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OFW’s – How To Get Your Philippines Driver’s License If You Are Not Here.

For those of you who have relatives, friends or spouses working as OFW’s and who were not able to collect their driver’s license at the time of issue

The LTO has issued a notice to all OFW’s who have unclaimed Philippines driver’s licenses.

You will find the memo at the Official LTO Site.

This will enable you to pick up your license at the Philippines Embassy nearest to your place of work.

An application form needs to be completed and this can accessed from the memo page.

34 thoughts on “OFW’s – How To Get Your Philippines Driver’s License If You Are Not Here.

  1. vlademer

    Hi Sir,
    How to process my unclaimed drivers license card because I am here in Netherlands. As what I read in the news is only Bharain, Quatar and Saudi how about here in Netherlands?

    1. mbannist Post author

      vlademer, Follow the same procedure, by making contact with your Philippines embassy serving the Netherlands and giving them your receipt numbers and any other data they may require.


    Sir,paano po ako makakuha ng non prof license? Nandito kac ako ngaun sa QATAR at may STUDENT LICENSE ako pero ma expire na ngayong july 28, di ko kac na renew ito noong nandon ako sa PILIPINAS kac nag aplay ako ng trabaho. Anu po ba ang gagawin ko para makapag drive ako sa motor ko. Salamat po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there, Do you need the license for driving in Qatar? If so then I think the new rules for getting a drivers licence in that country require you to sit for a Qatar license and even then your occupation may not permit you to hold a license.

      If you are concerned about driving on your return to the Philippines, then the news is better. Even though your student permit may have expired, and cannot be renewed, getting a new one is just a matter of following the same process and providing the same documents that you did previously. To assist you the whole process is outlined here. Do this as soon as you return to the Philippines and you can be riding the same day.

    2. Rey jay

      Hi sir goodmorning same po kami nang situation pero andito ako sa japan ang student permit kurin po ay expire na pwede pa po ba itong ma renew kung sakali akoy uuwi nang pinas? Kahit non prof lang po?

      1. mbannist Post author

        Hi there Rey Jay
        The Student Drivers Permit cannot be renewed. If there is a big gap between the expiry and you returning to the Philippines then you may be able to apply for a new permit. You will need to attend your lto office in person to see if your circumstances qualify. See this Administrative Order for more details

  3. George

    Sir gud day.. dto po ako sa qatar ngaun, nag renew po ako ng driving license ko s pinas last vacation ko april 2017 pero dko sya nakuha, july daw sabi skin pero paano yan andto nko paano ko sya makukuha???? Please reply..

    1. mbannist Post author

      Please accept my apologies I don’t speak tagalog at all and Bisaya very poorly. Am I understanding that you are looking for the process to claim your Philippines drivers license from where you work in qatar. If so go to the LTO site and download the application process to have the license delivered to the nearest embassy to you, for pickup. If That is not what you are asking please ask again.

  4. Jun

    Hello,how to renew my expired driver license here in abroad.im here in riyadh saudi arabia right now.my point is i dont want to get back zero again.i mean.to get and the requirments.taking the exam and test drive.because my driver license had expired last june 16,2016 last year and my contract will be end july 2018.plz help me what should i do to prevent going back to the begging of getting new driver license.

  5. Mark

    Hi sir
    nandito po ako sa US ngayon, di ko nakuha yung Drivers license ko jan sa Pilipinas hawak ko po yung resibo, paano ko po makukuha yung Drivers license card ko? mahirap po kasi kumuha ng drivers license dito pag di hawak yung licence card, balik driving school kasi, at sayang ang oras at magal pag nagdriving school pa po.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Mark,
      If you are in the US as an OFW, then you could follow the process I outlined in the post you read. However I suspect this is not the case and you are now living in the US permanently or for study. If that is the case, you will need to provide someone in the Philippines, that you trust with the receipt a power of attorney and copies of two photo id’s and arrange for them to pick up your license and forward it to you.
      Getting a drivers license in most western countries is much more intense than in the Philippines.

