in the box. Q10. Do you hold an identity card or identity number issued to you by your government (eg. National identity card) (if applicable)? <div dir="ltr" data-font-name="g_font_p0_1" data-canvas-width="308.6993410806656">Note: If you are the holder of more than one identity number because you are a citizen of more than one country, you need to enter the identity number on the card from the country that you live in.</div> Q11. If you are a passport holder for another country it is unlikely you would be applying as a Filipino, given the restrictions and scrutiny applied to these applications. (However if your other citizenship's are for countries with a similar Modified Non-Return Rate {MNRR} which is an indicator of Visitor visa compliance, and may be considered by decision makers to determine the application.) The you must list the countries and the details of each passport. Q12. Most of you will put the Philippines unless you are an OFW, then put the country you work in. It is not a good idea to be taking side trips to Singapore or any other visa free destination while you await the outcome of this application. Stay close to home while your application is processed. Q13. What is your legal status in your current location? In The Philippines it would be citizen, OFW's will have other status and for those who disregarded my comment in the previous question it will be visitor. Q14. The purpose of you being in your current location. Live Here, Work or Visitor would be most likely responses. Q15. Your current residential address. This is where you live, a PO Box is not acceptable. Q16. Address for correspondence. This can be a PO Box or most likely care of a Post Office but a courier friendly address is better. As this is the address that all documents will be returned to including your visa, so if you change your address let the embassy know straight away. Q17. Your Contact Numbers. Provide as many as you can designate one as the main contact, usually your mobile. Q18. Do You agree to the Department communicating with you by email or fax. Nominate both if you have a fax but at the very least agree to email. Even if you have to start one especially for the purpose. A Gmail account is easy to obtain and is by far the most robust, but Yahoo and Hotmail also have email accounts which will fill the role. Q19. Are you traveling with family members from the Philippines if so list them, if not answer No. Unless you are legally married your Australian citizen or Permanent Resident friend is not family. Q20. What family members, spouse fiancee or children are you leaving in the Philippines. List them all, as it is a reason for you to come back to the Philippines, and generally reflects well on your application. Q21. List all other family members, including brothers, sisters, step and adopted siblings, parents, step and adopted parents and grandparents in the Philippines or overseas. Even deceased family or those whose whereabouts you are not sure about should be included. Q22. Do you have any relatives living in Australia, answer No unless you know them well and are aware of there whereabouts, otherwise provide all the details requested. Q23. Same question but regarding friends or contacts. Answer the same way as Q22. Q24. Why do you want to visit Australia. This is your chance to develop an itinerary which includes sightseeing as well as visiting your boyfriends hometown and family. The more extensive the better, but make sure it is a real one not just a bucket list. Include significant events such as relatives or old friends birthdays, anniversaries, conferences or events <div dir="ltr" data-font-name="g_font_p0_1" data-canvas-width="103.48666926383972"> Q25. You are allowed to study for up to three months on a Visitor Visa. This is usually pre-planned and the details as requested need to be provided. Q26. In The past five years have you lived outside you country of passport for more than 3 consecutive months. If so list those countries and the dates you were there. Q27. Do you intend to enter a hospital or health care facility (including nursing homes) while in Australia. This is a reference to visiting those facilities not receiving treatment. Q28.Do you intend to work as, or study to be, a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic during your stay in Australia? Normally No but answer truthfully. Q29.Have you: <ul> <li>ever had, or currently have, tuberculosis?</li> <li>been in close contact with a family member that has active tuberculosis?</li> <li>ever had a chest x-ray which showed an abnormality?</li> </ul> Your chest XRay will attest to your current health but please answer fully. Q30. This is about your current health and if you expect to need treatment for any chronic disease or condition during your stay. There is a list and a catch all at the end. Answer No or if Yes tick the appropriate box and provide details Q31. Do you require assistance with mobility or care due to a medical condition? Answer either No or if Yes provide the details of the assistance required. The major thinking here is that you should be covered by travel or medical insurance during your stay in Australia. Q32. Have you undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months? Every Filipino applicant can be requested to undergo some form of medical examination as they seek their visa. Usually a chest XRay, but for longer visas, even temporary ones and definitely if over age 75, you will be required to undergo a medical assessment, and show proof that you have medical insurance for your trip. If you have had a health assessment in the previous 12 months let then know all the details you have, if not answer No. The HAP ID enables the approved clinic to access your record and post results. In this case it enables the Department to access archived records. If a medical and/or x-ray examination is required,you will be notified <strong>after </strong>your application is lodged with the Australian Embassy in Manila. You will then need to make arrangements to attend an approved immigration panel doctor. You should be aware of what type of visa you are applying for, as the panel doctor will need this information in order to complete the health examination forms. You will need to arrange an appointment with a panel hospital of your choice - see List of panel doctors in Philippines <a href="http://www.immi.gov.au/Help/Locations/Pages/Philippines.aspx">here</a>. and ensure that you take the following with you to the examination: <strong>• Health ID number (letter) provided by the Embassy office • A copy of the details page of your passport</strong> </div> Q33. Is really a series of questions about character. Answer Yes or No. If yes provide as much detail as possible. Sometimes you want to leave stuff out, don't. Q34. A series of questions about employment and education. Having a job or attending a college course gives a message to the Department that you have something to come