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ACR I-Card Waiver

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ACR I-Card Waiver

Can’t wait around in the Philippines while BI processes your Alien Certificate of Registration I-Card?
Don’t despair, there is a workaround.
Anyone who for good reason is unable to be in the country to pick up their ACR I-Card when it is ready, can obtain an ACR I-Card waiver.

Where To Apply

BI Head Office, Intramuros, Manila City

How To Apply

  • Letter addressed to the Commissioner, personally signed by the applicant, which outlines the valid
    and a meritorious reason for the waiver. Don’t be put off by the language valid and having merit simply mean you have a reason, such as work overseas, overseas medical treatment, family emergency, or a pre-planned trip.
  • A Photocopy of your ACR I-Card transaction form claim stub.
  • Photocopy of your passport bio-page and latest visa stamp page
  • Photocopy of airline ticket showing applicant’s name and date of departure.
  • Official receipt of payment for ACR I-Card waiver application.

The Process

All applications must be filed at least forty-eight (48) hours before your scheduled flight, we recommend 96 hours for comfort.
The letter to the Commissioner must be submitted to the Certification and Clearance Section (CCS) and stamped “No Derogatory records”
Present all the paperwork in the order outlined above with the Letter to the commissioner on top, compiled in a legal size (8½ x 14 in.) folder To the Central Receiving Unit (CRU)

You must also present your current passport, this will be checked and returned to you immediately.

The CRU will assess if the application and requirements are complete, and issue a statement of charges.

You then pay the assessed fees at the Cash Section, which will include the ECC B fees, if you are returning.

The officer will at the window will ask when you will be back in the Philippines. They will issue a waiver that reflects your answer. On the receipt, it will say “Grace Period” with date that period ends.

The officer will tell you when to you can claim the waiver.

Costs Associated With ACR I-Card Waiver

Chargeable ItemCost
Application 510.00
Express Lane 500.00

24 thoughts on “ACR I-Card Waiver

    1. mbannist Post author

      Must be done in Manila but you can doublecheck that by going to the facebook page. I already made the enquiry on your behalf, probably reply tomorrow
      You do not need the return ticket, but you must be pretty accurate about when you intend to return as the waiver is isuued for that period of time only, plus a few days grace, then the waiver will expire so if you are returning in six months give yourself as much leeway as possible. I will update this comment with the reply about Cebu.
      Andy good news, contrary to what the main ACR I waiver is saying BI tells me that it is possible to do a waiver in Cebu. They had no explanations for why their main page says differently but anyway it is a good outcome for you. Perhaps because I deal with these issues every day I am still a bit cynical about anything that is not consistent, so I would suggest that you contact the Cebu office direct on Ph (032) 345-6441 to double-check. You can quote this page which says head office and this from the directory of transactions Cebu page number 37 Waiver, Documents and processing yes, note must be signed by ACO. Check if the ACO will be there on the day you plan to apply as that could cause a delay.
      Regards Charles

  1. Vienna

    Will the waiver specify the destination of travel? I mean, I’m waiting on my ticket to go home for the break but it won’t be ready till end of the week so I’m trying to use a cheap ticket to HK just to secure the waiver using the exact dates of travel. Would you know if that would be specified in the waiver?

    1. mbannist Post author

      You will need an outward bound ticket to go with your application. Return ticket is not required, although helpful
      You will be asked your return date by the official, and they will add some grace days, that is the only thing they need

    1. mbannist Post author

      Kath it directory of Transactions says Baguio can handle ACR transactions so I would think that it would be part of that set of transactions. Give them a ring to confirm if you have distance to travel.

      1. Letter request addressed to the Commissioner personally signed by the applicant, stating therein valid
      and meritorious reason for waiver, and stamped “No Derogatory Records” by the Certification and
      Clearance Section (CCS);
      The letter does not need to be involved. Adress it to Commissioner Jaime H. Morente, state the reason you want the waiver. For example I will be out of the country visiting family for the holidays. They will stamp it with No derogatory records. Attach it with the other documents I mentioned, pay the fees and they will tell you when to come collect your waiver.
      Address it to the The letter does not need to be involved
      2. Photocopy of the applicant’s ACR I-Card transaction form claim stub;
      3. Photocopy of applicant’s passport bio-page and latest visa implementation page;
      4. Photocopy of airline ticket showing applicant’s name and date of departure; and
      5. Official receipt of payment for ACR I-Card waiver application.

