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OFW’s – How To Get Your Philippines Driver’s License If You Are Not Here.

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For those of you who have relatives, friends or spouses working as OFW’s and who were not able to collect their driver’s license at the time of issue

The LTO has issued a notice to all OFW’s who have unclaimed Philippines driver’s licenses.

You will find the memo at the Official LTO Site.

This will enable you to pick up your license at the Philippines Embassy nearest to your place of work.

An application form needs to be completed and this can accessed from the memo page.

192 thoughts on “OFW’s – How To Get Your Philippines Driver’s License If You Are Not Here.

  1. vlademer

    Hi Sir,
    How to process my unclaimed drivers license card because I am here in Netherlands. As what I read in the news is only Bharain, Quatar and Saudi how about here in Netherlands?

    1. mbannist Post author

      vlademer, Follow the same procedure, by making contact with your Philippines embassy serving the Netherlands and giving them your receipt numbers and any other data they may require.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Sad to hear GoGo Dancer. It has worked for thousands and not for some. A bit of a stretch to call it fake you sound like a politician. Usually the ones that have problems have a mixture of reasons. Have you followed up with the embassy in the country where you are an OFW.
          Kind Regards

      1. Helen Berro Esoy

        Hello good day sir,I want to ask you how to get driver license in Philippines,I have driver license uae..and I want to apply when I go home please let me know what is the requirements…or can I apply online…thank you God bless

        1. mbannist Post author

          If you have an clean, current license from UAE then you can get a Philippines license by following the instructions below. No tests for an equivalent Philippines license
          Duly Accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL);
          Medical Certififcate issued by a licensed practicing physician operating from LTO approved medical facilities. The applicant is required to undergo examinations and tests to show that he/she is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle or otherwise stating his/her impairment; and

          In the event that the applicant is a holder of a valid Foreign Driver’s License, the applicant may present the original and photocopy of Foreign Driver’s License, if not in English language, original and photocopy of official English translation from Embassy of the issuing country instead of an SP.
          Hope That Makes Your Day

          1. Aladino Ramirez Jr.

            Hi mbannist! I have a valid Oman driver’s license that will be expired on 2026 . Can I still show my Oman Driver’s license in LTO to acquire Philippines driver’s license. So I don’t have to start from zero. If I can acquire PH DL, will it be Non-professional or Professional Driver’s License? Thanks in Adance.

          2. mbannist Post author

            Hi there, You will need a translation of your license it is printed in, if not English.This must be obtained from the Omani Embassy in Manila Address: NAC Tower, 26 floor, 32nd St, Taguig, Metro Manila or from their license issuing authority before leaving Oman.
            You then go to your nearest LTO when you arrive home and present the license and get it converted.
            You can only convert to a Non-Professional DL, no matter what your Omani License is, and will need to take the appropriate tests and examinations to obtain a Pro License.
            There is a fee of 752.63, for the new license and conversion. Pro license fees would be extra, but in the end you have two valid licenses.
            Your new license is valid for 5 years currently

          3. Aladino Ramirez Jr.

            Thanks for your response mbannist.

            I’m already here in the Philippines since December 2018.

            By the way, my Oman’s Manual Driving License had an English translation in it. I also have a UAE Automatic Driving License but expired on February, 2018. 🙂

            Mid 2019, I went to LTO Karuhatan Valenzuela and showed my Oman’s License and ask the same inquiries I asked you. Unfortunately they told me to go to LTO Main East Avenue QC. I tried to call LTO main several times and they cannot answer my inquiries straight and advice me to personally go to LTO Main. I was hesitant going to LTO main, because I thought I will be working in abroad again. 🙁

            Just in case I get a Non-Prof DL using my Oman’s DL, how long should I wait before I can apply for Professional DL.

            Thanks in Advance.

          4. mbannist Post author

            You can get your Non Pro license on the same day you apply for it. Your pro drivers license requires you wait for 6 months, you need to apply for the specific types of vehicle you want to drive and each class requires a separate written then practical test. Hope that helps

          5. Ismael Bobadilla

            Hi good evening.I’m here at Austrilia my student permet is valid until January 3 2021. How to get a non pro license. There is no international flight from Austrilia to Manila until next year. Thanks

          6. mbannist Post author

            If you already have a license then it is possible to renew your license using the services of a trusted friend. You can find the details here.
            Otherwise you are currently unable to get a license except in person.
            The issue you face is threefold
            Firstly even if you already have a student drivers permit, you would not be able to change it to a Non-Professional or Professional license because you need to take both a written and practical, which you have to do in person.
            Secondly if you do not have a student permit, then you must be here to to obtain one, and to attend the 15 hour Theoretical Driving Course.Then you would need to study for six months before you could take the Practical Driving Test which comprises a minimum of 8 hours of practical testing.
            Thirdly even if you have a Non-Professional license and want to upgrade, this is not possible given the testing requirements that require your attendance.
            Sorry but they are tightening up to try and combat the huge death toll among Filipinos that poor driving is creating. of Filipinos

        2. Aladino Ramirez Jr.

          Hi Helen Berro Esoy. Mam, Nakakuha po ba kayo ng Driving License ng pinas gamit ang UAE DL? Kung nakakuha po kayo, paano po ginawa niyo? Thanks in Advance.

    2. arjen

      download the form print it in the computer shop if you dont have printer then fill up completely scan it and save to your email address and the soft copy of your 2×2 picture blue back ground and save to your email address scan the drivers license official receipt and passport copy showing your identity and arrival stamp in the current country where you are employed and save to your email and send it to LTOofwDL@yahoo.com good luck.

      1. Mary

        Hello argen, legit po ba to? At pwedi po ba dito sa UAE dubai? Pinapacollect ko po sa family ko sa Pinas hindi daw po pwedi.Thank you in advance! 🙏

        1. mbannist Post author

          Did I translate this correctly.
          You are in Dubai, you took and passed your driving test and have no family to collect it.
          If that is correct. You can get your license sent to Dubai outpost of the Philippines. Follow the process here
          Hope that helps

          1. Jeoritch

            Sir good day po, isa po ako ofw dto sa riyadh saudi po, may tanung lang po sana ako,gusto ko ksi kumuha ng license sa pinas po.kung sakali ba magagamit kuba kung may license na ako ng saudi po.anu po ang dapat kung gawin..thank you po..

          2. mbannist Post author

            You can only do two things with drivers licenses while you are overseas:

            • and that is to renew a current or expired for less than two years Philippines Drivers license.
            • Or convert a current overseas drivers license

            If you fit either of these situations email back and I will send you instructions. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do to obtain a Philippines drivers license while you are out of the country.

          3. mbannist Post author

            In Reply Armando
            If you have filled in the application form and sent it to the LTO you should receive an email with the delivery date of your license to the Embassy that you applied through.
            Just to make sure that you have followed the process correctly. Here it is again
            The Department of Transportation / Land Transportation Office will issue all unclaimed driver’s license to all OFWs from QATAR, BAHRAIN and SAUDI ARABIA. Kindly follow 5 simple steps below to claim your Driver’s License card.

            STEP 1 — Download and fill up application form
            Go to http://www.lto.gov.ph to download your application form

            STEP 2 — Scan the application form and requirements

            ♦ Scanned passport showing identification and photo and passport page showing arrival stamp at current country
            ♦ Scanned LTO Driver’s License Official Receipt
            ♦ Soft copy of 2×2 Picture w/ blue background

            STEP 3 — Send your application form to LTO’s email address
            Send your scanned application form and requirements to LTOofwDL@yahoo.com

            STEP 4 — Wait for an email notification
            You will receive an email notification from LTO for the delivery date

            STEP 5 — Claim your Driver’s License
            Go to the embassy you have selected on your application form to claim your Driver’s License card.

            Here is a link to the form. It is only one page so I am not sure what you were referring to when you asked if you should only complete page 1

            I have added you question and my answers to the life Philippines site for the benefit of others

            Kind Regards Charles

          4. mbannist Post author

            Also Armando This offer was made in May 2017. There is nothing on the site to indicate how long the offer will last. It may be a permanent offer but could be time limited.

          5. ruth1010

            Hi! I’m now based in New Zealand. I wasn’t able to claim mine before I left as they always tan out if blank IDs everytime I come to collect my ID. The day before I left they already have an ID available but couldn’t print because they’re offline. Can I have someone in my family claim it for me? what are the requiremnets? thank you!

          6. mbannist Post author

            Ruth, Provided you did all the biometrics, such as fingerprints, photo’s etc you should be able to get a relative to collect the license for you.
            You will need to provide them with a letter of authority stating the relationship, and their authorisation to act on your behalf. You will also need to provide them with the Drivers License Receipt (DLR).

            The license should be issued no problem. Let me know the outcome please

          7. Sammy

            Hi Good Day! Ask kolang po if anyone has tried it na. am cnow filling out the forms. please if you have updates. much appreciated. Thank you po ♥

          8. mbannist Post author

            please be more specific Sammy. There is no way to obtain a drivers license from overseas except under the following circumstances:
            a)you sat the test passed it and provided all your biometrics, but left before the license was issued. This is very rare as the LTO now has good supplies of blank licenses.
            b) You are already the holder of a Philippines license and it requires renewal before you will be able to return to the Philippines.
            If you can indicate if you are in either of these groups, then I can offer you some direction.
            Otherwise, you are unable to obtain a license without a personal appearance for testing and biometrics
            sorry, if I have missed something. let me know if you think I have

          9. JOjit

            Hi, just a inquiry on student license/permit as an OFW. My Non-Pro license expired long long time ago, and so clearly I have to go through the whole beginning process again. But with very limited time (Less than a month) an OFW can stay in The Philippines, is there some sort of new policy for OFW’s or sort of speedy process to obtain a NON-PRO? I mean given the fact that a STUDENT LICENSE/PERMIT needed to be a month in existence before an individual can apply for a NON-PROF license.

