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Help For Canadian Nationals In The Philippines

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Canadian Diplomatic Outposts In The Philippines

They provide a range of services offering help for Canadian Nationals in the Philippines.
There is a Canadian Embassy in Manila at:
Levels 6-8, Tower 2
RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200
Metro Manila

Ph: (02) 857 9000
Fax:(02) 857 9173
Email: manila-consular@international.gc.ca
Website: https://www.philippines.gc.ca
Facebook: Embassy of Canada to the Philippines
Twitter: @CanEmbPH
You will find the full range of consular services outlined here:
Click on the heading “

Services For Canadians

You will be taken to a page devoted to that aspect of the Embassy’s/Consulates work. Given the responses of some expats when they find out they are talking with someone from trade or development, who cannot immediately answer a query. I need to emphasise the need to get to the correct department of the Embassy, which fulfils many roles in the Philippines. So please ring the appropriate number for the correct services.
On this page you will see a list of services that the Embassy/Consulate can provide to Canadians.

Request Emergency Assistance

Emergency contact details
Email:sos@international.gc.ca or Emergency contact form
From the Philippines
Call the Embassy
Ph: (02) 857 9000
Fax:(02) 857 9173
Email: manila-consular@international.gc.ca
Website: https://www.philippines.gc.ca
Facebook: Embassy of Canada to the Philippines
Twitter: @CanEmbPH
or Consulate
Ph: (032) 256 3320
Fax: (63-32) 238-3421
E-mail: Cebu@International.gc.ca

+1 613 996 8885 (call collect where available)
Toll Free Number: 1-800-1-110-0226

Legal And Notary Services

  • The hours of operation vary from day to day Monday to Friday, and by appointment only
  • Some services cannot be supplied and others will not be supplied if they can be accessed locally.
    • Legal Information. The embassy or consulate cannot provide legal advice or be involved in provate legal matters. Has a list of law firms that could help.
    • Translation Of Documents. The embassy or consulate cannot provide this service, but has a list of translators that you can access for a fee.
    • Affidavit / Statutory declaration / Witnessing signatures.
    • Certified True Copy of a Document.
    • Authentication of Signatures. (Authentication of documents should be completed before you leave Canada.)

    Passport Services.

    This includes information on:

    • Getting A Passport
    • Renewing Your Passport

    Living Or Travelling Abroad.

    This includes information on:

    • Marriage In The Philippines
    • Retiring In The Philippines
    • Taxation While You Are Abroad
    • IEC – Work Permit
    • Certified Criminal Checks From Canada
    • Voting While Abroad
    • Adoption In The Philippines

    Citizenship Services.

    Including information on:

    • Citizen Certificates FAQ
    • Your First Application For A Citizenship Certificate
    • Replacing Your Citizenship Certificate
    • Photo Specifications
    • Fees

    Registration Of Canadians Abroad.


    Travel Advice And Advisories.

    Which includes the following:

    • Risk Levels
    • Safety And Security
    • Entry And Exit Requirements
    • Health
    • Laws And Culture
    • Natural Disasters And Climate
    • Assistance

    Returning to Canada

    Consider the following:

    • Entering Canada
    • If You Get Sick
    • Customs

    And A Consulate in Cebu at:
    RD Corporate Center
    96 C., Gov. M. Cuenco Ave
    Cebu City
    6000 Cebu

    Ph: (032) 256 3320
    Fax: (63-32) 238-3421
    E-mail: Cebu@International.gc.ca

    The Consulate of Canada offers limited consular services.
    It is an honorary consulate.
    Notary services are available to Canadian citizens by appointment only. Usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 12 noon.
    To make an appointment, please send an email directly to the Consulate with your:

    • Name
    • Contact Information
    • A Description of the Service You Need
    • When You Can Meet Them

    You will then receive an email to confirm a meeting time.
    Be prepared to be referred to the Embassy in Manila. You may not be, but be aware of that possibility and try not to take any frustration out on staff or other officials, they didn’t frame the rules.


    This page will eventually be the hub for all assistance that the Canadian Government can provide to Canadians in the Philippines.
    We will also be looking at non-government forms of assistance that are often indicated when:

    • Unexpected medical expenditure hit an individual
    • When a person has been duped out of their money, in either personal and business ventures.
    • When a person becomes indigent through being abandoned because of mental health or addiction issues.

    As we post about a subject in the “dot point” lists. Those “dot points” references will become live, linking to the detailed explanation.
    Not all headings have a dedicated page so will not go live.

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