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LTO Starts Saturday Drivers License Renewals And Student Permit Issue

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The LTO, as of the 22nd of June 2019 are opening up all their mall located (DLRO’s) for Saturday Drivers License Renewals.
For an organisation with a dismal record of responding to individual email enquiries. I am still waiting for replies sent years ago with countless follow – ups. Has decided to improve services in another way.

If you have an LTO in your local Mall give them a ring to ensure that they are included in the initiative.

The move was announced as LTO Memorandum Circular No. 2019 – 2167

The aim is to enable those working on weekdays easier access to drivers license renewals and to obtaining Student Drivers Permits. This will reduce the need for taking time off work to accomplish, a business-friendly move all around.

Each DLRO is to coordinate with Mall management to determine hours of operation which are likely but not necessarily, to reflect opening hours during the week.
New mall offices are being opened all the time, so keep an eye out for one in your favourite mall.


The LTO is also encouraging the use of the Drivers License Renewal booking system, which can be accessed HERE. This enables you to book an appointment on a first come first served basis. Only drivers license renewals and student drivers permits will be processed.

You will still require a medical certificate from an authorised clinic, which will be transmitted electronically to the LTO. Applicants will still receive a hard copy for their records and verification by LTO if needed.

Spokesperson Vera Cruz also reminded us that we can renew our license up to 60 days in advance. This can help avoid penalties for late renewal.

We appreciate every effort aimed to make it easier for motorists to comply with the law.

Every piece of accurate current information assists in that process.

Now if you can make moves to respond to drivers personal queries, you could rightfully claim to be client focussed.

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