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Your Canadian Passport Is Stolen Or Lost

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You Discover Your Passport Is Stolen Or Lost

When travelling it is always wise to sight your travel documents, including your passport, at least twice a day. This serves two purposes, especially if your passport is lost or stolen:

  • You are always able to say when you last saw them with greater accuracy
  • Your search on discovery that they are stolen or lost is more focused

Also remember that you should really sight the documents, as in cases of theft, substitutions have been made, that on cursory examination can appear to be those documents.

Honesty of Filipinos

In general Filipinos are very honest, this applies to the residents of many countries I have visited. However the level of poverty in the country makes this honesty stand out.
It would however be foolish to give the impression that visitors or expats can throw caution out of the window, with regard to the care and oversight of their belongings.
There is always a small cadre of career criminals who practice specialist and well organised illegal activities. Among which is the theft of wallets, shoulder bags and bumbags, the receptacles most often used to carry travel documents.
Add to these those pushed to the edge of existence by their circumstances and you have a risk factor which, if you are perceived as affluent, should make you wary.

Reporting That Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen

Police response times to reported criminal activity is certainly improving in the big cities.
Should you be a victim of theft not involving injury it is still better to visit a police station and make a report.
If you can isolate the area where the theft or loss occurred then that is the appropriate place to report.
This will make it easier for the PNP to check if items matching your description have been handed in by the public.
If this is not possible then reporting to a larger police station is the next best option. As it increases your chances of them being able to contact the Police station nearest to where your passport was stolen or lost.

Why Reporting To Local Police Quickly Is Important

A Canadian passport is a valuable document.
So checking that it has not been found and given to the Police is important to save you time and expense.

Reporting Your Lost or Stolen Passport To Consulate Officers

Only you or if you are a minor, your legal parent or guardian can report the lose or theft of a passport.
They will ask for proof of your ID
Canadian Authorities don’t distinguish between lost and stolen.
As far as they are concerned you do not know where your passport is and this poses a security risk.
Once you report a passport lost or stolen to Canadian authorities, it is no longer valid.
You cannot use it for travel.
This is to make sure that it isn’t used for fraudulent purposes.
The Consular Officials will report the loss to law enforcement and border agencies so no one can use your passport for travel
If you try to use a passport that you have reported as lost or stolen, you will almost certainly have problems trying to cross borders.
The Canadian government will accept no responsibility should this happen.

Replacing A Lost or Stolen Passport

To get a replacement passport you must meet all of the requirements, including submitting:

  • Before your passport can be replaced, authorities will investigate the way it was lost or stolen. This may delay the processing of the replacement passport.
  • If you are a serial loser of your passport you may have restrictions placed on you when you apply for a new passport. These will be outlined on a case by case basis. It can include:
    • Asking you to provide proof of travel before you are issued with new passport
    • Limiting your passport’s validity
    • Refusng your application for a new passport
  • Requiring you to provide a completed application form, signed by your guarantor. Including
    • Providing two identical passport photos, one of which is signed by the guarantor
    • An accepted proof of Canadian citizenship
    • A document to prove your identity
    • The appropriate fees (passport fee and replacement fee)
  • A completed Declaration concerning a lost or stolen Canadian passport
  • Canadians in the Philippines can apply at the Embassy in Manila, but not at the consulate in Cebu

What To Do If You Find Your Passport

If you find the passport that you reported as lost or stolen:

  • You should return it to Canadian authorities
  • include a letter that describes how, when and where you found it
  • If you have returned to Canada it can be handed:
    • in person at a passport office
    • in person at your local Police Service or Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) station
    • by registered mail or courier to:
      Centralized Network – Passport Protection, 3rd floor
      Gatineau, QC K1A 1L1
  • If you are still outside of Canada
    • You can return it with a letter to the nearest Government of Canada office abroad.

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