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All You Need To Know About Motor Vehicle Registration In The Philippines

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All You Need To Know About Motor Vehicle Registration in the Philippines

We try to write a post for each specific circumstance, applying to a subject.
We hope this results in you only having to know what you need to know.
As these posts can occur over a period of time, you have to search a bit to discover each post.
Reducing the frustration factor” is our goal. So we try to provide a summary page that all the posts can be accessed from.
This is the summary post for all things Registration.
We have covered the following subjects. Clicking on the heading will take you to the individial post:

What Else?

There are other registration related subjects that will be addressed in the coming months, so keep coming back and checking to see if we have added anything you need to know.
Of course you the reader are the best way we know to breach the gap between departmental rhetoric and customer experience. So where what we are saying does not match up with your experience let us know, it could be for two reasons:

  • Practice is lagging behind pronouncements. At least we can warn people
  • The department has changed its practice and we have missed the change, or they haven’t thought to tell enough people. We can check our interpretation, we can talk to them directly and find out what is going on.

That way we close the gap between their story, the practice, and our interpretation. Hopefully, that will bring us closer to the truth.

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