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Annual Reporting 2019

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Annual Reporting 2019

Annual Reporting 2019 is finished with for the year with a few exceptions. It is a requirement for anyone holding an ACR I-Card except for those on tourist visas. The number of those reporting this year rose from from 142,000 last year to 148,000.

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Reporting By Country

Of the top five reporting countries which comprised 110,000 reporters was dominated by those from Asia.

Chinese nationals topped the list with over 56,000 reporters, with Indian nationals at 26,500 US nationals with 10,500 reporters was third, with Taiwanese and South Koreans 4th and 5th.

Top ten rounded out with Japan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Germany.

Reporting By Visa

The major visa represented among reporters was working visas with nearly 60,000 reporters.

The high number of Chinese and the high number of work visas may reflect the administrations build, build, build policy.

Other visas with high numbers were:

  • Foreign Students
  • Philippines Born Nationals Of Other Countries
  • 13a Visa holders

Reporting By Offices

Over 100,000 reporters did so at the main BI office and the satellite offices at Taguig and Makati, in Metro Manila.

Cebu, Clark and Davao also had high numbers of expats reporting.

A Reminder

Please remember that if you are the holder of the appropriate ACR I=Card and were out of the country during the reporting period, that you must report to your nearest designated BI office within 30 days of returning to the country, provided you had valid re-entry permits.

Please Don’t Denigrate Yourself And Other Expats

This exercise is carried out under the provisions of the annual report of aliens. Which is provided under the 1950 Alien Registration Act,
and requires foreigners registered with the BI (who are holders of immigrant and non-immigrant visas) to report in person to any authorized BI field office within the first 60 days of a calendar year.

It is not voluntary.

You may believe it is a rip-off, a money grab, or any other of the whinges I read about BI on forum after forum. That is your right, but if you choose to live in this country those are the rules so suck it up.

To those of you who get on with it, see it as a minor irritation, but don’t waste time disparaging the country and its people, especially the men and women whose daily task it is to interact with us expats. Well done another great reporting year.

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