  2. Al

    Hi, I work abroad and my Filipina wife lives in the Uk,I return every year to do my annual report for my 13a visa, this year I had to renew my Icard , in the past I have always received it back after 2 weeks but this visit to immigration in Manila a week ago I was told after I submitted all requirements and had my pics taken etc the the processing time for new card could be up to 2 months,! I marked the box that I am leaving the country soon but was still told it could take up to 2 months,
    I won’t be back for another year when I leave in 2 weeks and am concerned that I will not have my new card before I leave and don’t really want to have to do the waiver, and how will they be about me not going to return for another year?
    Is there anyway I can get express on my Icard..?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. mbannist Post author

      Do you have someone who could pick it up on your behalf. That is my only suggestion. Visas are usually only required for people living in the Philippines on a permanent basis. I guess you must have a reason for going to all this trouble each year if you are not living here or planning to in the near future but I am thinking you may encounter difficulties getting back in on your 13a if you don’t have the card. It must be a very costly exercise to do annually.

  3. Al

    Thanks for reply, yes I was living here along with my wife and kids, we fully intend to return to live full time but just at the moment I have to work in the Uk,
    I am happy to return each year in order to do annual report , it’s just the card was usually done in 3 weeks, I don’t have anyone except family who live a plane trip away from Manila , and that would also mean I need to go and give them my claim slip!,
    I much prefer to be able to have my Icard back in hand ,
    I guess there is not way to have it expressed in Manila

    1. mbannist Post author

      Thinking about your situation, you really need to get it from the horses mouth try the facebook page here You can ask your question by sending a message, usually answered within hours. Or you could ring the hot line anomalously on 8465-2400 or 8524-3769. Say you have a years contract and your wife will be going with you and, have no trusted associate who could do it for you here.
      Let me know the outcome if you have time

  4. Al

    Thank you Charles, I have contact first via Facebook,
    In the past Manila have been very good and streamline, even this year I finished my annual report and submitted my Icard requirement in less then one hour from arriving at intramouros
    They had excellent efficiency,
    I just pray I can get my new card swiftly or it will cost me dearly

  5. ken

    Hi there, my 9G visa(approved) is still processing, i was told that i can apply a visa waiver so that i can travel while waiting for my 9G visa to be complete, but with the visa waiver, I can only travel to one specific country which is my main problem now. therefore, i’d like to check with you whether if i can travel to two country with my visa waiver.

    1. mbannist Post author

      ken sorry for the late reply, in applying for a visa waiver, you are not restricted. Just put your main destination and go for it

  6. Ad

    I plan to exit the Philippines with a Waiver too while my ACR-I Card is being renewed then I plan to ask my wife to fedex my new card when it arrives. My wife will stay in the Philippines, with the waiver in my hand, would it be a problem to re-enter with the new i card that my wife fedex’d to me? or would i need to use the waiver upon entry?

    Also in this kind of scenario can my wife pay my annual report for me while out of the country?


    1. mbannist Post author

      Your wife can pick up your new ACR card provided you authorize her to do so and provide her with the stub you wre or will be given once your application has been processed. Then she can FEDEX it to you. However you can also return and present the stub on arrival and cut your costs, provided you are within a reasonable estimate of your retur, Given Covid that might not even be policed.

      Regarding Annual Report, depending on your age your wife maybe able to do your annual report when you are in the country, however one of the functions of the report is to give a picture of expats in the country on a particular day. If you are out of the country at the time of the Annual report you can do it within 30 days of your return.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You haven’t provided much information so I will make some assumptions, which if incorrect may invalidate my response.
      Firstly you have not indicated the visa you are operating under. Currently visas that will allow you to return at will to the Philippines are limited. So firstly you must make sure you have one that will allow you to return to the Philippines.
      If you have a visa that meets the criteria, then you will need to get an ECC B. HTH

      You will need to do your

        1. mbannist Post author

          Nav, As I read it, you can leave but whether you get back it may be the difficulty. If you have a sec 13 visa, there are several types, you may get back in provided you are willing to go through the testing and quarantine processes on your return. You are unlikely to be able to return if you are on a tourist visa. I say unlikely because of the unclear information regarding tourist visa holders married to Filipinos or the parents of children or special needs individuals. You really do need to contact your local BI and get their opinion in an email or written if you attend personally.
          Sorry I can’t be more specific butthe situation is fluid

  7. Flo

    Hi, I have a 9g expiring on March 3rd, I have already applied for a 3y extension, I have secured a Icard waiver and ECC-SRC. I do not have approval, implementation stamp yet for my visa extension

    Can I leave the country and come back after March 3rd?

    1. mbannist Post author

      I would be waiting until I receive that stamp in the current climate, in normal circumstances, I would be cautious unless you already had verbal approval, but with the fluidity of the current responses I would make sure you have everything in order. Sorry to be so cautious but the chat among some sections of the expat community seems to indicate what I have outlined above is the best way

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