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Reduced Human Trafficking From Philippines Exit Ports

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Human Trafficking Activities Thwarted

The Bureau of Immigration reported that human trafficking numbers took another hit in 2017.
More then 37,000+ Filipinos had their travel plans deferred because they failed to comply with government requirements for departing Filipino tourists. These are stated in the revised guidelines on departure formalities issued by the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT).
The Bureau of Immigration has been able to sustain the overall improvements of the last few years with progressive improvements, such as:

  • Increased staff numbers.
  • More efficient deployment of staff.
  • More relevant training of staff.
  • Improved computer networking and tracking.

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The Background

While some of those whose plans were deferred were eventually allowed to leave, many thousands were not.
Which points to three major problems facing the average Filipina wanting to assist their families by finding employment overseas.

  • The recruitment process for many is long
  • Despite the ads that state that all the expenses will be paid by the recruiter, many, such as travel and accommodation to interviews, seminars, and medicals are often not covered and the money has to be borrowed.
  • Those that survive the labyrinth that is this process may be offered a position.
    The high salaries that you see promoted from Japan, Ireland and Israel do not often get offered and the wage for the most common jobs of childcare, maid, and elderly care most commonly range from 16000 – 27000php a month. It sounds like a fortune in the low wage economy that exists here, but when you factor in:

    • Repayment of recruitment expenses
    • Living expenses for the Filipino
    • The temptation of affordable consumer goods.

    There is often not a lot left to send home.
    Therefore traffickers can offer expense free recruitment, salaries of 2 or three times the going rate and often have willing accomplices, to the crime, in their victims. That is until they reach their destination. Where the high wages and benefits evaporate into forced labor or sex slavery.
    This old UN report on human trafficking shows the commendable progress made between then and now.

    Keep up the good work BI.

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