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Flash Points 2- More About Visas

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What are the conditions attached to visas in general?

In flash points 2, we look at what things can get any visa you have revoked.
In the Philippines as in most countries criminal or civil activities that result in prison time will result in your visa being scrutinised and maybe revoked and you being deported.
You should be aware of the law, ignorance is no defence.

Trouble Spots


1. Unlawful sexual intercourse. In the Philippines the age of consent is 18 years. If you any have reason for doubting a girl or boys age see a birth certificate or run. While same sex relationships are not forbidden in the Philippines, have very limited legal safeguards protecting either party, the same rules aply regarding age of consent.
2. Corruption of a minor, that is using, encouraging or procuring minors for:

  • Others. (including friends) For the purpose of sexual activity of any kind
  • Taking pictures or making videos of sexual activity between minors or minors and adults.

3. It is an offence to be on your own with a child under the age of 14, if you are not related to them, don’t go out with youngsters on your own.


4. Being a user, supplier or manufacturer or procurer of drugs of any kind under Philippines law.


5. Any acts of violence against women or children, Physical, or psychological, is an offence.
6. Assault. What you may consider a minor altercation, may be interpreted differently by the authorities. My brother in law was charged with frustrated homicide after confronting, with several friends, someone who had with his friends been provoking a fight for months.
7. Murder and Grievous Bodily Harm may be sparked by a situation you could have walked away from.

Put Downs

8. Consistent demeaning or insulting comments or behavior towards the Philippines or Filipinos in general.
9. Involvement in protest activity.
10. Involvement in political activity

Catch All

11. Moral turpitude. Adultery, concubinage, rape, arson, evasion of income tax, barratry (1. the purchase or sale of office or preferment in church or state. 3. the persistent incitement of litigation.), bigamy (very possible for citizens of the US where there is no national record of marriages), blackmail, bribery, criminal conspiracy to smuggle opium, dueling, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, libel, making fraudulent proof of loss on insurance contract, murder, mutilation of public records, fabrication of evidence, offenses against pension laws, perjury, seduction under the promise of marriage, estafa (swindling; the use of fraud or deceit that causes loss to another.), falsification of public document, and estafa thru falsification of public document.


In Flash points 2 what we are doing is pointing out the law.
We are not making any judgement on its merits.
All visa holders should look at these facts before they find out that their opinion was in error.
You may get away with any of these activities for years, you may never get caught. But if you do then complaining about the authorities and their treatment of you is only a distraction.

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