          10. mbannist Post author

            Hi There Jojit
            As far as I am aware, there is no provision. I have three suggestions
            a) If you have a family member who could speak on your behalf to the Officer in charge of the local LTO branch, and ask if there is any executive discretion that he can exercise. IE; ensuring you can lodge your application on the day you return and sit the test a few days early because of your OFW status. Not likely but worth a try.
            2)Ask your boss to give you six weeks leave instead of 4, or even just extend it to enable you to get your license, i have had people tell me this has worked for them, just work the extra days before your next leave.
            3)Get a license from the country you work in that would enable you to drive while here on leave and if you want to obtain a Philippines license it is a simple one visit transaction at the LTO the next time you are home.

        2. Nimrod

          Hi sir mbannist, as you mention my relative can get my drivers license while I am here in uae, since I did all the biometrics, eye test, etc. (that time they don’t have enough blank card license to provide) I also provided they copy of my driver’s license original receipt and authorization letter. unfortunately, they said they need my appearance and that’s their new system.

          1. mbannist Post author

            Firstly let me say that I know of dozens of Filipinos who renew their licenses remotely, it cannot be stopped as it is law. I suspect that it is one of two things and I honestly do not know which it is.
            a) A local uninformed decision, if you met all the criteria for having your license issued, the only reason being no plastic cards. Although my wife was issued a paper license until plastic became available.
            b) You have not completed all the biometrics, the list was updated in August 2017, and some folk were refused a license because they needed fingerprints, or the digital signature.
            Ask your family to find out why you still need to appear in person.

            However have you considered this option.
            If this sounds like you give it a go.
            Let me know what happens please
            PS: Did you get your Driver’s License Receipt (DLR) and give that to your relatives when you tried to pick up your license. this could have caused a problem. They need that, a photocopy of your old license is also helpful, a letter of authority from you and Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa page & departure in the Philippines and last arrival overseas)


    Sir,paano po ako makakuha ng non prof license? Nandito kac ako ngaun sa QATAR at may STUDENT LICENSE ako pero ma expire na ngayong july 28, di ko kac na renew ito noong nandon ako sa PILIPINAS kac nag aplay ako ng trabaho. Anu po ba ang gagawin ko para makapag drive ako sa motor ko. Salamat po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there, Do you need the license for driving in Qatar? If so then I think the new rules for getting a drivers licence in that country require you to sit for a Qatar license and even then your occupation may not permit you to hold a license.

      If you are concerned about driving on your return to the Philippines, then the news is better. Even though your student permit may have expired, and cannot be renewed, getting a new one is just a matter of following the same process and providing the same documents that you did previously. To assist you the whole process is outlined here. Do this as soon as you return to the Philippines and you can be riding the same day.

      1. tim

        hello sir good day, magtanung lang po, ofw po ako dito sa china, and uuwi po ako para sa vacation this august 2018, gusto ko po sana mag apply ng lisence kaso expired na po ung student lisence ko, d ko n po npapaltan dti papunta non pro kc umalis n po ako ng pinas..pwede po b ako magapply diretso ng nonpro naung paguwi ?..

        1. mbannist Post author

          You will need over a month, maybe as much as six weeks in your situation. Your expired Student Permit cannot be utilised, you need to obtain a one. If you do that on the first day of your return, then you can take your theory and driving tests one month after that.
          In theory, you can take both tests on the same day, but in reality, this depends on the demand for practical tests at the office nearest to you that conducts tests. So I would allow six weeks from beginning to end.
          If you don’t have that kind of time, I suggest you talk with the officer in charge and explain your OFW situation and see if they have any discretionary power. I don’t think so but you could try.
          My advice is, do not use fixers as you as well as them can find yourself contravening the law.
          Kind Regards

    2. Rey jay

      Hi sir goodmorning same po kami nang situation pero andito ako sa japan ang student permit kurin po ay expire na pwede pa po ba itong ma renew kung sakali akoy uuwi nang pinas? Kahit non prof lang po?

      1. mbannist Post author

        Hi there Rey Jay
        The Student Drivers Permit cannot be renewed. If there is a big gap between the expiry and you returning to the Philippines then you may be able to apply for a new permit. You will need to attend your lto office in person to see if your circumstances qualify. See this Administrative Order for more details

  3. George

    Sir gud day.. dto po ako sa qatar ngaun, nag renew po ako ng driving license ko s pinas last vacation ko april 2017 pero dko sya nakuha, july daw sabi skin pero paano yan andto nko paano ko sya makukuha???? Please reply..

    1. mbannist Post author

      Please accept my apologies I don’t speak tagalog at all and Bisaya very poorly. Am I understanding that you are looking for the process to claim your Philippines drivers license from where you work in qatar. If so go to the LTO site and download the application process to have the license delivered to the nearest embassy to you, for pickup. If That is not what you are asking please ask again.

  4. Jun

    Hello,how to renew my expired driver license here in abroad.im here in riyadh saudi arabia right now.my point is i dont want to get back zero again.i mean.to get and the requirments.taking the exam and test drive.because my driver license had expired last june 16,2016 last year and my contract will be end july 2018.plz help me what should i do to prevent going back to the begging of getting new driver license.

  5. Mark

    Hi sir
    nandito po ako sa US ngayon, di ko nakuha yung Drivers license ko jan sa Pilipinas hawak ko po yung resibo, paano ko po makukuha yung Drivers license card ko? mahirap po kasi kumuha ng drivers license dito pag di hawak yung licence card, balik driving school kasi, at sayang ang oras at magal pag nagdriving school pa po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Mark,
      If you are in the US as an OFW, then you could follow the process I outlined in the post you read. However I suspect this is not the case and you are now living in the US permanently or for study. If that is the case, you will need to provide someone in the Philippines, that you trust with the receipt a power of attorney and copies of two photo id’s and arrange for them to pick up your license and forward it to you.
      Getting a drivers license in most western countries is much more intense than in the Philippines.

  6. Mariano Geronimo

    Good evening po. I have been working abroad for about 18 years and even po yung non pro kong drivers license kong n expired ay di ko n din po mahanap. Pauwi po ako ng december this year and gusto ko pong mag drive dyan sa Pilipinas ng almost 4 weeks during our vacation. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

    Btw po, mayron po akong drivers license d2 sa Qatar n 13yrs ko n din pong gamit.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      I hope I have interpreted this correctly. Your Philippines driver’s license has expired, but you have a valid Qatari license, and you wish to drive here while you are home on vacation, is that license valid to drive on.
      The answer to that question is yes you can drive on that license while you are here, for up to 90 days.
      If I got it wrong let me know and I will try again. My first language is English, if that helps.

      1. Glen Pascual

        Good day! we have the same inquiry of Mr.Geronimo, I am OFW here in UAE and Im going for vacation on July. can I use my valid UAE drivers license in philippines for 60 days. I dont have Philippine drivers license.Do I still need to authenticate it here in Phil Embassy?There is english translation in my license card. Please advice. thanks.

        1. mbannist Post author

          You have the English Translation, you are going to drive vehicles here that your UAE license covers. You certainly can. For up to 90 days. If you wish you could also procure a Philippines license while you are here. No authentication required, if you are in any way concerned, go to your local LTO on arrival and check. Have a great holiday

  7. Francia

    Hi!.i want to claim my driver’s license I applied for before I leave Philippines last october 2017. Unfortunately, the LTO office where I applied my driver’s license told my Niece that i Need to be there before i can claim it. The online process for claiming driver’s license OF OFW are only available those in Bahrain, Qatar and KSA. Can I possibly do the same thing?.i am here in New Zealand.thanks!.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Francia,
      If you had completed all aspects of your application and were just waiting to pick up the physical license, then my understanding is that you can authorise another trusted person to do this on your behalf. However I was not able to locate the requirements or process and have emailed my contact in lto head office for an answer and a reference for how this is achieved. Watch thus space for further information. Sorry cannot get your info quicker but it is Sunday.

      1. Francia

        Thanks for your reply..I have ready ask my niece to ask the LTO office where I have applied about the requirements but they said that I should be physically present to do the biometrics as required by the new system. If your contact through LTO head office Will confirm that I can do the same process for those in Qatar, Bahrain and KSA then I Will make arrangements with the embassy here in nz.thank you for your Help!.Godbless and Merry Christmas!.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Get your uncle to return to the LTO office where you took your teast and explain again that you are overseas and not returning for some time. One person I talked to, not my regular contact, said that they can issue an old style license, for three years if you will be returning to the philiphines before expiration, but i cannot find anything to verify this. The issue is that the new biometric requirements came out in Aug, if you sat your test and were issued your license before that you will have a good argument for the issue of a non biometric license, as you are being penalised unfairly. But if issued after that date they are saying that you should have had the biometrics dfone already, and if not that is your error. I think the the offer to OFW’s was tidying up those non biometric licenses and all future licenses will need the biometrics. Sorry I can’t be more help. When my contact is back in the office and contacts me i will post his response.

          1. berto

            Hi! I had the same issue with the one above. I applied for a license back in November. I had all the biometrics. I asked one of the officers then if I need an authorization letter when claiming it since I will be out of the country later that week and he said no and my representative shall have only the receipt that was marked as temporary license. I am here in New Zealand and it really is disappointing. This happened at Patin-ay Office.

          2. mbannist Post author

            Yes it does appear to be a bit of a mess. My advice is to prepare an authorisation letter and sign it and get it notorised. Then take a photocopy of your passport front page with personal information and the one with your visa for New Zealand on it. Send that to your representative and try again. Let me know how it goes
            I am a New Zealander do you like my country?

          3. mbannist Post author

            Francia, Did you get your license in the end or not. Your information would be very useful to our readers

  8. Percival Baisa

    Hello Po Sir/Madam,

    Hope matulungan niyo po ako sa query ko.