back to. However making up jobs or attendance at University can backfire badly and result in no visa. Q35. The bottom line for the Australian Government is that your visit does not become a financial burden to taxpayers. So they require you to lay out in detail how you will support yourself during your stay in Australia. You need to provide the details of where the funds you will use are, including bank statements. Q36. If you are being supported by a sponsor then you need to provide details, including a letter of invitation from that person and details of the way in which that person will fund your stay and what other ways they will provide support. For example, provision of cash, accommodation, a vehicle, health insurance, phones or computers. Q37. Wants to know firstly if you have failed to meet visa conditions on a previous trip to Australia and secondly if you have previously been refused a visa for entry to Australia. Neither scenario is the end of the line but clear and honest renditions of what took place are essential. Failure to meet visa conditions does include overstaying but can also include, for a visitor visa, working, being involved in criminal activity, or studying for longer than three months. Other visas will have other conditions that you will need to have complied with. As well as explaining what happened you need to say what is different now from then. In the second situation refusal of a visa or cancellation of one. It is now practice to send a letter outlining why a visa application is refused or cancelled provide those details as requested. Q38. Asks if you received assistance in completing the application. If no then go to the next section which is Q47. If yes provide details as requested. Reading this is not assistance. Asking for help for which I charge you a fee should be reported. Q39. Asks if the person assisting you is a an agent registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA)? If Yes go to the next section which is Q47. If you receive paid help from me you would answer No. Q40. Is the person in Australia? If you answer No go to the next section which is Q47. This is because the Department does not register agents in the Philippines, they are however interested in agents who are not registered operating in Australia. Q41. Only applies if the agent was in Australia Q42. All written communications about this application should be sent to? Just tick one box usually the box labelled myself, unless you have paid an agent for that level of hand holding. Q43. Here you put the full name of your sponsor, give permission for that person and their migration agent (if they have one) to have access to your information. Also provide your full name and sign your usual signature. Q44. Payment details. The Visa Subclass is 600 The base fee is $130AUD, this is good until at least Jan 1st 2014 under current policy There are no further charges for this application as each person must apply in their own right and incur the $130AUD application fee. Total amount to be paid $130AUD Q45. How will you pay? Only a locally issued Managers cheque made payable to the 'Australian Embassy', in Philippine Pesos, is accepted. Personal cheques are not acceptable. Payments using credit cards are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD) only (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Diners, JCB). They also incur a surcharge as follows: Visa and MasterCard - 1.08% American Express and JCB - 1.99% Diners Club International - 2.91% <strong>Note</strong>: If paying by credit card in Australian Dollars you may also incur banking and currency conversion fees and you accept the risk associated with any currency fluctuations. The charge can be paid from Australia and the receipt details attached to the application using a scanned copy of the original receipt, which must be legible and complete. Q46. Application Checklist There is a must include list, with at least three items which may not be relevant to your application. Then there is a an additional documents list. Send certified copies(witnessed by an attorney) of the bio page and and proof of travel outside of Philippines and return to the Philippines. A recent passport size photograph of yourself as outlined at the beginning of Pt3 Visa type and Application charge The following three items on the checklist are case specific. The first two are related to minors traveling alone or without one or both parents or legal guardians, or staying in Australia with persons other than their parents or legal guardians and would be unlikely to be necessary for our demographic. The final one is to be completed if you authorise someone else to act as your migration agent. You need to complete Section K appropriately and complete the two forms. Form 956 "Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance" available <a href="http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/956.pdf">here</a> and Form 956A "Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient" available <a href="http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/956a.pdf">here</a>. if applicable. Under Additional Documents you need to provide a) Evidence that you are able to support yourself (bank statements) during your stay, or will be supported ( letter of invitation from your sponsor or the provision of a credit card or bank account for use in Australia.) b) You maybe requested to provide evidence that you have travel or medical insurance while you are in Australia, it never hurts to provide this evidence even if not required. c) You maybe required to undergo medical assessments, these are usually requested after the application has been made and the tests are fed directly to DIAC from the six approved facilities in the Philippines so this will only apply is you have been receiving very specialised treatment beyond the scope of those facilities. d) If you have a job, please obtain a letter from your employer stating that you are on approved leave and will be returning to your position at the end of that leave. Provide dates. e) If you claim to be attending college or University you need to provide evidence such as enrollment receipts, course outlines, student ID or transcripts. f) Any other evidence that you have the incentive to return to the Philippines. Land and buildings, businesses, other fixed assets Q47. This is the final declaration. Read carefully and sign. Q48. This is your opportunity to provide additional information on any question that is asked. For example the character question Q38 is an ideal place to put a barangay clearance certificate, an NBI clearance, or character references. Remember the more evidence the better. Then send the application to your sponsor who will lodge it it in Australia. So you have completed the Sponsored Family stream Application. Hope you find it useful &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;

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