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Annual Report 2021

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The Annual Report 2021 will take place from January 1 to March 1 2021.
If you are reporting to the BI central office at Intramuros, Manila you must use the booking system. It provides 800 slots per day Monday – Friday throughout the reporting period.
There are a number of other offices that are authorised to provide the service

AR offices

Base fees remain the same as last year, but there is NO Express lane fee
Those below 14 years of age may have the report filed by their parents or legal guardians.
If you are over 60 or disabled you may send a representative to do the report on your behalf. Ensure you provide that party with all the necessary documents which include your passport, last years receipt for the report, if you were required to report, and a Special Power of Attorney authorising your agent to act on your behalf
As always we must emphasise that this is a requirement, not a request.
So often I read on expat forums about the bogeyman BI officials who treat us so badly. That is not the experience of most of us living here.
BI staff are just upholding the law, they generally go out of their way to ensure it is applied with an even-hand.
If you experience any difficulty, take a deep breath, walk away if you can and go have a coffee, not beer, wine or spirits. Go back when you are calm and ask to speak to a supervisor.
BI staff have the right to act if your behaviour becomes loud, abusive or rude, to the staff or others, that action can have long term consequences for your ability to visit or reside in the Philippines.
I know that message is only necessary for a small number of expats, but every year someone bets involved in this kind of drama. It doesn’t help the individual or the reputation of expats.

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