    OFW po ako dito sa saudi arabia, wala pa po akong License ng Pilipinas pero meron po akong lisencya ng Saudi Arabia ang tanong ko po is pagumuwi po ba ako ng Pilipinas for a Vacation magagamit ko po ba ang Saudi License ko? Pwede ko rin po bang ipalit ung Saudi License ko sa Philippine License?

    Sana po ay masagot niyo ang aking katanungan.

    Maraming Salamat po.


    Percival Baisa

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      Any license must be current and valid for driving in Saudi, for the type of vehicle you wish to drive here.
      If the license is written in English, then you may use it for up to 90 days.
      If it is written in any other language then you must also carry an official english transcription. This should be issued by the Saudi embassy in the Philipiines or a source sanctioned by them.
      Enjoy your holiday

    2. Percival Baisa

      Hello Sir/Madam,

      Let me translate my first comment in english language.

      I am an OFW in Saudi Arabia and i don’t have a Philppine Driving License but i have a Saudi Driving License. Now, my question is can i use my Saudi License to drive in the Philippines whileim on vacation? Can i exchange my Saudi Driving License to Philippine Driving License.

      Here’s hoping for your quick response regarding my query.


      Percival Baisa

      1. mbannist Post author

        i have answered your question below.
        Yes, but you must meet the conditions below.
        1. if your current saudi license is legal, ie current and will remain so throughout your stay and has no sanctions or restrictions that would stop you driving the class of vehicle you wish to drive here in the Philippines.
        2. your license must be in English, if not then you must have an official translation from the Saudi embassy here in the Philippines. You may be able get that official translation before you leave Saudi.
        As a Filipino you can obtain a a conversion of your license to a Filipino one. You need to ensure that the name on your passport and on ypur Saudi license are exactly the same. The process takes a few hours at an LTO office, check that your local can do this.
        If I am still not clear please be specific about what you don’t understand

  9. Ly

    Hi! I have non professional driver’s license that has been expired since October of 2011. I’m here in Canada since May of 2011. I want to know if i can still renew it and get a professional driver’s license instead of non pro. I also want to know if they can change my name back to my maiden name because my name on my license was still my married name. I got widowed on July 2008. All my documents now including my passport are already changed to my maiden name. Thank you and looking forward for your reply.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Ly,
      I think the length of time that your licence has expired may preclude you renewing it while overseas, as it usually entails you resitting both the practical and theory tests, after two years. However the LTO site does not specifically say you can’t so i have outlined the processs, but my advice is to get someone you trust to go to the LTO and outline the situation. Also you may face some difficulty as you have not returned to the philippines for some time.
      So here is the process
      You can renew your non professional drivers license, using a trusted representative, even if the license has expired. It does require the payment of a penalty fee.

      • 1 Day to 1 Year: 75.00
      • 1 Year & 1 Day to 2 Years: 150.00
      • More Than 2 Years: 225.00

      The requirements are as follows:

      • The original and a photocopy of the Non-Professional (NPDL) or Professional (PDL) Driver’s License.
      • Photocopy of your Philippine passport. (Data page and page with current visa)
      • Letter from you addressed to the Land Transportation Office requesting the renewal and authorizing a representative to renew the Driver’s License on your behalf.
      • The applicable fees. Currently 652.63 plus the penalty

      Your authorized representative presents the above-mentioned requirements to the LTO License Section/District Office/Licensing Center.
      The LTO shall:

      • Accept the renewal request
      • Collect required fees
      • Release the owner’s copy of the Driver’s License Receipt (DLR) to the representative. They should then courier it straight to you
      • The releasing Clerk shall stamp the words “LICENSEE ABROAD. FOR THE PHOTO-TAKE WITHIN 30 DAYS UPON ARRIVAL” at the right side portion of the DLR.
      • The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall keep on file all the documents until such time that the licensee appears at the LTO office for photograph taking.

      You then need to present yourself, within thirty (30) days of arriving back in the Philippines, at the same office where the renewal was made for photograph taking with you following documents:

      • Original DLR issued to your representative. (in case of lost DLR, submit a duly notarized affidavit of loss)
      • Original passport
      • Medical certificate
      • Original expired driver’s license
      • The Officer willl retrieve from the files the documents previously submitted to incorporate with the other requirements.

      The evaluator will process the documents and after approval, recommend for the production of the driver’s license and release same to the licensee.

      To get your renewed license issued in your maiden name, will require you to provide your representative with certified copies of your marriage license, your annulment papers and your birth certificate, and a notorised declaration seeking the name change, with the reason.
      It is definitely not possible to get a change from non professional to professional license as your license has expired and would require you to resit both written and practical tests. So you will have to wait until you return to the Philippines

      1. mbannist Post author

        Another factor that may make your life more difficult is the fact that as of August of this year licenses required biometric information, such as fingerprints to be provided and may call the whole process into question. My enquiries of our contact within LTO have not be successful as he is on annual leave until the middle of January.

  10. Ynah

    Hi. I had my student driver’s license way back 2009 and its already expired a year after. Now i wanted to get a new student license but i want to know if its possible to retain my very first student license number which was F01-10 XXXXXX. I still have the copy of my student license btw.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Interesting question, to which I have no definitive answer. The thing is that student drivers permits are non renewable, so I doubt you will be able to retain an old license number.
      The rule that you cannot renew a Student Permit was introduced to avoid those who never sat the test but just kept renewing. However after 7 years applying for a new SP should not be an issue.
      Hope that helps

      1. Dyan

        Hi Sir im her in US and my Profesional drivers license expire on june 2018. But im going home back in philippines on September this yr 2018 i wanna renew my license but the thing is if you renew im gonna start over again all the process like getting a exam? Ihope you can rply to my question can my trusted relatives renew my license?. Thankyou

        1. mbannist Post author

          A relative should be able to renew, and this has been the practice for several years. However, some people have been refused this service because in August 2017, licenses were introduced that saved biometrics.This, of course, requires a personal attendance, which can’t be carried out by a surrogate.
          My best advice is a plan A and a plan B.
          Plan A Use the process defined here, to use a trusted representative to obtain your renewal. If that works you will have your license renewed and only need to follow your part of the process when you return home to completely validate the license.
          Plan B You are able to renew your license after it expires. The conditions and fines are not to heavy as your license will have expired for less than one year. Do not use this option if you are driving in the US on your current license.
          Sorry I can’t be more specific

    1. mbannist Post author

      There doesn’t appear to be a limit that I can find, so you will not have to go back to a student permit, in fact that may not be an option as technically they can’t be renewed.
      So go to your nearest LTO and present your old license. You will need to sit the theory and practical tests.
      There is a penalty of 225php
      A medical exam depends on who you use, your own doctor or one of the clinics on the LTO compound or nearby can be up to 400php
      The process can be found HERE
      As you can understand this requires a personal attendance.
      Please let us know if their is any variation to to our advice so we can inform others

  11. JD

    Hi..like some of the comment,i am ofw here in canada. I applied for my driver’s license last dec.2016, and since the card is not available that time i left my reciept and authorization letter with my mom. My mother went to LTO many times but they kept on telling her to come back another time. Until yesterday she spoke to one of the staff and told my mom that she cannot claim my license because they need my appearance for picture taking (thought maybe their talking about biometrics bec. They already took my picture during my application).
    Do you have an update regarding this matter? Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      Nothing more definitive than to say that new licenses with a chip came into effect in August 2017. Since that time several of our subscribers have told us that they are required to attend in person for biometrics. I have tried to get a more definitive answer but have received no reply to my enquiries. About time I filed sa complaint I think. Can I ask you to get your mum to go back to the LTO and give them in writing a statement, saying that when you left in December your license was not available and the process outlined on the site said the collection of the license was possible through a trusted representative. The change to licenses with a chip in August was not a concern as your license was from December 2016. If you had been in the country to pick it up in January or February the issue of biometrics would have been resolved at next renewal. You could add something about the license being important for your job, if that is the case and of course you need to emphasise you cannot just trip back as you are working and have a contract to fulfil, I will make a complaint to the Duterte complaint line about their dithering and maybe we can get some action.

      1. Victor t benatao jr

        Hi same problem with me here, im here in canada too and i want to get my lisence in Philippine bayombong nueva vizcaya, i already wrote a authorization letter for my friend but when he went there they says they need my signature and finger print, know i can authorize him again to use my signature just for that and nothing else, but how about the FINGER PRINT PROBLEM..
        Please give me some advice please

        1. mbannist Post author

          Sorry if you did not get all your biometrics when you sat your license then you will require a personal visit on your next trip home. Sorry can’t help you around that

  12. Jim

    Hi sir i hope you had a great day today, before i ask my questions, id like to state my situation, i am currently working in saudi arabia, i took a student license last december 12, 2017 and my employment contract is consistently renewed every 12months.. I went back to saudi last jan 8, 2018, that means if i return to the philppines in jan 9 2018, my student license would have expire before im able to convert it to a non pro license. Here’s my question:

    1. Is there a way to request extension of validity of my student license even just for a month?

    2. Can i get a philippine student license here in abroad? And can be converted to non pro when i return?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Jim Good morning,
      Sorry about the delay in replying, but no power here for 36 hours.
      Student licenses cannot be renewed or extended. You could try for an exception given your status as an OFW.

      I have just been given access to the administrative order covering student permits.

      You cannot take your non pro or pro license any more than 1 year after the issue of the student permit, so coming back in January would fall outside that time frame. What you need to do is be back in the Philippines prior to the expiration of your student pernit and immediately take your test for your license of choice, Any departure from that would require an exception only granted on a one by one basis. It would also require a personal attendance at LTO.

      You can find online exam reviewers for free, I have given you the link to the page here so you can be prepared prior to returning. Then you would need to take the practical test and get you full 5 year non-pro, or pro license as you prefer. I hope that gives you more clarityve given. and apologise for any confusion my first response may ha
      With regard to obtaining a Philippines student license in an overseas country, there is no mechanism to do that in any of the Philippines embassies aor consulates around the world. Mainly because a student drivers license is only valid for driving in the Philippines.

