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Outline of Proposed Drivers License Provisions

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I think these proposed Drivers License provisions are a great response to the high death rate among Filipinos using the nations roads. There were nearly 13,000 deaths of road users in 2019, and it was the greatest cause of death in the 5-29 year old age group.
The provisions are based on international standards and were formulated after Philippines involvement in a Ministerial level harm reduction, road safety conference in Stockholm, in February of 2020.
These are going to be difficult to police as fixers will be out in force trying to circumnavigate the new provisions, but they offer an achievable goal of substantially reducing road deaths over the next five years.
As on the 3rd August 2020, The following will apply to:

Student Permits

student permit

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  • All applications for Student Drivers Permits will need to be accompanied by a Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) Certificate.
  • The course comprises 15 hours of lectures, comprising 3 x 5 hour sessions. You must complete it for certification.
  • The fees for the TDC do not appear to be regulated but we found a couple of courses selling for 1800php and one for a 1,000, so shop around.

New Drivers Licenses, Non-Professional and Professional

Drivers License

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  • All Drivers License applications both Non- Professional and Professional made on any Student Permit issued after the 3rd August 2020, will require a Practical Driving Course (PDC) certificate.
  • To get your PDC certificates, you must complete a minimum of eight hours of practical driving lessons. When you complete the course satisfactorily a certificate will be issued by the driving school or the LTO training centre as proof that you have met the driving standards.
  • Prices on application, as the type of vehicle and number of hours of training will vary

Additional Restriction Code (RC) Application

  • Here are the possible codes that when) added to your license allows you to drive that class of vehicles. 1 – Motorbikes or motorized tricycles

    2 – Motor vehicle up to 4500 kg GVW

    3 – Motor vehicle above 4500 kg GVW

    4 – Automatic transmission up to 4500 kg GVW

    5 – Automatic transmission above 4500 kg GVW

    6 – Articulated vehicle 1600 kg GVW

    7 – Articulated vehicle 1601 up to 4500 kg GVW

    8 – Articulated vehicle 4501 kg and above GVW

    Note: *Gross Vehicle Weight is the weight limit set by the automaker. It is the net weight of the vehicle plus the weight of any accessories, cargo, and passengers.

  • All applications for additional Restriction Codes will require you to obtain a Practical Driving Course (PDC) certificate.
  • You will have to complete at least eight hours of instruction for each new code from an accredited driving school or LTO driving Centre.
  • The cost will vary by provider and the type of RC being sought.


  • The courses can only be provided by accredited driving schools or the LTO
  • Any organisation seeking accreditation, must meet very strict standards regarding, premises, equipment and the calibre of training. Instructors must pass a teaching test scoring 85% or more.
  • They must also be linked to the LTO computer system and be able to send certificates directly to the LTO, which will use them to verify course completion, before issuing permits or licenses.
  • You cannot fly under the radar by applying before 3rd August, as the LTO has has suspended the issuing of all new permits, licenses and restriction codes until that date.

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