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How To Obtain A Student Drivers Permit

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Getting A Student Drivers Permit

The prequalifications and documentation required to obtain a student drivers permit vary slightly depending on whether you are a foreign national or a Filipino.
This post covers both.
The prequalifications and documentation you’ll need if you are a Filipino, are highlighted in italics.
Those pertaining to foreign nationals, are highlighted in bold.
While prequalifications and documentation in common are presented in standard text

Student Drivers Pe

Is A Student Drivers Permit a License?

Contrary to what I see on site after site, the answer is yes.
It is one of three license types issued by the LTO, the others being the Non-Professional and the Professional Driver’s Licenses.
It is issued to those learning to drive and who have not been tested on their knowledge and skills.

Where Can An Application Be Made

Any LTO Licensing Center and District/Extension Office.
To find out where your nearest office is, that accepts this transaction type clickl on this link. Scroll down past the head office diectory. You will come to a downloadable Excel file, listing all the regions. Click on your region and find your nearest office. Give them a ring to ascertain the services they provide, and if necessary the nearest office providing the service you need.


To make an application you:

  • Must be at least seventeen (17) years old
  • Have to be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
  • Must be able to read and write Filipino, English or the applicable
    local dialect
  • If you are a foreigner:
    • You must be eighteen (18) years old
    • Must have been in the Philippines for at least one (1 ) month
    • Your current visa must give you the right to remain in the Philippines for at least one (1) year from the date of application.

Documentary Requirements:

You must compile the following documents as they apply to you:

  • A completed application for Driver’s License (ADL), the form is downloadable and can be completed prior to attending the LTO office.
  • For Filipinos an original and a photocopy of your birth certificate duly authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • If below eighteen (18) years of age:
    • An original copy of your parental/guardian’s consent letter.
    • An original and photocopy of one (1) valid government issued Identification Card containing the signature of your consenting parent/guardian.

  • A medical certificate issued, by a licensed practising physician from a registered clinic stating:
    • That you are physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
    • Outlining any impairment you have and how this is addressed. For example results of eye test and the provision of corrective lenses.
  • The completed Medical Certificate will be transmitted electronically to the LTO and a hard copy provided to you for your records.
  • The life of the certificate is 60 days. It may be used multiple times. For example you may use it to obtain your Student Drivers Permit and in one month you could use the same certificate to apply for a Non-Professional Drivers License.
  • The new process is explained in more detail in this post. Please read it thoroughly.
  • A TIN number if you are working.
  • If you are a foreigner:
    • Born in the Philippines. Original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by the NSO.
    • Born overseas. Original and photocopy of passport with entry date of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least one (1) year from date of application.

    The Process

    You have to present the required documentation to the receiving officer.

    • They will check that all the required documents are included and:
      • If lacking inform you of missing documents.
      • If all your required documents are included the application is passed on to an evaluator.
    • The evaluator checks the authenticity and accuracy of the documents:
      • If any red flags are raised by your documentation, you will be required to explain or provide additional paperwork.
      • If you qualify (most do) your information is entered into the system by the evaluator.
    • Your application is then approved.
    • You then wait for photo taking, providing biometrics and giving your signature.
    • Then you will be required to pay the required fees to the Cashier.
    • The Student Permit with the Official Receipt attached will be released to you.
    • You will be required to sign over your full name in the appropriate place on the release form.
    • Each Student Permit issued is accompanied by a booklet which reviews all possible questions that can be asked in the written test, for each full license type.

    The Validity Of The Student Drivers Permit

    • A Student Drivers Permit is valid for one (1) year from date of issue.
    • You cannot renew, revise or modify it.
    • As a Student Drivers Permit holder you may only operate a private MV.
    • As a Student Drivers Permit holder you must be accompanied by a duly licensed driver, whether a holder of an Non-Professional Drivers License (NPDL) or Professional Drivers License (POL), who has the appropriate Restriction Codes (RC) for the type of MV driven by the Student Drivers Permit holder.

    Cost Of Student Drivers Permit

    Service ItemCost Php
    Student Fee150.00
    Application Fee100.00
    Computer Fee67.63

    9 thoughts on “How To Obtain A Student Drivers Permit

    1. Ariel

      Ask ko lang po kung pwede aq apply ng student license permit kahit nasa UAE aq..or pwede kapatid nalang ang magapply ng student license pra sa akin slamat po sa sgot

      1. mbannist Post author

        Sorry Ariel,
        You need to be here to obtain a Student Drivers permit and to obtain your first Non-Pro/Pro license. If you are home on vacation you get your Student drivers permit on arrival and after four weeks sit for your non-pro license. I know many who have accomplished this in five weeks.

        1. Ariel dela cruz

          What if kung magulang or kapatid ang magapply para sa akin nang student license na may authorization galing sakin.pwede po ba yun

          1. mbannist Post author

            A student Drivers permit can only be applied for use in the Philippines. If you were to get a student drivers permit in the Philippines you could not use it overseas. The UAE would not recognise it as a full license, so you would be no better off

    2. Ariel dela cruz

      Maari po bng kapatid or magulang ang magapply ng student license pra sakin ggwa na lang ng authorization letter gling skin

      1. mbannist Post author

        Ariel I have answered you in the previous comment. You cannot obtain a Philippines Student Drivers Permit while you are overseas, under any circumstances

    3. Ariel dela cruz

      Ndi ko nmn po ggmitin dto sa uae gusto ko lng po magkaroon ng license pra everytime n uuwi aq ng pinas makpag drive aq ng my driver license na slamat po sa sgot

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