  13. carlos

    Good day Sir,

    I am a OFW in Dubai UAE, I have a professional Lic. in the Philippines but unfortunately last year it expired OCT 2017. Now i am coming home for my yearly vacation. it would fall on a friday my flight. My question is can i still drive only till up to sunday? and when monday comes i will go to the nearest LTO and renew my Professional drivers lic?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry, Carlos,
      You will have to use another form of transport until you can get to the LTO on Monday. Legally you cannot drive until your license is renewed.
      Have you considered getting a trusted representative to renew it on your behalf? That would take a bit of time but if your holiday is not for a couple of months it might work.
      How can I renew my Driver’s License if I’m out of the country?

      LTO accepts driver’s license renewals while abroad. Administrative Order (AO) No. 88-002 dated 08 November 1988 entitled: “Validating the Expired Driver’s License of Overseas Workers” provides the following requirements and procedure to wit:

      1.1. Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa-page & departure page-indicating the date of last departure in the Phil. & date of last arrival overseas);
      1.2. Letter of Authority to authorized representative;
      1.3. Photo-copy of driver’s license and driver’s license receipt (DLR), if available;
      1.4. Venues are:

      (a) LTO, License Section Central Office – within National Capital Region
      (b) Any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers – Outside Metro Manila

      1.5. The driver’s license shall be validated by issuing a driver’s license receipt (DLR) which will serve as temporary driver’s license (TDL);
      1.6. The license shall present himself/herself within thirty (30) days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photo-taking and to submit the

      (a) driver’s license
      (b) drug-test result
      (c) medical certificate
      (d) photo-copy of passport

      1.7. Fees:

      Non-Professional – P 585.00
      Professional – P 585.00

      Penalties (1 year) (2 years) (3 years)
      Non-Professional – P 75.00 P 150.00 P 225.00
      Professional – P 75.00 P 150.00 P 225.00

      Please take note however, that such DLR issued to you is acceptable to Automotive Association of the Philippine (AAP), a private company which caters the issuance of International Driving Permit located at #683 Aurora Blvd., QC, For more details, you may call at this no. (02) 723-08-08. For more information, click here.
      Have a great holiday

      1. Pauline

        Hi. Is it still possible to renew my expired non pro drivers license through my authorized representative(NON APPEARANCE)? Because I let my mother went to an LTO center and they said NON appearance is not possible anymore. Im here in Australia

        Thanks in advance

        1. mbannist Post author

          The procedure is still listed on the LTO site, but I think that the August 2017 requirement for the inclusion of biometrics onto the license means that a personal appearance is now necessary. When are you next due home as you can renew your expired license for up to two years after it expires for a 150 php penalty and without having to resit tests.

  14. John

    Good day sir.

    I just want to ask the procedure of obtaining an Official English Translation for my Saudi driving license?


    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi John
      If the foreign driver’s license is not in the English Language, the applicant should submit an official English
      translation from the local Embassy of the issuing Country. So go to the Saudi embassy or consulate nearest you
      and get an official translation.

      1. John

        Hi Charles

        Thank you for answering my question. Can I get official translation here in Saudi Arabia? My place is quite far from Manila and I have limited time during my vacation. Also, is there any required process in case I use my Saudi driving license in Philippines?

        1. mbannist Post author

          If you can get a translation from a Saudi authority, maybe the equivalent of Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs, on their letterhead, it would be like the consulate. The source of the translation is what gives it credibility.
          Then you should carry the translation with your license at all times when you are driving.
          One piece of advice is to refresh yourself on the Philippines traffic rules. Use a reviewer
          Also, two very recent pieces of legislation could catch you out.
          1. Anti-Distracted Driving Act
          2. Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act to take effect on May 19

          They are policing these quite regularly

          Have a great holiday

  15. Elo Fortin

    Hi po. Im currently in Canada and planning on going back to the Philippines and apply for a student permit since my first application was expired few years back. I just want to know, do I have to wait for 1month to convert it to a non-pro? Sadly I’ll be staying in the country for only 2weeks. Is there a way to expedite? Do they have alternatives for situations like mine po? Thanks in advance. Your blog and comments are very helpful.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Firstly if you have already had a student permit, you cannot get another. You would need to produce that expired document and ask to take the driving test of your choice during your time here.
      Make sure you are aware of the road code as a lot has changed during the last few years. You can utilse the many sites that provide the opportunity to test and revise your knowledge. Here is one, it is the whole possible 80 questions, with answers. You will only get 40 of them. You must answer 30 correctly. Then familiarise yourself with the expectations of the non-pro practical test, have a read here.
      Hope that helps

  16. Rommel Peralta

    Good day po sir
    Ask ko lang po if pede b ko makakuha ng non prof license kahit walang student license, reason po is ofw po aq s uae and i have only 25-30 days vacation every two years.
    Nahihirapan po kasi kami magbyahe pag unuuwi lang kung mag cocomute lang lalo n po kasama ko anak ko n 2 yrs old p lang.
    Thank you po

    1. mbannist Post author

      According to the rules you need to obtain a student permit and have it for a month before you can sit the test.
      If you apply on your first day in the country, you could sit your test on day 29 of your leave. A trusted representative could pick the license up for you when it is ready.
      I realize that is cutting it fine but it appears to be the only way.
      However you could talk to the helpful officers at LTO about your issue, they may have some discretion, that I am not aware of.

  17. Chris L

    Hi Sir, I’m also an OFW working in Malaysia and i have a license expired for more than 2 years now. I have tried to renew my license from my last vacation to a satellite LTO office but they refused to accept my application because I need to retake LTO exam plus other requirements. I showed my passport and visa but still not possible, they say OFW is not exempted for that rule. Please enlighten me. Thank you sir.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Since August 2017 all licenses require a personal appearance by the licensee. This is because of the requirement to put biometric information into the chip that is embedded in the license. So you need to make an appointment on your next trip home to sit the exam and the practical this can be done on the same day. Let them collect your biometrics and get from them a timeline on when the license will be issued. It is not a long time and could be fitted into a holiday if co-ordinated well.

  18. Eli

    Dear sir/madam
    gud day…my son has already migrated in canada his job requires driving but unfortunately he was not able to secure his int’l driver’s licence b4 leaving can i apply in his behalf..what are the requirements and approx how much for the fees.., tnx for ur help

    1. mbannist Post author

      If your son already has a Philippines driving license then he can apply online for his international license. In Canada a valid Philippines drivers license is good for a period on arrival and then should be upgraded to a Canadian license. See the rules for each province and territory. Otherwise he cannot obtain a Philippines license without a personal appearance.
      Sorry the news is not better.

  19. Dultod

    Magandang araw po.. tanong ko lng po kung pwede ko pa ma renew ung non pro ko na license..bali 9 years npo sya expired gawa ng nag ibang bansa ako..salamat po

    1. mbannist Post author

      To regain a license you will need to resit your written and practical exams pay the fees for those plus a penalty of 225php in addition to the normal cost of renewal.
      More Than Two (2) Year
      Expired (re-exam)
      License Fee 585.00 585.00
      Penalty 225.00 225.00
      Computer Fee 67.63 67.63
      Application Fee 100.00 100.00
      Computer Fee 67.63 67.63
      TOTAL 1,045.26 1,045.26
      You must be in the country to accomplish this as new licenses require you to provide bio metric information that is stored on the chip inside the license

  20. Sarah Castro

    Hi, i applied for Philippine drivers license last September 2017 in LTO Sta. mesa, they told me that im not able to get the ID on that same day and didn’t know when it will be issued. I left last September 20 to New York without my license. I called the New York DMV about the requirements i need to get a State licence . Sadly, they don’t accept the LTO receipt and i need to present a valid PH license ID.
    Please advise on how will i get my license ID here in New York. Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      You can get a trusted representative to pick your license up for you. They will need a notarised letter from you to LTO, giving them permission to pick up your license, plus your LTO receipt. Your representative should bring photo id as well.
      This should work for you if they collected all your biometrics when you applied for your license.
      You need to act on this quickly as I was told that unclaimed licenses were going to be destroyed.

      1. Sarah Castro

        Can i just send the photocopy of the receipt? Because I can’t send it back to the Philippines as i am also driving here and my international driving permit needs a supporting document (should be my ph license) but since i dont have it . I need to keep the LTO receipt with me

        1. mbannist Post author

          Are you applying through the embassy, then I would suggest that you contact them a explain your situation. They may be able to verify that they have seen the original and provide you with a notarised copy of the receipt saying that it is a true copy. I’m sorry I have no date just read that destruction will happen eventually

          1. Sarah Castro

            Hi, No. i applied in San Juan branch of LTO before i left the country. They told me that it should be printed in 6 months. I did the picture taking and biometrics so im expecting to just pick it up once the receipt was presented. Someone told me that i have to take picture again because of the new id ,honestly its frustrating for me because I can’t just go back to the ph just because of that which I’ve already done before i left

          2. mbannist Post author

            So did you try the approach I suggested
            Go to the Philippines Consulate in New York.
            Ask them to notarise an official copy of your receipt. That is, get two photocopies and take both the original and the photocopies to the consulate and explain why you cannot return the original receipt and ask if they will verify that the receipt and the photocopy are of the same original lto receipt, by notarising the photocopies. Then send the notarised photocopy to your trusted representative with all the documents listedd and follow the instructions here except you are not renewing just collecting. In your letter to LTO you might like to explain that you need the license to transfer to a New York state license.
            TheLTO got messed up when the auditor general decided that the contract for printing the licenses was irregular and required them to tender again. I can understand your frustration my wife had to wait a year to get hers.

  21. Justine Pedregosa

    Hi! Was reading the comments but I must have missed/couldn’t see if an answer to the same situation I have is posted. I’m an OFW in Qatar and I’m planning to apply for a PIDP through my parents as authorized representatives (which is possible according to AAP) but I haven’t claimed my plastic card after I renewed my driver’s license last Feb 2017. I sent an authorization and the original receipt back home so my parents could get it tho I wanted to make sure they could because I’ve been seeing a lot of news re biometrics that would require personal appearance. Thank you so much in advance!

