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Life Philippines

About Us

This site was born out of requests from a large number of our contacts for a site based on providing evidence based facts about life in the Philippines for expatriates and visitors.
Over the years since we began in 2012 we have looked in varying levels of depth at:

  • LTO requirements for:
    • Licensing
    • Registration
    • Road Law
  • Bureau of Immigration requirements for:
    • Visa’s
    • ECC
    • Balikbayan Visa Free Entry
    • Administrative Services
    • Annual Reporting
  • Personal Security
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Death
  • Assistance for Foreign Nationals From Their Country Of Passport
  • Internet Best Practice
  • Scams

Keeping that content accurate is a job in itself and we are always looking for people who want to assist in that important task. If the fancy takes you contact me here
We thank you for your support in 2018, we can honestly say, “without you we are nothing.”
If you stick with us in 2019 we can promise that we will continue the service we have offered since 2012. We will also be striving to get that information to you faster and in more digestible forms. Look out for more news on that front in May of this year.

Also please note the new directions we will be going in this year.

Look out for us in Philippines:

  • Travel
  • Cuisine
  • History:
    • Pre-History
    • Spanish Invasion
    • British Invasion
    • US Invasion
    • Japanese Invasion
    • Independence
    • Economic Development
    • Social Development
  • Culture:
    • Art
    • Literature
    • Dance
    • Music
    • Society
    • Beliefs

    If much of that is not your thing don’t worry most of it will take place on our new platform so that Life Philippines can continue to focus on delivering information that reduces the frustration factor.
    To find our most recent posts click on the post titles in the