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Why Don’t You Have A Permanent Residence Visa?

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Don’t Have A Permanent Residence Visa?

I read a lot of “railing” from expats about how unfair this refusal by the Philippines Government to allow families to be reunited is.
They want the authorities to allow inbound sec 9a visas. My question would be Why don’t you have a permanent residence Visa?
While It is tough for anyone to be separated from those they love, and I am not minimising that.
In my book those soap box activists are covering for their own lack of preparedness.

What’s Appropriate?

A tourist visa is not the appropriate visa to have if you are in a legally recognised marriage relationship and or are responsible for children.
Long term permanent residence visas give everyone certainty in troubled times.
The 13, 13a,and SRRV visas are appropriate, but the 13a is visa for this situation.
It is less expensive over 12 months and lasts indefinitely, provided you abide by the conditions of issue. The major one being that you remain in a marriage like relationship. Living together, sharing expenses and responsibility for your spouse and any children. Being separated does not count and you need to downgrade.
You also need to renew your ACR card every 5 years and attend annual report each year, in the first 60 days of the year, or within thirty days of returning to the Philippines.

Reasons Why Not

There may be legitimate reasons for not obtaining a 13a, I am happy to hear about them.
Comments which are respectful and helpful will be published. You can disagree just do it the way I grew up doing, as human beings rather than people disdainful of their fellow inhabitants of the planet.

Excuses And The Walk Of Shame.

Let me tell you about a few of the not so savory reasons:

Your Belief System Does Not Permit Divorce.

You no longer live together but you are still legally married.
Technically you are not in a relationship, and in the West and many other parts of the world it would be totally ok to meet someone, move in with them, and live as man and wife.
However, The Philippines, is different because as well as romance, there are transactions going on. For most of us we are living with beautiful women who would not look at us twice in our home country. The expectation is that you will trade your assets for theirs. One of the trades is a pathway to citizenship or residence in a richer and more developed country, or the ability to support.
I don’t understand how a person can have ideals in the West and discard them when they come to the Philippines.If that is your reason, how do you justify living as man and wife with your Filipina.
Have you been honest about your situation and its implications for your Filipina’s future opportunities. Unless you have you are not honoring our wonderful hosts.
We are in contact with several Filipina’s who were devastated when they found out that all the talk of new opportunities in their foreigners country could never happen because of the “legal wife”

Your Bit On The Side

You have a marriage in another country, your Filipina is your “bit on the side”.
Now, what you do to your self is no business of mine, what two consenting adults do is also not my affair (pun intended).
However a number of Filipina’s we have worked with reported finding this out by accident and after bearing the expat children. Their situation becomes very precarious if you the expat pulls the plug on the relationship.
One guy a minister in the Church of Christ was outed by his legal wife and confessed to being led astray by the feminine wiles of an opportunist Filipina. However the family and a number of Expat friends reported to us that he presented to them as a man of god who had been searching for a mate and found her in his Filipino partner.

You’re A Player

You have no intention of developing a long term relationship, but have found that Filipinas and their families respond better to the idea of a future together. So you immerse yourself in an alternate universe, so deep that even you believe it half the time. Sadly your Filipina is the one that suffers when your promises don’t come to fruition.
Believe it or not their are Filipina’s who will give you genuine affection and care in exchange for your financial support, even knowing that the relationship cannot ever go any further. Would I take that option personally, I don’t think so, but I know several who have, and at least in their Philippines life seem happy.
The point of all this is that blaming an entity that can’t answer back does not make you the victim but someone who can’t take responsibility for their own choices.
Hope we can all learn to be more self accountable. I need to. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Have A Permanent Residence Visa?

  1. Shaun Elpo

    Hello, hope you can help me understand the way forward to a 13A.

    1. I am married to a Filipina.
    2. I am currently (April 2021) in Philippines since Nov-2020 but I entered on a (spouse) 9A which has been extended every 2 months…
    3. I am dual citizen… This is my main problem (I think). When the window opened to re-enter Philippines in late 2020, because of ease of processing at that time… I got the 9A in my other passport. However, I want to get the 13A visa in my Italian passport for many reasons…. one of which relates to her status in Europe/Italy..
    4. One of requirements to submit 13A is “passport showing entry date”. But my Italy passport do not show an entry date.
    5. I fear that if I do a visa run (eg to HK or Singapore) I will be required to quarantien for 2 weeks there… and then wil not be allowed re-entry

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there Shaun, I can only relate my experience when I faced a similar circumstance over a decade ago. I to could find no information, neither could I get any straight answers online. My only option was to front up at head office in Manila and tell them the story. I did this and it was not an issue they took pictures of both passports and both were included in the application. I was asked which passport I would in future, I told them and my 13a was included in that passport aand is the passport and its derivatives I still use.
      That being said I can still find no written, and freely available information. I suspect because it is a rare occurance.
      My advice for what it is worth is that you do the same, make an appointment at Head office and tell your story, leave nothing out, you are not attempting fraud, this was an administrative error on your part.
      The only issue I could see is if your other passport was from a country that formally had no visa free entry. The ease with which you got your 9a makes that unlikely.
      Please let us know how you got on so others can benefit from your experience

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