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Happy New Year

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From everyone here at Life Philippines, Cathy, Chryzle, Kris Ann, Tessie, Ced and myself. We wish you a Happy New Year. May you and those you love become part of the solution to the worlds issues this year.

Wanted to offer you a gift this year that keeps on giving. The folk over at Time and Date are offering free countdown clocks. You don’t have to do anything but choose the countdown clock or clocks you require and cut and paste the code either to your desktop or a webpage. Ours is counting down to New years, but I’m thinking that as as marketer in my other life that I will be using it to have spot sales. Also I think it would be great for kids where you could put a countdown to events like birthdays, holidays or the arrival of someone special. Go take a look.

In the coming year Life Philippines will be doing a whole lot more of what we did last year that has resulted in our membership explosion. Thank you for your confidence in us and our small contribution to living successfully in the beautiful Philippines.

We also plan to take public some of the behind the scenes work that we do with Expats and their partners, prospective partners or past partners. It is our hope that sharing, anonymously, some of these stories will help others in a similar situation. The mistakes, the poor judgement, the over reactions that we all make in our relationships are not the end of the road, but the beginning of learning about ourselves and the other in our lives. Reflection on the actions of both parties can often result in rocky relationships becoming stronger, and even where the relationship is not retrievable can make the separation more peaceful and new beginnings much more successful. there is a saying that any man or woman who goes through a relationship disaster without learning something about their active role in it, will repeat the disaster again and again.

Mid year there will be more exciting news, that will I believe continue to attract new members and followers, so stay tuned and once again have A Happy New Year

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