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Flash Points 1- Visas

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Flash Points 1 visas.
There are three types of visa:

  • Non-Immigrant
    • Temporary Rresident Visa (TRV)
    • Temporary Visitor Visa (9a)
    • Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor (9d)
    • Accredited Official of a Foreign Government (9e)
    • Student (9f)
    • Pre-Arranged Employment (9g)
    • Immigrant
      • Child born abroad of immigrant mother
      • Child born subsequent to the issuance of immigrant visa of the accompanying parent (13c)
      • Immigrant visa by marriage (13a)
      • Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)
      • Returning Former Natural Born Filipino Citizen (13g)
      • Returning resident (13e)
      • Quota (13)
    • Special
      • Visa upon arrival (SEVUA)
      • Visa for employment generation
      • Employment visa for offshore banking unit
      • Special visa under EO226, as amended by RA8756

      If you think about it every one of these visas is issued with conditions attached.
      Those conditions must remain in force for the visa to remain legal.
      Yet a small group of ex-pats insists on arguing that the 13a PRV by marriage to a Filipino, is different.
      Self-interest often colors our thinking but we need to put it aside, or we will land up taking a holiday at the BI prison.
      That is today’s Flash Point

2 thoughts on “Flash Points 1- Visas

  1. Lana Guera

    Hi I want to ask about downgrade system. My friend was a student here in the philippines and got the student visa. But this march he graduated and his visa expired on april and his transcript were out on june, so instead of waiting in here he went to his country vietnam before his visa expired . He did not downgrade his student visa before leaving and now is december and while he’s in vietnam he decided to extend his passport cause it’s full. So he got a new blank passport and he’s planning to come here in the philippines for vacation and getting his transcript. Is it possible for him to downgrade the visa? Does he need to bring the old passport with the expired visa?
    Please need your answer, cause i dont know where to ask, immigration can’t help me at all

    1. mbannist Post author

      If your friend rerturned to Vietnam, before his visa expired he can return to the Philippines on a tourist visa at any time. HTH

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