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Travel Restrictions Update

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Here is the latest list of those who can apply to enter the Philippines.
This is effective as of today.
A couple of points to note:
1. If you have a current valid visa such as 13, 13a, or SRVV then you are free to enter the Philippines. This is subject to your compliance with testing and quarantine protocols.
2. If you fit the descriptions outlined in the notice but do not have a current valid visa, you need to apply for an entry visa. You can do this at your nearest Philippines Foreign Service Post.
Visas are not issued on arrival in the Philippines.
In fact, if you managed to get an airline to deliver you here without a visa “trouble is brewing.” You will be on the next flight back to your country and the airline will be fined. Expensive for both parties.
Depending on the circumstances the Philippines may blacklist you and the airline may try to ban you from flying.
3. If you are part of the group of unmarried couples, or others who cannot gain entry, I agree that some of you are in a tough place right now.
However many of the Filipinos affected by this separation are in this predicament because of the laziness or the dishonesty of their foreigner partners As I said in that post there are probably a number of legitimate reasons why you may be in this situation, but most that I have heard are excuses not reasons
4. It is important to understand that the Philippines is not acting independently, these restrictions are imposed in consultation with the international community.
They are not imposed lightly, especially by financially poorer countries. These countries are ill equipped to deal with the fallout of such restrictions, such as high business failure rates and even higher unemployment.
The rules here are being applied reluctantly and are a temporary response to exceptional circumstances.
Finally I note that some people want to try and make political capital out of everything including human suffering. People who I have noted advocated closed borders in their own countries, now advocate for open borders in the Philippines. I ask myself are the people trolls, political opportunists, or just woefully ignorant.
Remember stay safe, for everybody’s sake.

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