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No New Sec 9a Visa! Just Another Way To Access It

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The Rumor

Despite what you may have heard on other forums. There is no new Sec 9a Visa!
People have incorrectly interpreted posts by some Philippines Embassies about 3 months, 6 months and 12-month visas that you can apply for.

Period Of Validity v Length Of Stay

They are thinking that these are visas which enable you to stay in the Philippines for those periods of time. Unfortunately, the time periods referred to are the periods of validity, not the length of stay.

Single Entry Visa

A three-month single entry visa allows one entry during the three months after the date it was issued. For example. You apply to the Philippines Embassy in Berlin for this visa and it is granted on the 1st June 2018. This gives you the right to one visit to the Philippines not exceeding 59 days between the date of issue and the 31st of August 2018.
No change to the length of stay provisions, So no new Sec 9a visa.

Multiple Entry Visas

The six and twelve-month visas are multiple entry visas that allow you to enter as many times as you need during the period of validity.
For example. You apply to the Philippines Embassy in Washington for a 12-month multiple entry visa to the Philippines.
It is granted on the 1st June 2018 and gives you the opportunity to enter the Philippines on multiple occasions until the 31st May 2018. However, no stay can exceed 59 days, without a visit to your nearest BI Office. No change length of stay provisions, so no new sec 9a visa.


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Documentary Requirements

  • Completely filled up the application form. Application forms that are incompletely filled-out will be returned to the applicant.
  • ORIGINAL and PHOTOCOPY of the passport with a validity that must extend at least six (6) months beyond the length of proposed stay in the Philippines, or the propsed validity of your visa.
  • One 2″ x 2″ size photograph taken within the last six (6) months. The applicant’s signature must be affixed on the front side of the picture.
  • Proof of financial capacity (e.g.latest print-out of credit card account(s), latest print-out of bank statements, ownership of real estate properties, and other documents showing the applicant’s capacity to financially support himself/herself during his/her stay in the Philippines. You will need more than one type of proof of financial capacity)


The applicable fees for a tourist visa.
For nationals of countries with a visa agreement with the Philippines are as follows:
Single entry valid for three (3) months: US$30.00 (or 1,579 Php 6/1/2018)*
Multiple entry valid for (6) months US$60.00 (or 3,158 Php 6/1/2018)*
Multiple entry valid for twelve (12) months $90.00 (or 4,737 Php 6/1/2018)*

For nationals of countries without visa agreement with the Philippines:
Single entry valid for three (3) months US$ 40.00*
Multiple entry valid for six (6) months US$ 80.00*
Multiple-entry valid for twelve (12) months US$ 120.00*

*I hate sending out information that doesn’t sit right but I have checked and double checked this information with BI in the Philippines and with the Consulate in San Francisco and the Embassy in Berlin. They all assure me this is correct.

The cost of a pre-purchased single or multiple entry visa for countries with a visa agreement with the Philippines is considerably less than getting your 30 days free on arrival and paying for the Visa Waiver. For example, a single entry visa is 1579php compared with 3,030php when paid for in the Philippines.

When it comes to multiple entry visas the savings increase. The 12-month multiple entry visa is 4,737php and if you entered the country 3 times during the validity of that visa you could expect to pay 9,090php in visa waiver.

You will also see worthwhile savings if your country does not have a visa agreement with the Philippines. Which is where my doubts come in.

If your experience with a pre-paid visa is different I would love to hear about it. Also if your experience confirms my advice I would be thrilled to know so I can pass the information onto others.

NOTE: The authorized maximum period of stay granted by the Philippine Consulate to all temporary visitor’s visa applicants is fifty-nine (59) days. If the applicant will stay beyond 59 days in the Philippines, an application for extension of stay must be filed at the Bureau of Immigration in Manila, or the Immigration office nearest to the place where the applicant is temporarily residing.

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