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Registering A New Vehicle Purchased Locally

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Registering Locally Assembled/Manufactured Completely Built Units (CBUs)

Registering a new vehicle purchased locally is usually undertaken by your dealer. Should you need or want to register it yourself here are the steps in the process.
If you are wanting to register a new vehicle purchased overseas and imported yourself the steps you need to take can be found in this post.

Word Of Warning

If you insist on registering your new vehicle, remember that your vehicle is not registered until you have completed the paperwork. So driving to the LTO to register might not be the best idea you have had all week. Once again I always accompany these warnings with the caveat. “You may get away with it, but what a bummer your day would become if you don’t.” In the Philippines you may get away with traffic offences much more readily than in your own country, but if you do get caught it is not a matter of paying the fine and moving on. You can spend considerable time at the point of apprehension and more time at the point of payment than you anticipated.

What Are The Documents You Will Need?

  • Original Sales Invoice from your dealer.
    • Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover. Please check one of the many comparison sites, who can save you substantial amounts of cash. Only if your dealer includes insurance in the purchase price should you just accept the company they reccomend
    • Original Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR). Provided by your dealer.
    • You will need an Original Affidavit of Attachment for Sidecar executed by the Owner and Mechanic stating among others the date of completion. For a new motorcycle cab.
    • Original PNP-HPG MV Clearance Certificate

The Process

  • Go to the transaction counter and submit all the documents listed above:
    • to the Evaluator for evaluation of completeness
    • Computation of fees.
  • Pay the Cashier the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt (OR).
  • When your name is called go to the Releasing Counter to obtain the Certificate of Registration (CR), plates, RFID/stickers

What Is The Cost At LTO?

CategoryGross Vehicle WeightRate
Passenger Cars
LightUp To 1600kg2000.00
Medium1601 - 2300 kg6000.00
Heavy2300 - 4500kg12,000.00
MotorcyclesNo Sidecar240.00
MotorcyclesWith Sidecar300.00

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