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COVID19 Travel

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covid 19a

As of today you will not be able to leave the Philippines or travel back to the Philippines if your route includes a transit or stopover through Singapore. A number of other countries have also instituted bans on transit or short term stop overs.

Leaving The CountryGetting back to the Philippines

If you can get a flight you can enter the Philippines if you are:

  • A Filipino Citizen
  • The Spouse or child of a Filipino citizen
  • A legal permanent resident of the Philippines

If you have been here on a long term visitor visa but were out of the country when the bans were imposed, you will not be allowed to return until the pandemic is over
Otherwise your airline will not carry you, and if they do you will be refused entry on arrival.
Please check before travel as the situation is constantly evolving.

5 thoughts on “COVID19 Travel

  1. M

    Good afternoon

    I have located your details after a google search. I am residing in Silang, Cavite and due to lockdown have been unable to apply / process my current Tourist Visa extensions since March 2020. My last visa was due to expire mid April 2020, so I need to update the backdated visa stamps and payments for April until possibly August 2020. In the past I renewed two months at a time.

    The intention in April was to apply to convert to Employment Visa but covid caused all these issues for everyone. Also, I never intended to stay over 6 months at a time to avoid the added hassle of fingerprints, eec fee etc but ncovid pushed me into this situation.

    My question is can you arrange for or recommend a legally registered agent to come to my current location to collect my passport, receipts etc to process for tourist visa extensions until August 2020 on my behalf please? I found out from immigration on Friday that I have until Tues 30th to do this before fines start again. I have been waiting for another representative to call me back back so far she has not and I really need to get this sorted on Tuesday latest please.

    Regarding the Employment Visa – if I apply and obtain this visa does this then exempt me from needing an EEC everytime I wish to leave PH? Or do I still need to apply for the B version? I’m trying to decide my best course of action. Whether to just extend Tourist Visa until August and process application for work/emplyment visa OR apply for the ECC at same time as my extensions so I can leave PH for a month or so and then return. Of course there is no guarantee I can return then due to current ncovid incoming passengers restrictions.

    Your advice on this would be appreciated.

    If you can arrange my extensions please can you let me know your fees and whether you can collect my documents Tuesday to process on my behalf – I know you can’t apply for an ECC on my behalf, due to fingerprints being required, so I am interested for now in the application for Tourist Extension OR application for work visa at same time IF this is possible.

    I have my TIN number but my partner is to still collect the certificate of registration from SEC in Pasay next week via a representative if she can find one as she is also stuck and travel limited. So I assume the work visa can only be applied for after she has this certificate and I think she needs to obtain other approval from DOLE too?

    Many thanks in advance for all your kind help.

    Stay safe and best wishes

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      I think the timeframes you are working with and the rules for obtaining an employment visa mean that your only option would be to extend your tourist visa.
      These are the issues I need clarification with.
      The normal process for obtaining an employment visa is for your prospective employer to get clearance from DOLE for you to fill a position. You are then admitted on a tourist visa and in concert with your prospective employer make your application. As far as I am aware you cannot obtain an employment visa in any other way, so what you are suggesting indicates either a change of policy about which I have no knowledge.
      Secondly I do not believe that you can get an agent to act on your behalf in an initial employment visa application.
      As I said you maybe pushing the time boundary. A representative may apply for for an extension of a tourist visa on your behave, if you provide them with a SPA (Special Power Of Attorney). Getting the services of an agent at such short notice.
      I have no recommendations for agents who could represent you, however the Dasmarinas Office is currently operating, although the Silang office is currently closed. Unless you have access issues preventing you from attending, it might be the best option to getting your tourist visa extension.
      Hope that helps
      If you can provide me with any more information that would change what I have said I am ver happy to see it

  2. Ann

    Hi, I have completed my education in Philippines on June 2020 and I’ll be returning to my home country next month. I have had applied for 9(f) visa for all the years of my stay here and currently I have validity upto 15 December 2020. Since my documents from college will be taking a long process due to pandemic, they told us they will send it through post. Do I need to downgrade my 9(f) visa? Will I face difficulty if I coming back to Philippines in future?

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you are planning to stay until your paperwork you can stay on your 9f until that happens, unless that takes you beyond the end date of your visa., in which case the simplest way is to apply for a visitor visa for the remaining time, otherwise you would need to apply for an extension of your visa. If you are planning to leave in July and your visa is still valid on the day you leave, just leave, but you will need to apply for an ECC If you are not intending to return as a student , then apply for an ECC A otherwise an ECC B
      Hope that helps

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