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I’m Back And Sorry For Neglecting You

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You may have noticed an absence of posts on Life Philippines of late. I’m back and sorry for neglecting you. An over-commitment to another project as well as a series of health problems that have consumed all of my energy have been the major causes of this.

As you are aware many the Life Philippines post are complex and take a lot of time to research and write. The gaps opening up in my writing schedule lately have never been big enough for a full-scale article.

So I have not done anything.

That is unfair to you who have supported this site for six years, and I needed to do something about it.

I do intend to write in-depth articles again in the future. However, I needed to provide you with something that I can sustain in the short term until my workload eases.

The Solution

Flash Points.

This is a series of short statements that will hopefully highlight some of the important issues we face as ex-pats.
You are invited to comment on those statements in ways that are helpful and respectful to all our readers. For example, you might provide anecdotal evidence that supports the statement. You could broaden it or comment about what the information did for you.

What We Aren’t Doing Is


  • Disputing the law.

    The issues I will present are not new.
    Their foundation in Philippine and International law is only disputed by a small cadre of ex-pats.
    That cadre does influence a large number of people who are looking for accurate information.
    It has put a few in direct conflict with government authorities such as the LTO and BI.
    While we may have some sympathy for the situation of these people our job is education.
    If you are seeking changes in the law you need to first approach BI or a lawyer active in immigration law reform.
    There may also be groups dedicated to immigration law reform in the Philippines on Facebook or elsewhere

  • Advocating getting around the law or taking advantage of lax policing of it.

    If an agency decides to re-train its staff the loophole closes.
    People get caught following fraudulent advice rather than acting out of ignorance.
    I and everyone associated with the site will look like we operate on opinion rather than fact.
    Just like all the other opinion driven sites you came here to avoid.
    We could no longer be trusted as a source of reliable information, by you guys.
    More important we would be treated with disdain by the agencies that rely on us to spread the real oil.
    Our avenues into those agencies where we have built a reputation for explaining their policies would be adversely affected.
    It’s ironic to me that the same people who I see advocating this kind of behavior are also those screaming for harsher penalties again similar law-breaking in their own countries.

If comments contravene those simple rules they will be deleted, not as censorship but as falling outside the boundaries set for the discussion.
Let’s make any discussion be based on enhancing the quality of our Life (In The) Philippines.

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