  6. Mariano Geronimo

    Good evening po. I have been working abroad for about 18 years and even po yung non pro kong drivers license kong n expired ay di ko n din po mahanap. Pauwi po ako ng december this year and gusto ko pong mag drive dyan sa Pilipinas ng almost 4 weeks during our vacation. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

    Btw po, mayron po akong drivers license d2 sa Qatar n 13yrs ko n din pong gamit.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      I hope I have interpreted this correctly. Your Philippines driver’s license has expired, but you have a valid Qatari license, and you wish to drive here while you are home on vacation, is that license valid to drive on.
      The answer to that question is yes you can drive on that license while you are here, for up to 90 days.
      If I got it wrong let me know and I will try again. My first language is English, if that helps.

  7. Francia

    Hi!.i want to claim my driver’s license I applied for before I leave Philippines last october 2017. Unfortunately, the LTO office where I applied my driver’s license told my Niece that i Need to be there before i can claim it. The online process for claiming driver’s license OF OFW are only available those in Bahrain, Qatar and KSA. Can I possibly do the same thing?.i am here in New Zealand.thanks!.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Francia,
      If you had completed all aspects of your application and were just waiting to pick up the physical license, then my understanding is that you can authorise another trusted person to do this on your behalf. However I was not able to locate the requirements or process and have emailed my contact in lto head office for an answer and a reference for how this is achieved. Watch thus space for further information. Sorry cannot get your info quicker but it is Sunday.

      1. Francia

        Thanks for your reply..I have ready ask my niece to ask the LTO office where I have applied about the requirements but they said that I should be physically present to do the biometrics as required by the new system. If your contact through LTO head office Will confirm that I can do the same process for those in Qatar, Bahrain and KSA then I Will make arrangements with the embassy here in nz.thank you for your Help!.Godbless and Merry Christmas!.

        1. mbannist Post author

          Get your uncle to return to the LTO office where you took your teast and explain again that you are overseas and not returning for some time. One person I talked to, not my regular contact, said that they can issue an old style license, for three years if you will be returning to the philiphines before expiration, but i cannot find anything to verify this. The issue is that the new biometric requirements came out in Aug, if you sat your test and were issued your license before that you will have a good argument for the issue of a non biometric license, as you are being penalised unfairly. But if issued after that date they are saying that you should have had the biometrics dfone already, and if not that is your error. I think the the offer to OFW’s was tidying up those non biometric licenses and all future licenses will need the biometrics. Sorry I can’t be more help. When my contact is back in the office and contacts me i will post his response.

  8. Percival Baisa

    Hello Po Sir/Madam,

    Hope matulungan niyo po ako sa query ko.

    OFW po ako dito sa saudi arabia, wala pa po akong License ng Pilipinas pero meron po akong lisencya ng Saudi Arabia ang tanong ko po is pagumuwi po ba ako ng Pilipinas for a Vacation magagamit ko po ba ang Saudi License ko? Pwede ko rin po bang ipalit ung Saudi License ko sa Philippine License?

    Sana po ay masagot niyo ang aking katanungan.

    Maraming Salamat po.


    Percival Baisa

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi there,
      Any license must be current and valid for driving in Saudi, for the type of vehicle you wish to drive here.
      If the license is written in English, then you may use it for up to 90 days.
      If it is written in any other language then you must also carry an official english transcription. This should be issued by the Saudi embassy in the Philipiines or a source sanctioned by them.
      Enjoy your holiday

    2. Percival Baisa

      Hello Sir/Madam,

      Let me translate my first comment in english language.

      I am an OFW in Saudi Arabia and i don’t have a Philppine Driving License but i have a Saudi Driving License. Now, my question is can i use my Saudi License to drive in the Philippines whileim on vacation? Can i exchange my Saudi Driving License to Philippine Driving License.

