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Easing Of Inbound Travel Restrictions

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I read the latest announcement, thought to myself that is pretty straightforward and did not bother to make a post.

Then doing the rounds of the expats groups I see that misinterpretations of what it means are rife.
Add to that the slew of stories that say that was not how it was for me. While this is widespread, I also acknowledge and congratulate the sizeable group of admins who are actively discouraging the drama filled speculations of their subscribers.

Is it because we have nothing else to do that we want to offer our spin on something that doesn’t require it.
Or do we have to try and grab our 15 minutes of fame before it is to late.

Opinions and Facts

Opinions are great but remember there are folk reading your post or comments who will believe you.
Of course tin foilers among us will love that.
However, when believing the blather means you land up in trouble with Immigration or face paying big airfares to get back home, it pays to refer to the document that Immigration issues.
The reality is that there are no alternative facts, there are alternative hypotheses but they are only valid at the analysis stage. Once the facts have been determined there is only one set of facts.

Your Valid Experience And Stated Policy

By the way, if your experience was not the same as the document says, it does not mean that the document was incorrect.
Some answers given by certain officials in the past have been flawed as they were misinterpretations about what was asked.
New officers at the ports of entry may also get it wrong because of inexperience or because they were trying to move a large group through quickly and missed a step.
In general Press Releases. Memorandum and Circulars have been accurate at the time of issue as they are checked at many levels before release.

So lets begin by giving the BI some respect, accept that by and large they and their substantial workforce knows what it is doing, and until irrevocably proven otherwise agree that the text of Press Releases is accurate. If in doubt apply Occam’s Razors to your thinking. Occam’s razor, or law of parsimony is the problem-solving principle that “entities should not be multiplied without necessity”, or more simply, the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

That means that if you were treated differently, got an easier journey through the system, than the written documentation indicated, it will be unlikely that the next person will.
The Press releases we are going to be quoting from can be found on the here and here

Relaxing The Restrictions 1

It states clearly the following:

1. Certain people with valid and existing visas who were not permitted to enter the country under the previous IATF resolutions are now allowed to enter.

This does not mean that new applications are now going to be allowed to enter.

The list includes foreigners with valid 9(g) working visas, 9(f) student visas, Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG), and Special Investors Residence Visa (SIRV) under EO 63, issued on or prior to March 20, 2020 may now enter the country.
This has been further amended by ATF Resolution No. 100 as follows
Meanwhile, IATF Resolution No. 100 has removed the reckoning date of March20, 2020 for aliens now allowed to enter the country.“In effect, those with valid and existing 9(g), 9(f), SVEG and SIRV under EO 63 visas shall be allowed entry, without the need to present an entry exemption document,”

Our Responsibilities

In the second press release, they reminded us that foreigners with valid and existing visas who are now allowed to enter the country should possess and present unexpired reentry permits (RP’s for permanent residents and SRC’s for student, employment and all other non immigrant visas) upon their arrival or they will be turned back at the airport.

Your RP or SRC is valid for one year from your date of departure and you must present proof of payment for the permit at your port of entry to be granted access into the country.

If your RP or SRC has expired, you will need to get your authorised representative to renew their permits at the BI main office and its satellite and extension offices in Manila. There is a cost associated with this. We will advise this as soon as we can obtain a verifiable amount. **UPDATE The Cost Of Renewal is, according to the BI Helpline, the same amount you paid for your ECC when you left originally**

Back To The First Press Release


2. “Those who wish to enter the country under a tourist status must secure an entry visa first,” said Tan.“Only those that fall under the Balikbayan privilege may be granted visa-free entry,” he added. A

Balikbayan, by law, means a former Filipino, his or her spouse and children, and the spouse and children of a Filipino. Tan reiterated that only those traveling with the Filipino or former Filipino spouse, and are nationals of visa-free countries under EO 408, are entitled to the balikbayan privilege.

If they will be entering the country without the Filipino or former Filipino spouse, then they would have to secure an entry visa,” she stated.


3. The BI said that all passengers are required to have a pre-booked accommodation for at least six nights in an accredited quarantine hotel or facility. Morente warned that those who were cleared for entry but subsequently found to have presented a fake booking for a quarantine facility by the Department of Tourism (DOT) will be referred to the BI for deportation proceedings.“We warn those who will try to circumvent quarantine requirements by presenting fake bookings,” said Morente.“We are in close coordination with the DOT, who will refer to us anyone found to have presented fake documents during their arrival,” he warned.

This is a fluid situation thank god for fluids, so by the time you read this things may change again, keep looking for updates from https://immigration.gov.ph, or the immigration Helpline on Facebook.

Lets try and deal in facts in this matter because if our interpretations are wrong the consequences are severe for who ever puts their trust in us

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