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Medical Certificates For Drivers License Applications

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Medical Certificates Used In Your Drivers License Application

The LTO has just introduced a system to ensure the authenticity of the medical certificates used in your drivers license application. And to ensure that medical exams do collect the required data in a professional way.
The process of going to any licensed medical practitioner, getting them to write you a certificate has been replaced.
The new system looks a lot like a previous regime where doctors and their practice groups were part of the LTO system rather than contributors to it.
The changes are on three levels:

  • The LTO has returned to the requirement that companies, partnerships and individuals (the clinic) wishing to provide medical services for license/conductor applicants must register. The registration comes with:
    • The clinic must show they have a solid business footing to operate on and be up to date with all permits and taxes
    • The clinic must meet certain requirement for:
      • Space
      • Privacy
      • Equipment that it has available and its maintenance.
    • There is now a much more extensive involvement by the clinic requiring:
      • The completion of a thorough medical evaluation.
      • lifephmedeval1



      • Coordination with specialist services should you any have condition requiring them, including referrals.
      • They are also responsible for incorporating the specialist’s findings into the certificate they supply to the LTO.
      • You, the applicant will be liable for any specialists fees.
    • The Clinic must display their charges for services prominently.
    • You are liable for those charges, which are expected to range from 300 – 600 php per visit.
    • The clinic must be capable of being linked into the LTO computer system for sending and receiving completed medical certificates.
    • They must send the completed medical certificate as soon as the examination is completed.
    • lifephmedcert

    • They must also supply you with a hard copy for your records.
    • Your new certificate is valid for 60 days and can be use several times if necessary

    Electronic submission to LTO has been suspended temporarily because of technical glitches

    The changes are being rolled out across the Philippines in January and February.

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