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Renew Your ACR I-Card

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Renew Your ACR I-Card

You must do this if you are a foreign national:

  • Who has an existing ACR I-card.
  • And one of the following applies to you:
    • Your current card is expiring.
    • You are a registered alien minor who has reached 14 years of age. It is important to know that pre-registration is required so a new card can be issued. This new card will now store the biometrics of the alien minor. You will be required to provide these biometrics which include fingerprints, height weight, distinguishing features.
    • Change of visa status. These changes include important upgrades such as moving from Probationary to Permanent Resident. Or Downgrades such as completing the course associated with your student Visa and returning to a Visitor Visa.
    • Replacement of ACR as required under the Alien Registration Act of 1950, as amended. This is a catch-all that gives BI the room to be able to respond to a situation that rarely occurs.


    The ACR I-Card is colour-coded to reflect one of ten visa status that BI has designated. It is important to know your visa status so you can check the card is appropriate.

    The name of the visa status is printed in bold oversized lettering along the bottom right of the card.

    ACR I-Card Color coded

    Dates of validity are found on the lower left-hand side of the reverse of the card.
    Although a rare occurrence nowadays it is very important to ensure that your card has those dates.
    If not, immediately return your card to BI, for re-issue at no extra cost.
    In the past, some have taken a lack of dates on ACR I-Cards as indicating that the card is valid forever. This is not the case.

    Where To Apply

    To find out what offices can process an ACR I-Card Renewal click here.

    You will be taken to a map of the Philippines which shows most of the offices of BI.

    Clicking on any of the locations takes you to an alphabetical list of those offices. It is important to note that you then need to scroll through the list to the profile of the office nearest you, to ascertain if they have the capability to handle ACR I-Card applications.

    Application Form

    The form can be downloaded here, and completed prior to attending the office.

    It is printed in English and must be completed in English, using only English characters.
    All entries should be in CAPITAL letters.
    If the information requested is not applicable to you enter N/A. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

    You Will Need The Following Documents

    • A fully completed application form.
    • A photocopy of the passport bio-page and also the page with the latest visa stamp on it.
    • A photocopy of the receipt showing payment for the last visa extension.

    Additional Requirements

    For Immigrant Visa MCL 07-021, MCL 08-003 – Amendment from Probationary to Permanent Resident Visa – Temporary Resident Visa – Treaty Trader’s Visa – and Pre-Arranged Employee Visa (Commercial/Missionary).

    Please provide a Photocopy of the Board of Commissioners (BOC)’s Order of Approval

    For Sec. 47(a)2
    Attach a photocopy of endorsement from the Department of Justice (DOJ)

    For Special Subic/Clark Investors Visa, Special Subic/Clark Working Visa, Cagayan Economic Zone
    Investor/Working Visa

    A photocopy of the Endorsement from Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)/Clark Development Corporation (CDC) is required.
    For Student Visa
    A photocopy of the Student Desk-approved Order granting a Student Visa extension is necessary.
    For Re-Registration of Dependents
    It is essential to provide all the following:

    • Certified true copy of the Board of Commissioners (BOC)’s Order, for a non-immigrant applicant.
    • Photocopy of parent’s passport bio-page and passport page bearing the visa implementation as well as the ACR
      I-Card (front and back portions).
    • Two (2) pieces of 2×2 colored photograph with white background and must be taken within the last three months from the date of application.

    For Philippine Born (Permanent Residents)
    All the following documents are required as applicable:

    • Birth Certificate. (All civil registry documents issued in the Philippines (i.e. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate, etc.) must be original and issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) of the Philippines.
    • Certified true copy of ACR and Native-Born Certificate of Residence (NBCR), if applicable (issued by the Records Section for internal verification purposes).
    • Photocopy of parent’s ACR (front and back portions) and Immigrant Certificate of Residence (ICR).

    It is very important that all the paperwork should be presented in the order outlined above, application form on top, in a legal size (8½ x 14 in.) manila folder.
    Ensure you have your current passpor with you. This will be checked and returned to you immediately.

    The Process

    • Present the completed application with all requirements to the receiving officer.
    • Your identity will be checked against the database for any derogatory record, and a certification of no derogatory records found is issued, if that is the case.
    • You will be issued a form setting out the fees to be paid. It’s called an Order Payment Slip(OPS).
    • Take this to the cashiers desk and pay the required fees to the cashier. The cashier will issue an official receipt.
    • Present the Official Receipt (OR) along with the completed application to the designated officer.
    • You will receive a claim stub.
    • The application will be evaluated. This can take up to three weeks. You can check the status of the ACR I-card here.
    • When approved it will be printed, and available for pickup.
    • Present claim stub and identification (ID) to get your card.

    Hava A Trusted Representative Pick Up Your Card

    The Stub you receive will have instructions on the back to enable them meet the requirements to pick up your card: