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We Retired Our Wiki Because We Got It Wrong

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Bye Bye Wiki

Back in 2012 we thought we had the “answer to life”, but this month we retired our Wiki.

The idea was that the Wiki would store the immutable truths about living as an Expat in the Philippines. They would sit there, the only changes would be when we cleaned the dust of ages off the digital shelves.

The more transient information would be presented on a series of posts which could be modified from time to time.

Our analysis of what was immutable was horribly off target. In fact, there isn’t a post so far that hasn’t needed an update. All the Wiki was doing was making the need for those updates less visible.

We were also faced with the fact that our current Wiki had been abandoned by its developers. If we wanted to continue with that concept we would have to be transferring everything to a new platform as well as updating the information.

On reflection, we decided that all our posts needed to be updated regularly and that this was best done with all the information in one place. So that is what we are doing.

What That Means For You

Initially, you will not be able to access the information that was in the Wiki, they are all saved but in draft form at present.
We are working to update the information and modernise the look of the posts.
Our aim is to post at least four of these revisions per month until all are up to date.
We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you. Normally you would not notice us updating as we take only one article at a time offline. We review it, rewrite it if necessary and put it back online.
Please remember you can always ask questions through the comments section of a post. For example, if you want to know something about sec13a visas, find a post about visas and ask away, we typically reply within 12 -24 hours.
If you have any suggestions or would like to offer your help, either with updating the Wiki posts or even providing fresh input we would be very happy to hear from you.

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