      Here’s hoping for your quick response regarding my query.


      Percival Baisa

      1. mbannist Post author

        i have answered your question below.
        Yes, but you must meet the conditions below.
        1. if your current saudi license is legal, ie current and will remain so throughout your stay and has no sanctions or restrictions that would stop you driving the class of vehicle you wish to drive here in the Philippines.
        2. your license must be in English, if not then you must have an official translation from the Saudi embassy here in the Philippines. You may be able get that official translation before you leave Saudi.
        As a Filipino you can obtain a a conversion of your license to a Filipino one. You need to ensure that the name on your passport and on ypur Saudi license are exactly the same. The process takes a few hours at an LTO office, check that your local can do this.
        If I am still not clear please be specific about what you don’t understand

  9. Ly

    Hi! I have non professional driver’s license that has been expired since October of 2011. I’m here in Canada since May of 2011. I want to know if i can still renew it and get a professional driver’s license instead of non pro. I also want to know if they can change my name back to my maiden name because my name on my license was still my married name. I got widowed on July 2008. All my documents now including my passport are already changed to my maiden name. Thank you and looking forward for your reply.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi Ly,
      I think the length of time that your licence has expired may preclude you renewing it while overseas, as it usually entails you resitting both the practical and theory tests, after two years. However the LTO site does not specifically say you can’t so i have outlined the processs, but my advice is to get someone you trust to go to the LTO and outline the situation. Also you may face some difficulty as you have not returned to the philippines for some time.
      So here is the process
      You can renew your non professional drivers license, using a trusted representative, even if the license has expired. It does require the payment of a penalty fee.

      • 1 Day to 1 Year: 75.00
      • 1 Year & 1 Day to 2 Years: 150.00
      • More Than 2 Years: 225.00

      The requirements are as follows:

      • The original and a photocopy of the Non-Professional (NPDL) or Professional (PDL) Driver’s License.
      • Photocopy of your Philippine passport. (Data page and page with current visa)
      • Letter from you addressed to the Land Transportation Office requesting the renewal and authorizing a representative to renew the Driver’s License on your behalf.
      • The applicable fees. Currently 652.63 plus the penalty

      Your authorized representative presents the above-mentioned requirements to the LTO License Section/District Office/Licensing Center.
      The LTO shall:

      • Accept the renewal request
      • Collect required fees
      • Release the owner’s copy of the Driver’s License Receipt (DLR) to the representative. They should then courier it straight to you
      • The releasing Clerk shall stamp the words “LICENSEE ABROAD. FOR THE PHOTO-TAKE WITHIN 30 DAYS UPON ARRIVAL” at the right side portion of the DLR.
      • The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall keep on file all the documents until such time that the licensee appears at the LTO office for photograph taking.

      You then need to present yourself, within thirty (30) days of arriving back in the Philippines, at the same office where the renewal was made for photograph taking with you following documents:

      • Original DLR issued to your representative. (in case of lost DLR, submit a duly notarized affidavit of loss)
      • Original passport
      • Medical certificate
      • Original expired driver’s license
      • The Officer willl retrieve from the files the documents previously submitted to incorporate with the other requirements.

      The evaluator will process the documents and after approval, recommend for the production of the driver’s license and release same to the licensee.

      To get your renewed license issued in your maiden name, will require you to provide your representative with certified copies of your marriage license, your annulment papers and your birth certificate, and a notorised declaration seeking the name change, with the reason.
      It is definitely not possible to get a change from non professional to professional license as your license has expired and would require you to resit both written and practical tests. So you will have to wait until you return to the Philippines

      1. mbannist Post author

        Another factor that may make your life more difficult is the fact that as of August of this year licenses required biometric information, such as fingerprints to be provided and may call the whole process into question. My enquiries of our contact within LTO have not be successful as he is on annual leave until the middle of January.

