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No Tourist Visas To Get Into The Philippines

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Tourist Visas To Get Into The Philippines

I was loathe to write this post as the rules regarding Tourist Visas to get into the Philippines can currently change quite rapidly.
I was concerned about people acting on outdated information.
However, the distress of getting misinformation seems to warrant the risk of the information provided here becoming outdated.
As of August 20 and for what the Bureau describes as the foreseeable future, no Sec 9a visas will be issued for entry into this country.

Visas That Can Be Used To Access The Philippines Currently

1. Visas issued under Sec 13 will remain valid, and can be used to enter the country, (13 visa, 13(a) visa, 13(b) visa, 13(c) visa, 13(d) visa, 13(e) visa and 13(g) visa)
2. Foreign nationals granted a legal residence status under The Alien Social Integration Act of 1995 or RA 7919. This was a clemency provision.
3. Those holding an EO 324 visa. Another visa dating from 1984 that was issued as an act of clemency.
4. If you have Native Born status. This is either a) you are a Filipino who rescinded their citizenship to gain citizenship of another country, and is now planning to return home permanently or b) you were born in the Philippines to parents residing there at the time of your birth.
5. Sec9c visas. The are a visa issued to merchant seamen
So far no mention of Sec 9(a).

Other Considerations

To enter you must have valid and existing visas as outlined above, at the time of entry. That means You cannot currently make a new application for any visas.
Including Sec 9(a)
You have to have a pre-booking with an accredited quarantine facility;
You must get a pre-booking with an accredited COVID-19 testing provider;
Your entry is subject to the maximum capacity of inbound passengers at the port and date of entry.
However ACR cards are being processed when they become due.

Please Please Please

Please give the workers on the front line a break, they are not making decisions based on which side of the bed they got out on. They are following government policy, that is their job.
It isn’t personal, in fact I have only experienced helpfulness in my dealings with them.

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