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Don’t Panic But Be Prudent If You Are Planning To Visit Palawan

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Local authorities in Palawan have recently warned the public of a credible kidnapping threat on the island. There is an ongoing threat of kidnapping throughout the Philippines, on land and at sea. Kidnap-for-ransom gangs are known to target foreigners, as well as Filipinos. There are indications that criminal and terrorist groups have expanded their reach and capability to conduct kidnappings across the southern Philippines. These groups may operate across a wide area and kidnap individuals before transporting them to another location.

Travellers in Palawan should follow the advice of local security and remain vigilant at all times – particularly at transport hubs and on public transport. You should monitor the media for potential threats to safety and security, and follow any instructions issued by the local authorities. Take official warnings seriously – including all security procedures.

Obviously authorities have to be cautious, so should you

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