    1. mbannist Post author

      If all you were waiting for was the plastic, you may be able to obtain your license as per this Advisory
      It is not guaranteed as the biometrics issue has been a factor since August last year.
      If they will not give you it under that advisory I think you will have to put in a personal appearance on your next trip home.
      I would be interested to know the outcome of your application, for the benefit of others.

  22. harold estafia

    good day sir,

    tanong ko lang Sir ofw ako sa saudi arabia my license po ako dito pero wala po akong license sa pinas pwede po ba akong kumuha ng license 1238 na code kasi malalaking sasakyan po dina drive ko po dito at ganun din naka lagay sa license ko? kukuha po ako ng translation sa embassy dito sa jeddah pag ka tapos po non ano pa po ang kailangan na requirements atsaka magkanosir?
    sirmaraming salamat sir.
    God bless

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hello Harald, My Tagalog is pretty poor and so I want to check if I have the right idea about your question.
      You are driving heavy trucks legally in Saudi and want to know if you can do so when you return to the Philippines.

  23. gellie

    tanong ko lang po kung nagpapadala pa rin ba ang LTO ng license card abroad (qatar) kasi po nag email na kami sa LTO pero ang sabi sa embassy wala pa rin reply ang LTO at hindi sila sure kung nagpapadala pa rin upto now. kailangan na po kasi sa maipressent sa trabaho yung card or else balik pinas si mister.

    1. mbannist Post author

      The offer is still on the website. It is only for picking up licenses already issued but not collected while you were in the Philippines.
      The process is outlined here I you are not getting any response from the yahoo address here are several more you can try
      License Section Judith B. Campos (OIC)
      Economist III 926 7081 / 921 5370
      9229061 to 63
      I have not been getting responses to emails or even on their facebook page. If you get no luck why not try the Presidents complaint line and tell him that you are an ofw and not getting communication from lto. You could get a relative or friend to ring the number on your behalf.

  24. Geno

    Hi Sir / Mam,

    OFW ako dito sa Singapore, pero gusto ko kumuha na Ph drivers licence. I know na kailangan muna ang Student Driver Permit. May paraan po ba na maka acquire ito dito sa Singapore?

    1. mbannist Post author

      when you return on holiday you can obtain the Student Permit. Then you need to return within one year to take your test. That is the normal process. You can leave it longer than a year to take the test. However, the Student permit is for learning to drive in the Philippines. No other way sorry

  25. Jho

    Hi Maam/Sir
    I am in Australia. I have applied for student license last 2014 and has already expired. I never got the chance to apply for non-pro because I couldn’t meet the 1 month waiting period as I am only on holiday for 3 weeks in the Philippines. If I am going home this year and applied for another student license do I still need to wait again for 1 month before I can apply for non-pro. I am planning for 2 weeks holiday only.

    Thank you in advance for replying

    1. mbannist Post author

      Good news and bad. You cannot renew a student license. This means that you can sit the written test and take the practical on the same day, when you return on your holiday. You need to present your old student permit when you go for the test. If asked about the delay say you have been working overseas.
      Make sure they do all the biometrics that is, pictures, fingerprints and weight, height, hair and eye colour etc which are stored on a chip inside the card. If things are working ok you should get your license on the same day. If not ask about having a trusted representative pick it up on your behalf.

  26. Christopher pineda

    Hello po. Andito po ako sa jeddah almost 14years na ako nag work dito meron ako saudi license. Pano po ako mag apply ng license jan ss pinas kong andito naman ako abroad pwede po ba un salamat po

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Christopher,
      When you return here you can swap your unencumbered license for a Philippines License. You need to get the Saudi Embassy here in Manila to give you an official translation into English. Then proceed to the LTO office nearest you and present your Saudi License and a copy of your birth certificate and Filipino Passport and ask for your license to be changed over to a Filipino one of the same type, except that any other type than 1 or two (motorcycle and car/van to 4500kg) will require you to sit both written and practical test appropriate to that type.

  27. kriz

    good afternoon po..andto po aq sa hongkong ngaun may professional drivers license po aq at mag eexpire na po sa november 2018..december2018 pa po ako uuwi ng pinas..ano po ung mga requirements ng renewal at pag nagrenew ba aq makukuha q agad ang plastic jacket nia.? thnks po

    1. mbannist Post author

      Kriz my Tagalog is very poor and I apologise for that. I understand that you are in Hong Kong and that your Pro drivers license expires in November. Then I am lost and the translation is not helping me Could you put your question in English and I will be happy to help if i can

  28. Erik Ben Baguio

    Good Day Sir/madam, ask lang po, how to apply drivers license for OFW like me? im here in kuwait and i have Student permit but already expired, i am planning to go vacation nxtyr but only 30 days and i need to apply fo drivers license. what is the requirement and how? Thank you so much

    1. mbannist Post author

      As you cannot extend or renew a Student Permit, you need to go to your nearest LTO and show them the expired permit.
      Say you were out of the country when it expired and ask to take the written and practical test, which can be achieved on the same day.
      Make sure they do all the biometrics when you pass the test, if you are lucky you will get it almost straight away.
      If you don’t get all the biometrics and there is a delay, your representative will not be able to pick it up. Be glad to have you confirm that this works

  29. Cafro

    Hello po,
    I would like to exchange my foreign driving licence into a filipino one when I come to the philippines for vacation.
    I know I would need to translate from the embassy my licence because it’s not in english, but are there other requirements?
    Thank you po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You are able to drive using your current license for 90 days on arrival, provided you have a verified translation from your embassy here. If you are staying for more than 90 days and your license is clean you can exchange it for a Philippines license provided you have a visa that will enable you to stay in the country for a year or more. Tourist visas are never issued for a year so your visa status would have to change, For example to a Student Visa. you used to be able to obtain a Philippines license at the end of the 90 days but that was repealed a year or two ago.
      Is our site still providing the old law, if so I apologise, I thought we had amended that.
      Enjoy your holiday

  30. Ma. Vda Dizon

    Hello poh. Ofw poh ako dito sa UAE. Na expire na poh ung driving license sa pinas noong 2009 pa poh. Ngyon palang poh ako makakapagrenew. Ano po bang requirements?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there, Unfortunately, you will have to re-sit both the written and practical tests, unless you have a current UAE full license. In that case you can exchange it for a Philippines license. Let me know which are your circumstances and I will point you to the directions for doing what has to be domne.

    1. mbannist Post author

      For 90 days. You must also get a translation of the license into English from the UAE embassy here in the Philippines. After the 90 days you must apply for a Philippines license, this requires you to show a visa that has 12months validity.

  31. arjen

    is the issuance of license for ofw in embassy qatar is the old version of license? i mean 3 years validity? how about 5yrs validity license is it possible to be issued in embassy qatar?

    1. mbannist Post author

      When you passed your test what license were you sitting for a three or five year. You are applying for the LTO to send you a license whicvh you have passed and you were not able to pick it up because you had to leave to go OFW.
      Hope that clarifies this for you

  32. Joseph Montejo

    hi sir/maam kumuha po ako ng student license last December 28 2017during my vacation pero hindi ko na renew kc bumalik ako ng ubai ng feb 12 pwde ko ba siyang e renew ng pro sa next vacation ko cguro mga april 2020 ng hindi na kumuha ng bagong student tnx in advance

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Joseph. Here are the rules regarding the student drivers permit. That may help you.
      It lasts until December 2018. It is not renewable after that date.
      As of January 2018 you could take the test for non pro and as of May for the Professional license.
      If your student permit expires the law says you cannot revise modify or renew it. This is somewhat confusing as LTO recently confirmed you cannot sit the test for a full license without holding a current student permit. So I assume you have to apply for a new permit after your current one expires.

  33. Ianne Cuyugan

    Good day Sir. For how long would it take for the processing and delivery after the application was submitted in e-mail?

  34. Ianne Cuyugan

    Good day Sir. How long is the processing and the delivery days after submitting the application via email until they will notify us fo lr unclaimed driver’s license for OFW? Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry, that depends on factors beyond their control, such as the completeness of the application, how quickly the field office responds to the request, holidays etc.
      you should ask the embassy in your country what the average time for delivery is.

  35. Rolly Garcia

    Sir gooday…I have a problem about acquiring Philippine license.
    Before ihave student permit but morethan.ayears that I could not processed to renew to.professional.
    Now iwant to take again.
    How long and how much. To be processed I just want to take 1238 code.
    Im here saudi arabia more than 5yrs im driving heavy equipment trailer truck.
    Now iwant to apply in denmark and.I need that phil.license as recquirement…im coming home nextyer im here in saudi arabia…thanks for advice and helping us..

    1. mbannist Post author

      Rolly, If you hold a Saudi License for the categories you are wanting and you have held it for 2 years or more, and it has no citations on it you should be able to transfer to a Philippines license for the categories you have.
      If you do not have a Saudi license you must apply for a new Student Drivers permit after six months you can sit the written and practical tests for a Professional license. This will enable you to drive category 1 and 2 4 and 6 vehicles. After a further six months you will be eligible to drive categories 3, 5, 7 and 8.

  36. Nelo

    Hi Sir. I am an OFW working in Papua New Guinea. I have a professional Phil. Driver’s License but expired 2015. I also have a current/valid PNG Driver’s License. What will be the requirements in renewing my license during my holiday in August 2018?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Nelo
      If your PNG license is current and covers the vehicles you wish to drive in the Philippines you should be able to convert your PNG license to a non-professional Philippines license. If you PNG license is not in English you should get an official govt translation to accompany your license.
      As your Philippines Professional license has been expired for more than two years, you would have to resit both the theory and practical if you wanted to maintain a Pro license. This is feasible as you can resit both the theory and practice on the same day or within a few days of each other depending on the facilities of your local LTO.

