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English Online News Sources – Philippines

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We developed English online news sources – Philippines to meet a stated need by numbers of our readers.

They felt that sometimes we can become isolated from the world living here in the Philippines. And while we may have ready access to news and opinion from our own country, it often lacks news about specific Filipino events or a Filipino perspective on events, in general.

When we live in a community that conducts the majority of its life in Tagalog or one of the many regional languages and dialects then as Expats it is hard to get the range of opinion about local and world news that was so freely available in our countries of origin.

In fact such information was so freely available that we probably got a little lazy about finding other sources, when we came to the Philippines. Many have told me that they would appreciate a guide to finding online news sources that can give us a balanced view of what is happening in the world.

The good news is that because English is an official language here, online news sources often have sections, if not whole online editions, in the language.

They say that old age can often bring about hardening of the arteries; for us isolated from the moderating influence of diversity the issue can become one of hardening of the attitudes.

If you want to combat that in your life, we have gathered together all the Online News Sources in English that we could find that is published here or targeted at Filipinos.

This is the first update in three years and some things have changed, but surprisingly little. We will be working hard to keep this guide as full and as accurate as possible.

English online news sources – Philippines is inclusive and lists all known purveyors of news, opinion, critique, information and debate. It will rescue you from reliance on the Facebook view of the world.

Philippines Based Or Focussed Online News Services In English

English Online News Sources – Philippines

While we strive for accuracy, we have to cede that in today’s world, the only constant is change

We will endeavour to keep abreast of any changes in the world of online news sources.
However please feel free to make a comment if we miss a source, if links stop working or you are aware of any other change in the accuracy of the information provided.

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