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Renew Your Vehicle Registration

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How To Renew Your Vehicle Registration

It is your responsibility to renew your vehicle registration.

Unlike some jurisdictions, you do not get a reminder by mail, email, or SMS.

Cracking The Code

You just have to understand the code on your vehicles number plate and turn up at an LTO district office on the month and the week indicated.

So it goes like this:

No matter whether the numbers on the number plate come before or after the letters, or whether there are 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers the process is always the same.

  • The last number indicates the month of renewal
  • The second to last number indicates the period during the month when you can renew.


Please note there are no registrations scheduled for November or December. This is because the coding system currently has no provision for those months. Most of us would come from jurisdictions where a car purchased and registered in a particular month would be renewed in the same month when next required. What happens here is your new registration renewal date is linked to the number plate, not initial registration date
You are able to register up to one month early. Apart from that your window to register without penalty is in the time periods outlined in the chart.

You Will Need The Following Documents

  • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration (CR)
  • Photocopy of Official Receipt of payment
  • Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC)
    In the Philippines, car owners are required to get Compulsory Third-Party Liability (CTPL).
    It is the minimum level of insurance you can have legally. It covers passengers or third parties who get injured or killed due to an accident involving your car.
    CTPL insurance costs a minimum of:
    • PHP 650.40 annually for private vehicles
    • PHP 700.40 annually for light and medium trucks (not exceeding 3,930 kg.)
    • Philippines Peso 1,290.40 annually for heavy trucks (more than 3,930 k.g.)
    • PHP 340.40 annually for motorcycles
  • This provides cover to a maximum amount PHP 100,000 within the limits prescribed by the law.
  • CTPL insurance premiums are regulated by the Insurance Commission (IC).

  • This means CTPL rates are the same across models of the same vehicle type, and no insurance provider is allowed to charge more than what’s set by the IC.
  • Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR). Make sure that your vehicle is in top shape, from lights to its engine. As you won’t be able to move on to the succeeding procedures if you fail the inspection.
  • Certificate of Emission Compliance (CEC). You will find an Emissions testing centre close to every LTO District Office. Cost is under 500php at the date of writing
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number. Expats, in general, do not have one unless paying tax here


  • Actual inspection of motor vehicles with duly accomplished MVIR.
  • When your name is called go to the cashier and make payment for the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt (OR).
  • Proceed to the Releasing Counter when your name is called to obtain the Certificate of Registration (CR), plates, stickers, and other requested documents.


Any Online District / Extension Office

Online Appointments For Renewing Your Registration

In 2018 the LTO introduced the ability for some drivers to book appointments for Drivers License renewal and Motor Vehicle Registration renewal. Check the link to see if your location has been linked to the LTO Online system yet.
The system simply provides you with a specified appointment time to conduct your business. It gives you priority over casual attendees by proving a seperate counter where your business is conducted.

Registration Costs







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