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Valuable Medical Resource – Register For Free Use

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Looking for a medical practitioner or dentist. I was today, and came across this really great site, called The Filipino Doctor http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/. I think you will find this a valuable medical resource that will give you great value over time.

You register as a Patient and that means your access to the site is free.

Registration requirements are:

    Full Name
    The area in which you live
    A password (You choose from a combination of numbers and letters)
    Date Of Birth
    Read the Terms and conditions and accept them by ticking the box

Click on the Submit button.

They send an email to the address provided by you with a link that you click to verify your address.
You are then taken to the site.
There is the option of entering your current medical records, therapies and doctors which I think would be quite useful as information storage, but if you choose not to do so it doesn’t affect your ability to use the other sections of the site.

The Main Attraction

Is the ability to search for doctors by:

    Hospital or Clinic.

When you get the results you can narrow them down by:

    If you know the doctors last name you can sort the results by that criteria.

I need to say, that every doctor in the Philippines is not listed on the site, my current cardiologist in Dipolog is not, although over 900 are, but none from my province. This is probably because The site charges for doctors, dentists and pharmacies to list.

If there is no listing for the specialist you need in your area, ask around, check local hospitals, clinics or other doctors you may know, before traveling out of your area.

You also need to do your own due diligence by asking people you know, checking on forums etc to find out if a particular doctor is a good practitioner in their area of expertise.

There are two other very useful sections of the site worth exploring:

List of Drugs and Health Supplements

Here you can find out more about:

    The drugs you are taking or which your doctor has recommended.
    Find comments made by patients about the pro’s and con’s of drugs they have been prescribed.
    You can research the therapeutic value of a wide range of health supplements.
    If you are looking to self medicate (especially for common ailments), there is a list of conditions and the most common forms of treatment.
    There is also a list of the major drug and supplement companies with their products.
    There is a listing for medical devices but it is currently empty.

List of Drug Stores and Pharmacies By Province

This is the least useful as very few are listed in the provincial areas. For example Zamboanga del Norte has one listing for the whole province, once again because listing costs money and may not be cost effective for a small drug store in Labason.

Also two of the biggest drug store chains Mercury and Rose are not listed. That said if you are in a large city and don’t know your choices, the listings could be useful.

There is even a section for 24 hour pharmacies but it only carries listings for two areas but if you live or are staying in Taguig or Makati cities it could be useful.
once again the webpage for registration is http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/

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    1. mbannist Post author

      Hi John.
      It’s Mike Bannister here, I own the site and want to thank you for the additional information you provided. Sorry I don’t know who Rusty is, maybe someone you were discussing the site or the information with. Anyways have a great day

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