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Biometric Capture for ACR Cards

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Biometric capture for an ACR card usually takes place immediately following or close to the scheduled hearing date.

The Issue

Many applicants are attending the hearing but not going on to the biometric capture facility.

This is slowing down the issuing of ACR cards.

The Solution

To address this matter the Bureau of Immigration will require applicants who fail to attend biometric capturing to:

a) Submit request for re-scheduling of biometric capturing.

b) Pay a rescheduling fee of 1000 php.

Previously the Bureau had the right to deny the application because of non attendance. The sanction appears to be a softening of their previous stance, adding flexibility to their possible responses.

No Excuses

This is not a money grab by the BI but an attempt to reduce their processing times for ACR’s, which is being stymied by those not abiding by the rules.

If missing an appointment is due to BI get this in writing from them to ensure you do not get wrongly charged.

Read the full advisory HERE

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