  37. marilou

    Hi Po,

    I’m working and currently in Ireland and kukuha po ako ng license here. Need ko po ng Letter of entitlement/certification aside from my valid Philippine license:

    ‘A letter of entitlement refers to a copy of a driver record with details of name, address, date of birth, driver number, date of expiry of licence and class of licence to include details of what that class refers to’.

    Would you know po pano process and makakakuha kaya ako kahit na wla ako sa pinas?

    Many thanks po in Advance.

    1. mbannist Post author

      marilou this is the process you need to undergo
      The authorized representative here in the Philippines may file your written request at LTO, License Section, W -10, East Avenue, QC;
      This should include notarized copies of your passport bio page, your last entry and exit from the Philippines pages, reference to the requirement from the Irish authorities.
      Certification Fee is P100.00;
      State your purpose;
      For easy reference, please include in your request complete name, birthday, and driver’s license no., if available.
      Certification is issued by mail or through your representative (due to issuance of Official Receipts and use of Security papers for authentication purposes).

  38. jeiel

    ofw po ako, 1 month lang bakasyon ko dito sa pilipinas, expired na po philippines drivers license ko magagamit ko po ba dito sa pilipinas yung foreign drivers license ko?

    1. mbannist Post author

      The translation program was not helpful so I may have this wrong. Basically, the answer depends on how long your license has been expired. Under two year and you can renew your license on payment of the penalties. straight away. Over three years and you have to re-sit both the practical and theory tests that can be easily achieved during the month of your vacation if you start early. If you want more details of the penalties contact me again I am away from my computer at present.

  39. jeff bonito

    hi i am ofw in saudi arabia i have saudi license but i dont have philippine license can i use my saudi license for my vacation?

    thnk u

    1. mbannist Post author

      Yes you can. Please make sure you have an official translation into English which must be from either the licensing authority in Saudi or from the Saudi Embassy in Manila.
      Also you can use your Saudi license to obtain a Philippines license provided it has no citations on it, once again make sure you have the official Saudi translation

      From the LTO site

      2. I have a valid foreign driver’s license. Can I use it in the Philippines?

      Yes, 90 days from date of arrival.

      3. Can I convert my foreign driver’s license into Philippine driver’s license?

      Yes. If valid, no exams. If expired subject to written / practical exams. Click the link for more information. (Non-Professional Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s License)

      4. I had a Philippine driver’s license before I went abroad. Could I still use it upon arrival in the Philippines? Which license am I going to use? My foreign driver’s license or any Philippine driver’s license?

      If both are valid, you can use any of the two driver’s license. Chapter III, Sec. 21 of the Republic Act (RA) 4136, otherwise known as the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code” states that:. “Bonafide tourists and similar transients who are duly licensed to operate motor vehicles in their respective countries may be allowed to operate during but not after (90) days of their sojourn in the Philippines.”

      Nothing in this article shall be construed to prohibit the licensee for an option to convert valid foreign driver’s license to Philippine driver’s license within the period of ninety (90) days from the date of his last arrival in the Philippines. However, if the foreign driver’s license is not written in English, such driver’s license should always be accompanied by an Official English translation issued by the Local Embassy of the issuing country. This is necessary in order to avoid cialis side effects. Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 495-2004 date 24 February 2004 entitled “Amendments to EMA-MC-01366 dated 09 October 2001 Re:
      “Revised Guidelines on Conversion of Foreign Driver’s Into Philippine Driver’s License” provides the following requirements and procedure, to wit:

      4.1. Original and 1 (one) photocopy of valid foreign license. If the foreign driver’s license in not in English Language, the applicant should submit an official English
      translation from the local Embassy of the issuing Country;
      4.2. Original and machine copy of a valid passport showing the latest date of arrival in the Philippines of the foreign applicant;
      4.3. Original and machine copy of valid visa or Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) if the foreign applicant temporarily resides in the Philippines;
      4.4. Original copy of Medical Certificate issued by an LTO accredited or government physician;
      4.5. Original copy of drug test result issued by DOH Accredited Drug Testing Center;
      4.6. If, foreign license is expired, applicant shall undergo written and practical examinations;
      4.7. Venue: LTO, Main Office, East Ave., QC, or any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers nationwide.
      4.8. Restriction Code is limited to “1” (motorcycle/motorized tricycles) & “2” (motor vehicles up to 4500 kgs. GVW) only. Valid or not, if a foreign driver’s license is converted
      into Professional driver’s license, an applicant is required to undergo a written and practical examinations. An applicant must present proof as to why there is a need to
      secure a Professional driver’s license, such as:

      4.8.1. Venue: If an applicant is hired as a company employee, the following documents must be presented:

      (a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;
      (b) Original and machine copy of Certificate of Employment from local employer or foreign employer in the Philippines;
      (c) Original and machine copy valid working visa issued by the Bureau of Immigration or valid working permit issued by the Department of labor and Employment.

      4.8.2. Venue: If the applicant operates his or her own business, the following documents must be presented:

      (a) Original copy of Police / NBI / Court Clearance issued from the area of residence;
      (b) Original and machine copy of Investment Permit duly issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) if the
      foreign applicant operates his own business;
      (c) Original and machine copy of certificate of registration and current official receipt of payment if there is a need to operate a motor vehicle classified as “Heavy”.
      The said vehicle must be the one used as the test drive vehicle during the actual examination and therefore shall determine the appropriate restriction thereof;

      Please take note that Professional driver’s license holder allows all types/classifications of motor vehicles specified in the reverse side of the Philippine driver’s license card, however, written & practical examination according to type/classification of motor vehicle being applied for.
      hope that helps
      have a great vacation

  40. Katherine

    Hi! Kapag ofw po ba at nagrenew through a representative po dyan sa Pinas kasi nasa abroad pa rin bago magexpire ang license, sa LTO East Ave lang po ba yun pwedeng gawin? Or pwede din po sa ibang offices?

    Once na maging successful po at maissue-han ng resibo yung representive para dun sa ofw, kailangan po bang magpersonal appearance agad ng ofw para sa biometrics, etc? Hindi po ba siya allowed magdrive na resibo lang hawak? Yung ofw po kasi ang dating ay Sabado so sarado po ang offices kaya hindi po sya makakapag biometrics agad pero need na po sana nya magdrive pagkadating.

    Thank you po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you provided all biometrics then you should be able to have a trusted representative pick up your license. As per this page
      If you passed your drivers license or had it renewed but did not complete the providing of biometrics, photos, fingerprints etc. You cannot pick up your until these are provided. If you believe you have a special case, then make direct contact. Hope that helps

  41. Mary

    Hello po. just want to ask if the Philippine Embassy here in Japan is accepting to renew my Phil. liscense mag expire na kasi this Oct. or do I need to go to Phil. just to renew it?
    looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Mary if you provided your biometrics when you last renewed. That is fingerprints, weight, height, eye and hair color, then you might be able to follow the process outlined here However I can give no guarantee as the issue of biometrics only became a requirement in August of 2017. If you have a trusted representative you could provide them with the documentation and let them try. Otherwise you will have to renew on your next trip home

  42. Dianne

    Hello. I am an OFW in Bahrain and driving here for 4 years with Bahrain driving license ( english). I will take my vacation in Phils for 1 month and planning to drive and use my Bahrain driving license there. Would it be possible? Thanks.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Provided your license is in English and is in good standing you are able to use it for 90 days in the Philippines.
      If the license has any non English in it you would need to get an official translation from their Embassy in Manila. It should be carried with your license

      If you were interested you could use your current license to obtain a Philippines license.
      Depending on the type of license you currently hold this could be either a non-pro or pro license.
      Have a great holiday

  43. Lyster

    Hello po , im ofw from spain po . And wala po akong any kund of phil. License , and balak ko po sana umuwi for vacation up to 30days . Ask ko lang po kung my mabilis na process para makakuha ng driving license para sa pag uwi ko and makagamit ng sasakyan . Thank you in advance.

    1. mbannist Post author

      In short the answer is no. You would have to get a student drivers permit which would not allow you to drive unaccompanied.
      Do you have a Spanish license, if so you can drive on that for up to 90 days, provided you get n official translation to English and carry that with your license throughout your stay. Translation has to come from the Spanish Embassy here in the Philippines or their equivalent of Dept of Foreign Affairs before you leave.

  44. Paul

    Hello po, im ofw in kuwait i have a non pro phil license last 2016 before i come in kuwait. And now im going vacation this january 2019.my license is expired and i want to drive in philippines during my vaction..what should i do po..thanks in advance

    1. mbannist Post author

      If your license has expired less than two years, you can take it to the LTO and get it renewed, without having to be tested again. There is a penalty of 75 pesos for one year and 150 pesos for more than one year and up to two years. Apart from that, you would have to take your tests both written and practical pay a penalty of 200 pesos and pay for a new license. This can be done on your first day back in the country if your local LTO has testing each day. Of course, if you fail the test you will not be able to drive while on your vacation.
      Have you been driving in Kuwait, if you hold a full Kuwaiti drivers license you can drive in the Philippines for 90 days. You will need to have your license translated into English at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Manila. Hope That Helps

    1. mbannist Post author

      Dexter, you cannot apply for a student drivers license unless you are in the Philippines.
      If you have a current drivers license that you wish to renew then you may be able to renew it as follows.

      LTO accepts driver’s license renewals while abroad. Administrative Order (AO) No. 88-002 dated 08 November 1988 entitled: “Validating the Expired Driver’s License of Overseas Workers” provides for the following requirements and procedure:

      • A Letter of Authority nominating a trusted representative to act on your behalf. This must be the person who conducts your business, if for any reason that person becomes unavailable then you must nominate another person and provide them with your authorisation
        • A completed application for Driver’s License (ADL), the form is downloadable and can be downloaded, completed and scanned back into your computer and sent with the following attachments
        • Photocopies of the following pages from your Passport:
        • First page (The one containing your personal details)
        • Visa-page of the country where you are currently domiciled
        • Page with last departure stamp showing your exit from Philippines.
        • page showing date stamp of your last arrival overseas.
      • Photo-copy of your driver’s license.
      • Photocopy of your driver’s license receipt (DLR), if available.

