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Flash Points 4 – The Novel Coronavirus

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In recent days and the coming weeks and months the Philippines government, has and will continue to intervene in the lives of everyone living here.
They are attempting to curtail the spread of this virus that is sweeping the world.
Whatever beliefs you may have about the timing and effectiveness of that response you are entitled to.
Whatever your opinion about the Coronavirus you are entitled to them.
Whatever you believe about the reasons for the government responding as it has, this post is not trying to change your mind.
What it is attempting to do is remind all foreigners living here that you are required under the terms of your visa to comply with the instructions of any government official.
From the President down to the Barangay Captains these officials and their delegates have been empowered to respond to the crisis. They have the legal power to impose restrictions on your movement and ability to congregate.
Ranting against these restrictions or refusing to comply with them, can be viewed as anti government or political activity.
This in turn invalidates your visa.
Not a risk you want to take if your intention is to stay in or return to the Philippines.
We are human and can be affected by rampant disinformation and fear-mongering that surrounds events such as these.
Our own fears and uncertainty can lead us to believe things that in other circumstances we would see through as fabrications or exaggerations. For example I read on another forum, from the same person in the same post this. They were being forced to self quarantine, but if they did not the they would be shipped to an evacuation centre en masse.
Think about how contradictory that statement is.
If you have a question ask the mayors office, or go to the Barangay hall and enquire. The rumor mill is toxic and in this situation could be deadly in more ways than one.
Eventually this event will resolve itself and we will hopefully survive and learn from it.
Stay safe. Stay calm

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