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How To Go About Renewing Your Non-Professional Drivers License

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Renewing Your Non-Professional Drivers License (NPDL)

You must be in possession of a valid Non-Professional Drivers License.
You can renew that license if it is current or even if it has been expired for up to two years.

Where Can You Renew Your Non-Professional Drivers License (NPDL)

The renewal of your NPDL with or without revisions may be done at any LTO Driver’s Licensing Renewal Offices (DLROs)
To find out where your nearest office is, that is able to process this type of transaction click on this link. Scroll down past the head office directory. You will come to a downloadable Excel file, listing all the regions. Click on your region and find your nearest office. Give them a ring to ascertain the services they provide, and if necessary the nearest office providing the service you need.

Documents You Will Need

  • A Non-Professional Driver’s License due to expire or expired but not more than two (2) years.
  • A completed application for Driver’s License (ADL), the form is downloadable and can be completed prior to attending the LTO office.
  • A Medical Certificate issued by a licensed practising physician stating that:
    • The you are physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
    • Or otherwise stating any impairment you have and what actions have been taken to ensure that you can drive safely. For example uses corrective lenses.
    • Your medical certificate id transmitted directly to the LTO electronically and you are provided with a hard copy for your records.
    • Your medical certificate is now valid for 60 days.
    • The new process is explained in more detail in this post. Please read thoroughly

The Process

  • If you have not prepared you will need to go to the Customer Service Counter to get your checklist of requirements and complete the Application for Drivers License (ADL).
  • Otherwise:
  • You can get a queue number and/or wait for your number or name to be called.
  • When you are called submit all the documentary requirements to the officer.
  • The officer will retrieve the details of the license from the system and show it to you. You will need to confirm either that:
    • The information is correct
    • or
    • Indicate any revisions to be made

If Any Revisions Required

  • You will need to fill in an Application for Drivers License (ADL) for the desired revision/s.
  • Attach any additional documentation required to verify the authenticity of the revisions.
  • The most common changes you might need and the appropriate documentation can be found in this post.
  • A list of fees due by you to complete only the revisions will be generated
  • You should take this to the cashiers window for payment.
  • Then take the completed documentation for the revisions plus the cashiers receipt to the first window you visited
  • It will be checked to make sure you have provided all the required documentation.
  • If so:
  • The information will be encoded on the system and approved.
  • You will then wait to be called to or directed to the the biometrics area for fingerprinting, photography etc.

If There Are No Revisions

  • You will be advised wait until called or to proceed to the biometrics area for fingerprinting, photographing etc.

For All Applicants

  • After you are finished with biometrics return to the waiting area.
  • Wait until your name is called to pay for the renewal fees.
  • Obtain your Official Receipt (OR).
  • Proceed to the Releasing Counter and present the Official Receipt (OR)
  • The Non-Professional Drivers License (NPDL) card with the Official Receipt (OR) and the expired card will be given to you, after you sign above your full name on the Release Form.


FeeRenewal Of Current LicenseRenewal Of License 1 Day To One Year ExpiredRenewal Of License One Year and One Day to Two Years Expired
License Fee585.00585.00585.00
Computer Fee067.63067.63067.63

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