      Which Office Should They Attend?

      (a) LTO, License Section Central Office – within National Capital Region
      (b) Any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers – Outside Metro Manila

      The Process

      Your trusted representative will present the documents to a Receiving Officer who will check that all the required documents are present.
      The documents will be passed to an evaluating officer who will check that the documents are valid and will enter the information into the system.
      Your representative will receive a driver’s license receipt (DLR) which will serve as your temporary driver’s license (TDL).
      They will need to send those documents to you, if you need them to drive where you are working. Or hold onto them until you return to the Philippines. Then you will need to go to the office where your trusted representative renewed your license, within thirty (30) days of arrival.
      There you will to the same office where the renewal was made for:

      • Collection of biometrics
      • Photo-taking
      • Digital signature production</li

      You will also need to submit the following;

      • A medical certificate. The process for obtaining a medical certificate has undergone another change. The change is three tiered.
        Registration of companies, partnerships and individuals wishing to provide medical services for license/conductor applicants.

      • A new thorough testing regime.
      • Electronic submission to LTO. This aspect only has been suspennded tempoarily because of technical glitches
      • Your old drivers license.
      • The original and a photo-copy of your passport, particularly the last exit stamp from the country you work in and your entry stamp back into the Philippines.
      • You will be asked to check that all the information on your license is correct before printing. If so your license will be printed.
        You will pay the required fee and receive your Official Receipt (OR)
        When your license is ready you will sign the release form and receive your license.


        Non-Professional – P 585.00
        Professional – P 585.00
        If there are revisions to your personal information There will be an extra 100 php fee
        If your license has expired by no more than two years you can still renew there will be an additional penalty of 75php per year.

      So to summerise: The only way to get a license if you are out of the country, is by renewing a license you alreadt have even if it has expired by up to two years. Hope that helps

  45. Jonathan Capco

    i have renewed my drivers lic way back feb of 2017, during that time LTO GUADALUPE told me that there is no CARD available- I am an OFW – and I only stay in Manila for almost 3 weeks per yearly vacation, last 2018 Feb , I went back to LTO Gaudalupt to get my CARD type lic, unfortunately—again on a ordinary day–the from LTO told us to come back on a SATURDAY- for the release of the CARD—which we did—-but to our dismay—LTO GUADALUPE is CLOSED–since my time is limited i never came back ,,,now 2019 im going back again —just wondering will my card type now be available in LTO GUADALUPE??? only GOD knows!

    1. mbannist Post author

      Supplies of cards are better these days, so you may be luckier than previously. Very few offices open on Saturdays and then usually for specific purposes such as annual reporting for aliens, Guadalupe is not one so you were given bad information. My advice is this go as soon as you get back. If there is any delay ask them how you can get a trusted representative to pick it up. There is a process for that. Depending on where you are working you may also be able to get them to send you the license, I think it is qatar, Kuwait, Saudi? Just ask at the office If you are still getting no where ring the presidential hotline and tell them you are an OFW and having trouble getting your license. Hope that helps

  46. ruben vallero

    sir paano ko maiprocess yung student license ko to professional kung 1yr valid lang at student license ko at 2yrs contract ako dito sa qatar?salamat po!

    1. mbannist Post author

      My only suggestion is that you sit for your non-pro license before you leave for Qatar, you can do that after only 4 weeks of a student license. If successful you can go for your non-pro to pro license conversion when you return to Philippines as that license lasts five years. Otherwise your only option may be to obtain a license in Qatar, if it is possible to do so, I know that in some countries it is not.

  47. Jojit

    Just an inquiry, I need to get a driver’s license and I have to do it all over again from the beginning since my non-pro have expired ages ago. So in getting a student permit, can I ask my dad to get apply on my behalf? The reason is it should be atleast 30 days upon issuance of student permit to apply for a Non-Pro and my time in The Philippines is not enough. So perhaps if student permit has been issued in advance then I can apply for a Non-Pro personally within the time being i am in The Philippines. Is it possible?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry Jojit, I don’t think you can. However, it would be worthwhile your dad approaching your local LTO and asking them as the father of an OFW. They may have discretion in some cases. The issue, of course, will be the biometrics that they collect, on application, but do give it a try and let me know how it goes. If your Dad is not sure what he should say, drop me another line and I will give you an outline. Regards

  48. Joe

    Hi, thanks so much for this great post. I have a question, Im from Ireland, currently living in Spain, but I got my driving license in the Philippines where I have been living the last 15 years. Now it has expired and I need to renew it, is there anyway I can do it going to the local Embassy in Madrid, or online somehow with out having to travel all the way there just to get it renewed? I left right before they gave the real licenses so I hve the old receipt they used to give. I really hope I can find a way without having to travel all the way there!!!

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry Joe, I don’t think there is. Filipino OFW’s can get another trusted representative to carry out a transaction for them, the rep gets a receipt but they have to present themselves personally to get the license card, when they return on leave. Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but hey. you must still have lots of exploring to do here. Come for a holiday you have two years after expiry to renew. However you do have to go through a much more thorough medical for renewal

  49. rav

    good day sir i have a question. i am ofw here in saudi arabia i have a driver license but i dont have a philippines license how i apply a pro driver license.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You can convert your current license, provided it is in good standing, when you next return on leave. Here is the process.


      Duly Accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL);
      Valid SP issued at least thirty (30) days from date of application;
      Medical Certififcate issued by any licensed practicing physician stating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle or otherwise stating his/her impairment; and
      In addition, for foreigners, original and photocopy of passport with entry of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least one (1) year from date of application, or if born in the Philippines, present original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
      In the event that the applicant is a holder of a valid Foreign Driver’s License, the applicant may present the original and photocopy of Foreign Driver’s License, if not in English language, original and photocopy of official English translation from Embassy of the issuing country instead of an SP.
      You must still follow the process fully.
      This gives you a Non-Professional license immediately.
      A Pro license can be obtained after the time periods stated below.

      Duly accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL);
      For RC 1,2,4 and 6 – Must be a holder of a valid SP issued at least six (6) months prior to the application.
      For RC 3,5,7 and 8 – Must be a holder of a valid NPDL issued at least one (1) year prior to the application or PDL holder with RC 1,2,4 and 6 for a period of at least six (6) months prior to the application.
      Medical Certificate issued by any licensed practicing physician stating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle (or work, in the case of applications for Conductor’s License);
      Clearance that the applicant has not been convicted of any offense involving moral turpitude or reckless imprudence resulting from reckless driving from all the following:
      • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI); and
      • Philippine national Police (PNP)
      In addition, for foreigners, original and photocopy of passport with entry of at least one (1) year from date of application, or if born in the Philippines, present original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

  50. Jesson

    Hello po. Good day.

    Ask ko lang po. I am currently in Kuwait magpaparenew po ako ng driving license sa kapatid gamit po ang SPA from our embassy. Makukuha nya po ba the same day yung renewed license?

    Thank you po in advance sa sagot. 😉

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry my Tagalog is Google Translate and it sometimes gets it wrong. As I understand it you are an OFW in Kuwait. You want your brother to renew your license. Here is the process, if I have it wrong please get back to me.
      You can renew your license while you are abroad, but you will not receive the full license until you return to the Philippines and undergo a medical and complete all your biometrics such as: fingerprinting, photo, weight, height, etc
      1.1. Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa-page & departure page-indicating the date of last departure in the Phil. & date of last arrival overseas);
      1.2. Letter of Authority to authorized representative;
      1.3. Photo-copy of driver’s license and driver’s license receipt (DLR), if available;
      1.4. Venues are:

      (a) LTO, License Section Central Office – within National Capital Region
      (b) Any LTO District Offices / Licensing Centers – Outside Metro Manila

      1.5. The driver’s license shall be validated by issuing a driver’s license receipt (DLR) which will serve as temporary driver’s license (TDL);
      1.6. The license shall present himself/herself within thirty (30) days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photo-taking and to submit the

      (a) driver’s license
      (b) drug-test result
      (c) medical certificate
      (d) photo-copy of passport
      Plus the appropriate fees.
      Your brother will be able to complete the process in one day and courier the receipt to you, but I stress that it is not the license. Some authorities are happy to accept that receipt until you return, to the Philpppines on leave and can complete the process.

  51. Allan tegelan

    Hello po. Im ofw hede s saudi. Ask ko po kung ppwede po b mg avail ng drivers licence ng pinas. Wala po ako recent na docs. I mea. Pwede po b ipalakad s kapatid ko ang lisensya ko pra sa pag uwi ko mkpag drive ako kahit motorcycle lang. Salamat po s sasagot

    1. mbannist Post author

      Sorry Allen I thought I answered this yesterday. But it appears it wasn’t saved. Old age catching up I think. My understanding is you want to eith renew or obtain a new Philippines license while overseas.
      You are able to renew your license if it has not expired or on payment of appropriate penalties for up to 2 years after it expires. After that time you need to return to the Philippines as you will need to resit theory and practical tests. The process is outlined in my response to Jesson’s comment.
      However you are unable to obtain either a new license or student drivers permit without being in the country.
      If you are the holder of a current, valid overseas license you are able to convert that to a Philippines license just follow the process outlined below

      Duly Accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL);
      Valid SP issued at least thirty (30) days from date of application;
      Medical Certififcate issued by any licensed practicing physician stating that the applicant is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle or otherwise stating his/her impairment; and
      In addition, for foreigners, original and photocopy of passport with entry of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least one (1) year from date of application, or if born in the Philippines, present original and photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).
      In the event that the applicant is a holder of a valid Foreign Driver’s License, the applicant may present the original and photocopy of Foreign Driver’s License, if not in English language, original and photocopy of official English translation from Embassy of the issuing country instead of an SP.
      Hope that helps

  52. zenaida apa-ap

    hi there. I’m just confused if I am able to apply a Philippine driving license via online if I am holding a Hongkong learner’s driving license at the moment? I’m taking an yearly holiday vacation after several months and planning to rent a car when I get home, so hopefully I can process a license soon. hope you can advice…thank you so much in advance.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You cannot get a drivers license online unless you are renewing a current Philippines license or one that expired less than two years ago.

