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Novel Coronavirus – Travel

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The Philippine Government has announced that foreign nationals are able to leave the country at any time between 18 March to 15 April.
If you are in Luzon, you will be allowed to travel to the nearest international airport within 24 hours prior to your international departure, as proven by your travel itinerary.
Please keep in mind that domestic travel options to get to an international airport remain limited.
Upon presentation of your travel documents you will be able to leave your current location for this purpose. Ensure that you can access either private or public transport the whole way to your nearest International airport.
Check with your airline about which airport options you have as the government announcement states your nearest international airport.
Check with Bureau of Immigration about arrangements if you live in the Visayas or Mindanao.
Most overseas governments are encouraging their citizens to return home within this time-frame as it may be difficult to find flights beyond those dates if the pandemic continues, as low passenger numbers make flying many routes uneconomical.
Stay calm. Stay safe.

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