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Avoid Or Deal With Passport Damage

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How To Avoid Or Deal With Passport Damage

A Canadian passport is a valuable document so you should know how to avoid or deal with passport damage.
When you receive your passport, you must read the notice on how to keep your passport in good condition.
Summed up it says that you should keep in a safe and dry place at all times.
Even though it meets the International Civil Aviation Organization’s durability standards, you can still damage it through exposure to:

  • Water or other liquids. Please don’t use alcohol to try and remove marks from your passport.
  • Extreme environments, including humidity, heat and cold. Carry your passport in containers that provide the highest level of protection against these elements.

You are required to take care of your passport.
However bad things happen to good people so help is at hand.

What Is A Damaged Passport?

A passport is considered damaged if it:

  • Is difficult to identify the holder
  • Looks like it has been changed or falsified
  • Has been denied by an airline or at a point of entry due to damage

Examples of damage to a passport include, but are not limited to:

  • Removal of pages
  • Unauthorized markings
  • Tears in one or more pages
  • Exposure to water or humidity
  • Chewing marks from a child or pet
  • Change of the information and/or photo
  • Separation of the cover and inside pages

Border authorities have discretion to allow or refuse your entry or exit.
An airline may also prevent you from boarding a plane based on the condition of your passport.

You Are Concerned About The Condition Of Your Passport?

  • visit a passport office so they can look at it. This is your only fail-safe way of being sure that your passport is acceptable across a wide range of official eyes
  • Second best by a long way is to contact the airline before you leave. That may assure you of getting on the flight, but may not count for much beyond that

If Your Passport Is Deemed To Be Damaged

You should apply for a new passport if your current passport is damaged.
If you travel with a damaged passport, you could face delays. You could be denied entry at border crossings or on flights.

Replacing A Damaged Passport

To get a replacement passport you must meet all of the requirements, including submitting:

  • To an investigation about how it was damaged.
  • If you are a damage your passport more than once, you may have restrictions placed on you when you apply for a new passport. These will be outlined on a case by case basis. They can include:
    • Asking you to provide proof of travel before you are issued with new passport
    • Limiting your passport’s validity
    • Refusing your application for a new passport
  • Requiring you to provide a completed application form, signed by your guarantor. Including:
    • Providing two identical passport photos, one of which is signed by the guarantor
    • An accepted proof of Canadian citizenship
    • A document to prove your identity
    • The appropriate fees (passport fee and replacement fee)
  • A completed Declaration concerning damaged Canadian passport

Canadians in the Philippines can apply at the Embassy in Manila, but not at the consulate in Cebu

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