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Getting A Philippines Drivers License, All The Ins And Outs

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Getting A Philippines Drivers License

This is a summary page for everything about getting a Philippines drivers license.
It covers all licenses and their associated requirements.

The rules, requirements and processes will be different depending on:

  • If you are a Filipino citizen or a foreign national.
  • Where in the license journey you are.
  • If Revision of the records are required.
  • If you are seeking a code revision.

To make these very clear to follow we are posting separately for each scenario.

We have done it this way because most of us are only dealing with one part of the system at a time.

If there are overlaps we will reference them in the individual posts.

This does involve some repetition of content over the posts, but we believe it is clearer than trying to deal with it everything in one post.

Let us know what you think in comments for the individual posts.

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