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We Now Have A Contact Form For General Queries.

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The Contact Form

A contact form for general queries such as:

If you want to do a guest post?

Just send us a request using the contact form.

If you want to help?

You can send us a note and tell us about your skill using the contact form.

If you want us to address a particular issue for Expats.

Explain to us what you want on the contact Form.

You want to compliment us or provide us a piece of advice.

Tell us about it by sending us the contact form.

Please continue to use “Comments” for questions related to specific posts or series of posts.

This a contact form for general queries.

You will find the contact form by clicking on Contact on the page menu bar. You will be taken here

Provide the information requested and click send and we will get your message.

You will get a message saying your contact was sent successfully.

Sometimes the message is not sent because of:

  • Transmission difficulties, such as internet down or slow
  • Failure to complete required fields. Most of the fields must be completed, if not the message will not be sent.
  • Inaccurate input. You make an error entering your email address.

Correct the error or wait for transmission issues to be resolved and your message will be sent

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