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Opening A New BI Office In Palayan City Nueva Ecija.

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At the opening of a new BI Office in Palayan city, by the Commissioner, Jaime H. Morente. He said that the purpose of the bureau opening new offices is to fulfill a long term plan. The aim being to better target office locations and bring services closer to the people.


The new office space is located in the Business Hub and Government Center of Palayan City, Nueva Ecija. In the Bureau of Immigration directory, it will be known as the Nueva Ecija Field Office (NEFO)

The Palayan City government has proactively worked towards getting services closer to the capital of the province. This has resulted in the establishment of a hub for national agencies.
To this end the new Field office can be found on the 2nd fkoor of the hub and is co-located with these other government agencies;

  • the Department of Labor and Employment
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Philippine Overseas Employment Agency
  • Department of Information and Communication Technology
  • Plus several others.

Local Government Assistance

The Bureau of Immigration NEFO Acting Alien Control Officer, Kryse Mende was full of praise for the Palayan City government and in particular Palayan City Mayor Adrianne May Cuevas.
The mayor encouraged our presence and allowed us to set up our office in the PCBH free of charge to widen our reach, and at the same time provide convenience to our clients,” he added.


Client Watershed

The Nueva Ecija Field Office is catering to clients from both Nueva Ecija and the nearby province of Aurora and will relieve pressure on the Clark and Dagupan Offices.

Palayan City is situated about 185 km north of Metro Manila on the Eastern side of Luzon Island. It is 98.2 km from Clark and 129 km from Dagupan the nearest other BI offices.

Palayan City google map

Client Services

The NEFO will provide a full range of field office services for overseas visitors, long term expats, overseas students and holders of commercial and non-commercial work permits.

The full text of the press release can be viewed at this link

2 thoughts on “Opening A New BI Office In Palayan City Nueva Ecija.

  1. Randy Logsdon

    Can you assist with helping us to mail our voting ballots to the US.

    I believe the US embassy in Manila will accept them and mail them to the US for us.

    With COVID-19 still prevalent in Manila, I was hoping you might have reliable currier service to the US embassy?

    Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      LBC or JRS are our go to couriers, but delivery times and consistency have been compromised by the pandemic. You would also need to check the security protocols regarding deliveries.

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