      As the holder of a Hong Kong Drivers license, you may drive in the Philippines, provided your Hong Kong license is is in English or you have a translation provided by your embassy here in the Philippines. Your Hong Kong License must also be current and in good standing.

      This from the website
      I have a valid foreign driver’s license. Can I use it in the Philippines?

      Yes, 90 days from date of arrival. Remember the official translation if not in English.

      3. Can I convert my foreign driver’s license into Philippine driver’s license?

      Yes. If valid, no exams. If expired subject to written / practical exams. Click the link for more information. (Non-Professional Driver’s License, Professional Driver’s License)

      1. mbannist Post author

        Sorry, I missed the fact that your hong Kong License is only a learner license. That means all i said previously is incorrect. The best you can do is to apply for a student permit when you arrive here. It means you will need to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver while here, or you get the full Hong Kong license before you leave. Sorry to have done that to yoyu.

  53. Alvin canonicato

    Hi sir gusto ko po kmuha ulit ng SP this coming dec pag bakasyon ko po ilan days po b ma renew ng non prof kz 4 weeks lng bnigay skin na leave my SP n po ako kaya lng expire na po ng 1 year o pwede po b e convert ko ang foriegn liscense ko n lng?thank you po

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Alvin, forgive my poor Tagalog provided by Google I am afraid. Can you clarify for me why you don’t just renew your Non Pro drivers license, rather than trying to get another SP, which if you already have a license, would be rejected anyway? If you have a Non-professional drivers license in good standing that is it is current or expired for less than two years and has no endorsements. HTH

  54. Alan villaruel

    Sir ask lang po….nawala po.kasi license ko sa pinas…hindi pa po na expire..pro nakakuha po ako agad ng affidavite of lose sa atty.hindi kulang na procces agad sa LTO dahil paalis nako ng bansa..ngayun nag expire na nuong feb 2018.panu po ba ma renew yon na adito nko sa abroad..salamat po

    1. mbannist Post author

      Renewing your license from overseas is possible. If it expired in 2018, then you can renew it remotely. If issued in 2018 you are ok as well.
      1.Photocopies of Passport (first page, visa page & departure in the Philippines and last arrival overseas)
      2.Letter of authority to authorized representative. This require you to state who you are, who they are, provide two forms of ID, (certified copies are ok), get your representative to take ID as well.
      3.Photocopy of driver’s License and Driver’s License Receipt (DLR), if available. In your situation a copy of the affivdavit of loss, with all the license details.
      Your representative will attend the local LTO office and present those documents at the counter.

      They will issue you a driver’s license receipt (DLR) which will serve as temporary driver’s license (TDL).

      On returning to the Philippines you will need to go within thirty (30) days of arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photo-taking and submit the following:
      i. Driver’s License
      ii. Drug Result
      iii. Electronically transmitted medical examination certificates
      iv. TIN / TIN Card (xerox)
      v. Photocopy of Passport


      Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a Driver’s License Application Form. (This form is available for download. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.) Get a queue number and wait for your number to be called.
      When your number is called, proceed to evaluator counter and submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
      Proceed to the Photo Taking/ Signature Area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called.
      Proceed to the cashier when your name is called to pay for the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt.
      Proceed to the Releasing Counter, present the Official Receipt and claim the Card type License. You are required to write your name and affix your signature in the appropriate Released Form.

      hope that helps

  55. Jess Marjoe Joaquino

    Hi mga sir.. galing po ako nang thailand OFW po ako. nawala po ang driver’s license ko at dormant na po iyon pero my driver’s license ako doon both car and motorcycle… Gusto ko po ko moha nang drivers license dito sa pinas habang nandito ako ano po ang gagawin ko po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You can get your license replaced no matter how long ago it was issued, provided you can supply them with the details on your license and prove by ID that it it is you. If if was less than two years dormant you can renew without having to be retested. Over two years and you will have to sit all the tests you originally took, to get your license. Do not make the mistake of applying for a new license as there are penalties for having duplicate licenses.

  56. Bash

    Greetings po!

    For OFW po na nkakuha na ng Student Permit ‘Driver’s License” sa pinas, magbabakasyon sana etong year nato pero due to this covid 19 di po natuloy at na expired yung SP nya, pano po ma rerenew yun into non prof. na nandito sa Saudi Arabia.

    1. mbannist Post author

      I read that OFW’s were being granted extension to license renewals due to Covid 19. You would need to sit your Non Pro while you are on vacation for this to work. I suggest you contact the nearest LTO on your arrival and get the latest details. HTH

  57. Ma. Elizabeth Cabaddu

    Good evening po! Is there a way to get a non pro driver’s license kahit nandito po ako sa Singapore? Expired na po student’s license ko and was not able to go home and apply for my non pro because of the pandemic.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Maybe you could contact the Philippines Embassy in Singapore and see uif they have any powers of discretion to extend licenses. As far as I understand the process of obtaining a Student Permit or any type of license has become more difficult as you have to pass practical qas well as theoretical tests at each stage. You would need to be here to sit those.

  58. Denise Bruno

    I am former OFW and have gone final exit from Saudi Arabia few months ago and now in the Philippines. I have with me my Saudi Driving License. Can I convert my Saudi Driving License with Philippine Driving License? What are the procedures and how long it will take to get Philippine Driving License.

    1. mbannist Post author

      If your Saudi License is current, and has an English translation from the Saudi Embassy attached, then you can get your license converted to a Philippines one in one day. Here are the links to the process.
      1. Licenses converting from foreign to Philippines, require no additional testing provided the license is current and their is a English translation approved by the Saudi embassy.
      2. You will need to check that your local office is open and able to process this transaction.
      3. You will need to have:
      a) Original and a photocopy of valid foreign license. The applicant must submit an official English translation from the local embassy of their issuing country if their foreign driver’s license is not in English.
      b) Valid passport with the applicant’s current arrival date in the Philippines
      c) Medical certificate and negative drug test result (from a DOH or LTO-accredited drug testing center or hospital)
      d) Filled out driver’s license application form (ADL)
      e) If employed: Taxpayer’s identification number (TIN), in compliance to Executive Order 98 & MC ACL-2009-1251
      f) The country which issued your license must have an embassy in the Philippines. Saudi does in Manila
      The Process
      1. In your nearest LTO licensing center, proceed to the customer service counter and secure a driver’s license application form. You can also download the ADL form here and have it filled out before transacting to any LTO office.
      2. Get a checklist of requirements and a queue number from LTO customer service counter and wait for your number to be called.
      3. Once your number is called, go to the evaluator counter to submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
      4. When your name is called, proceed to where your photo and signature and fingerprint would be taken.
      5. Go to the cashier and pay the application fee.
      6. Proceed to the releasing counter once your name is called and present the OR to claim your driver’s license.

      Fees and charges
      Total ₱517.63 Can change at any time
      In any other circumstances you would need to undergo the new training written and practical required under the new regulations
      Hope That Helps

  59. alberto

    Hello Sir, my Phils. driver license expired last jan. 2016. and i want to renew next year in time of my vacation. I have uae driver’s license. what are the requirements to get new phil. driver license.

    Thank you.

    1. mbannist Post author

      You would find it difficult to obtain a new license during a vacation, given that your old license expired over 2 years ago.
      Under new regulations you would need to study, attend and pass the practical driving courses, run by accredited driving schools and selected LTO location. There are course tailored for any additional restriction codes you may want on your license, for example, motorcycle, heavy truck etc.
      You would then need to sit the normal LTO tests both written and practical.
      However I think you may have a way forward.
      If your UAE license is up to date and in good standing. Then you can just replace your UAE license with a Philippines license. (Your UAE license remains valid)

      Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
      Must be able to read and write in Filipino and/or English
      Must have passed the written and practical examinatio
      Must be a holder of a foreign driver’s license
      Must NOT have been cited for two (2) or more counts of reckless driving during the period of validity of his/her foreign license


      Duly accomplished Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL)
      Presentation of copy of the medical certificate. (Electronically transmitted to LTO by the accredited medical clinic)
      Presentation of original and submission of one (1) photocopy of foreign Driver’s License. If the foreign Driver’s License is not in English language, original and one photocopy of official English translation.
      Presentation of original and submission of one (1) photocopy of valid passport showing the first page, visa page and latest date of entry in the Philippines or if born in the Philippines, presentation of the original and submission of one (1) photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). In areas where there is no PSA branch, presentation of the original and submission of one (1) photocopy of birth certificate validated by the Office of the Local Civil Registry with attached Official ReceiptThat can be accoomplished in one day providing you only want a NPDL
      Hope that helps

    1. mbannist Post author

      If you sat and passed your test, and left the country as an OFW before the license could be issued., you may have a case. The instructions you are referring to were a response to a time when license cards were not readily available so licenses could not be issued immediately. If that is your situation I suggest you contact your nearest embassy or consular office to begin the process.

      1. Soc Anthony Liray

        Definitely. I have the Official receipt for my Driver’s License. I waited for the card to be released since everytime I went to LTO there were some issues with printers and etc. Just wanna know if its applicable to process in Canada because it only shows Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Thank you..

        1. mbannist Post author

          As I said previously, I think your next step is to contact your nearest consul or embassy and begin the process. Others from countries outside of those mentioned in the memo have been advised to apply and we have had no feedback that indicates they were unsuccessful. You could also try getting a trusted representative to pick up your license. To do that you need to write a letter authorising them to pick up the license and provide them with the original receipt. HTH Charles

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