  10. Ynah

    Hi. I had my student driver’s license way back 2009 and its already expired a year after. Now i wanted to get a new student license but i want to know if its possible to retain my very first student license number which was F01-10 XXXXXX. I still have the copy of my student license btw.

    1. mbannist Post author

      Interesting question, to which I have no definitive answer. The thing is that student drivers permits are non renewable, so I doubt you will be able to retain an old license number.
      The rule that you cannot renew a Student Permit was introduced to avoid those who never sat the test but just kept renewing. However after 7 years applying for a new SP should not be an issue.
      Hope that helps

    1. mbannist Post author

      There doesn’t appear to be a limit that I can find, so you will not have to go back to a student permit, in fact that may not be an option as technically they can’t be renewed.
      So go to your nearest LTO and present your old license. You will need to sit the theory and practical tests.
      There is a penalty of 225php
      A medical exam depends on who you use, your own doctor or one of the clinics on the LTO compound or nearby can be up to 400php
      The process can be found HERE
      As you can understand this requires a personal attendance.
      Please let us know if their is any variation to to our advice so we can inform others

  11. JD

    Hi..like some of the comment,i am ofw here in canada. I applied for my driver’s license last dec.2016, and since the card is not available that time i left my reciept and authorization letter with my mom. My mother went to LTO many times but they kept on telling her to come back another time. Until yesterday she spoke to one of the staff and told my mom that she cannot claim my license because they need my appearance for picture taking (thought maybe their talking about biometrics bec. They already took my picture during my application).
    Do you have an update regarding this matter? Thank you

    1. mbannist Post author

      Nothing more definitive than to say that new licenses with a chip came into effect in August 2017. Since that time several of our subscribers have told us that they are required to attend in person for biometrics. I have tried to get a more definitive answer but have received no reply to my enquiries. About time I filed sa complaint I think. Can I ask you to get your mum to go back to the LTO and give them in writing a statement, saying that when you left in December your license was not available and the process outlined on the site said the collection of the license was possible through a trusted representative. The change to licenses with a chip in August was not a concern as your license was from December 2016. If you had been in the country to pick it up in January or February the issue of biometrics would have been resolved at next renewal. You could add something about the license being important for your job, if that is the case and of course you need to emphasise you cannot just trip back as you are working and have a contract to fulfil, I will make a complaint to the Duterte complaint line about their dithering and maybe we can get some action.

  12. Jim

    Hi sir i hope you had a great day today, before i ask my questions, id like to state my situation, i am currently working in saudi arabia, i took a student license last december 12, 2017 and my employment contract is consistently renewed every 12months.. I went back to saudi last jan 8, 2018, that means if i return to the philppines in jan 9 2018, my student license would have expire before im able to convert it to a non pro license. Here’s my question:

    1. Is there a way to request extension of validity of my student license even just for a month?

    2. Can i get a philippine student license here in abroad? And can be converted to non pro when i return?

    1. mbannist Post author

      Jim Good morning,
      Sorry about the delay in replying, but no power here for 36 hours.
      Student licenses cannot be renewed or extended. You could try for an exception given your status as an OFW.

      I have just been given access to the administrative order covering student permits.

      You cannot take your non pro or pro license any more than 1 year after the issue of the student permit, so coming back in January would fall outside that time frame. What you need to do is be back in the Philippines prior to the expiration of your student pernit and immediately take your test for your license of choice, Any departure from that would require an exception only granted on a one by one basis. It would also require a personal attendance at LTO.

      You can find online exam reviewers for free, I have given you the link to the page here so you can be prepared prior to returning. Then you would need to take the practical test and get you full 5 year non-pro, or pro license as you prefer. I hope that gives you more clarityve given. and apologise for any confusion my first response may ha
      With regard to obtaining a Philippines student license in an overseas country, there is no mechanism to do that in any of the Philippines embassies aor consulates around the world. Mainly because a student drivers license is only valid for driving in the Philippines.

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