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St Lukes Medical Examination Fees

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If you are petitioning someone for a US Visa this is important information regarding.


Beginning October 1, 2014, St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLEC), the Embassy’s accredited medical facility, will increase the medical examination fee for adult applicants by US$ 22.00.

The new medical exam fees will be US$ 245.00 for adults. There is no increase of medical fees for children 14 years of age or younger whose fee will remain at US$ 185.00.

The Medical Examination fee is inclusive of vaccines.

Inter-specialty consultations within the clinic are performed free of charge.(adult cardiology, adult infectious diseases, adult and pediatric pulmonology, adult and pediatric radiology, pediatric allergology, general pediatrics, general surgery, OBGYN, ENT, gastroenterology, oncology, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology, rheumatology and pathology)

Psychiatric evaluations shall be charged separately, with expenses to be paid by the applicant.

Referrals to sub-specialty clinics outside of St. Luke’s Extension Clinic shall be charged separately, with expenses to be paid by the applicant.(e.g. neuro-developmental pediatrician, psychologist, dermatologist, interventional cardiologist and radiologist, ophthalmologist, etc.)

The fee can only be paid in Philippine pesos.

The rate of exchange in determining the above US dollar fees in pesos shall be the rate used by the Embassy for the collection of the consular fees. Which is determined on a weekly basis, but does not very significantly.

This is the first increase in fees since May 2012.

St. Luke’s are still giving 20% discount for Yolanda Victims, kindly present a valid ID with the address of the applicant.

Visit their website for further inquiries. click here

Address And Other Contact Details

St. Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic
1177 J. Bocobo Street, Ermita
Manila , Philippines
Tel. Nos. (+632) 521-0020 or 523-8248
Fax. No. (+632) 526-0208 or 523-8248
website: www.slec.ph

4 thoughts on “St Lukes Medical Examination Fees

  1. connie pino

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    Just want to know if how much it cost for medical exam for canada purposes,i have 2 kids ages 13 & 8,and my husband..
    Thankyou in advance

    1. mbannist Post author

      While there is an anecdotal standard fee 7953.00 php for each adult, and children used to be about 1600php cheaper I was unable to confirm this officially. Also costs can rise depending on your medical history and age, as well as the outcome of any tests you undertake while at the center. My suggestion would be to contact Tel. (+63 2) 521-0020 (+63 2) 521-8647 (+63 2) 523-8248 or E-mail:slec@slec.ph. Tell them your exact family composition, your ages etc. If you have the time a post on the outcome of this would be most useful to other visitors to this site

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